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    abandoned village and date orchard by a dried up oasis. merchant caravan spending the night
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    Not sure if Art topic or Gameplay topic. It would be great to improve the mines in the game. In ancient times, mining was quite advanced. I know it's an Age of Empires convention to just have piles of Gold laying everywhere, but with many other things 0 A.D. and WFG has improved upon in the genre, I think mines and mining can be another. Just with the assets already in 0 A.D. and Delenda Est, I was able to make a cool looking and more realistic mining depot than is currently in the game: Now, if anything the cliff face objects ("stone_savanna_cubic") should be more rounded and the "mines" more jagged, but you guys get the idea. It's a crude representation, but gets the point across (this screenshot is for my rework of Saharan Oases). Stone mines would look like open pit mines, while metal mines could look like mine shaft tunnel entranced. Both mining methods were used in ancient times. This in and of itself could be enough. They could work just like current mines, but be placed more strategically, be larger and more important. You could still have a couple of smaller starting mines in the home territory, but the bulk of a match's stone and metal would be mined from these larger strategic mines. To take it one step further, with a slotting concept you could add slots to mines whereby you can allow the player to "claim" mines by building storehouses there (and could extend this to a farmland concept where you claim juicy free farms by building a Farmstead on a slot). Like so: This could be a way to allow players to gather these resources outside their territory and provide points of contention outside territory boundaries while providing additional immersion. I hope you liked my brief presentation.
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    A generic volcanic island for the kicks. MAP DOWNLOAD (MOD): random_map_volcanic_island.pyromod @coworotel feel free to add it to the community map pack
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    Sorry I took so long, the Moblin units had an insane amount of animations that needed to be done, but they are all done now!
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    Hey guys, here i will post the animations i've done in case someone want's to use it for any project. sometimes not specially related to the games: Starting with: Assault rifle Animations: GitHub link Weapon: WARNING high poly weapon 3k to 4k. SCAR - L MK17 SCAR - L MK20 Idle and walking animation is supposed to change when stance is changed however the UnitAI doesn't know yet how to maintain the idle whitout going back to default. Carnyx (Sketch WIP): Carnyx.7z
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    1/? "Where does the road lead?"
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    Map made with decals. (1vs1) Puddle Decals
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    Working on adding decals for more details on maps.
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    these doum palms are wacky
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    Roads and pathways.
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    Updated the date palms 880-1416 tris
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    Well done guys! I just played this mod as Anglo-Saxons and I am amazed how this looks. Beautiful! I never been before big fan of 0AD but everything changed now. I am going to attached few screenshots because I don't want them to be wasted :))
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    @Sundiata's latest work
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    and this is how i mine sandstone in minecraft
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    Screenshots of whats new with the mod development.
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    aaa gotta go to work but heres what i got
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    we must follow this path creating more coherence (logical) and simplistic way. more realistic but logical: mining , farming , building , kill most of Aoe memes.
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    Hi All, I would like to introduce to you weekly livestream pro game series. Our main purpose is to create something like a league that not depends on players. This is a weekly event contains only one game with commentary by feldfeld. The best players have priority to play. Teams will be organized by the host, unknown_player. There are some basic at the moment rules: -Mainland, 200 Pop, Normal Size -No players who lag -No Specs. Watch on feldfeld's twitch channel: feldfeld0ad -Sundays at 18:00 (UTC) This is currently a developing event organized by several players. We would like to invite you to play/watch/contribute to the event today at 18.00 (UTC). Twitch Link: https://www.twitch.tv/feldfeld0ad Have fun,
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    normals look great on the desert ones
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    3. Should all factions have a battering ram? Yes, even if just 2 or 4 dudes carrying a log. In fact, you could have the "dudes+log" be the default battering ram in Town Phase, and then there be a "Covered Battering Ram" upgrade come in City Phase.
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    We talked with @elexis about constant references and I gave an example why passing by value may be better than passing by constant reference. During todays refactoring I met another important things that you need to know about constant references. Aliasing Take a look at the following code. Do you see a problem? (It's our code from ps/Shapes.h). // Interface class CSize { public: // ... void operator/=(const float& a); // ... public: float cx, cy; } // Implementation void CSize::operator/=(const float& a) { cx /= a; cy /= a; } If not, would the following usage example help you? CSize size(2560, 1440); // Normalize the size. if (size.cx) size /= size.cx; debug_printf("%f %f", size.cx, size.cy); You'll get: 1.0 1440.0 Because the a references to cx, and the first line of the operator modifies the cx. And in the next we just divide the cy by 1. It may happen in each case where we get the same class. I fixed the problem in D1809. Lifetime Another important thing is a lifetime. Let's take another look at another example (fictional, because I didn't find more detailed example in our code yet): std::vector<Node> nodes; // ... duplicate(nodes[0], 10); // ... void duplicate(const Node& node, size_t times) { for (size_t i = 0; i < times; ++i) nodes.push_back(node); } From first look it seems ok. But, if you know how std::vector works then you know, that on each push_back std::vector can reallocate array to extend it. And then all iterators and raw pointers are invalid, including our constant reference. So after few duplication calls it may contain a trash. So, you need to be careful with such cases.
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    Position: AI Programmer. Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related? (Then you don't need to send in an application form.) It is programming related Name: Mina Sami Gorgi Email: minas (dot) gorgy (at) gmail (dot) com Location: Cairo (GMT+2) Availability: Currently: at least 10 hours. 6 months from now: not really sure. I am graduating this year so I can't really give an accurate estimate but I'll probably still be contributing. Age: 22 Occupation: Senior Computer Engineering Student Skills and Experience: Resume Motivation: I greatly love what I am doing and what new experiences it allows me. Personality: A creative thinker and avid learner. Short Essay: I really found about WF from 0AD about 3 years ago but had already heard about WF in general years before. The most amazing thing about this project is the fact it's open-source. I mean I didn't really believe back then that there could be such a large-scale well-developed game like this and still be open-source. Being cross-platform as well is a huge bonus. But generally, I always wanted to develop AI for games since I played my first RTS game as a kid. So, I seek fulfilling my dream and gaining experience by joining 0AD. Interests and Hobbies: I am greatly interested in music. I have studied music theory, I play the guitar a bit, currently learning to play the saxophone and occasionally teach children how to sing. I like to keep fit so I go to the gym regularly and I am interested in sports in general but specially tennis table and football. I also like playing video games -don't we all-. Staff: I don't know anyone personally but I have came across a few while suggesting participating in GSoC this year. Community: I guess for gaming just YouTube. Yes, I am not a real hardcore gamer. Favorite Game: Currently: League of Legends thanks to Lutris. Honorable mention: Dota since it runs on Linux via Steam. Overall: I think Age of Empires and Command and Conquer. 0AD is a huge candidate once campaigns are up. Work Examples: I don't have such that are directly related to the position, the closest may be the Scrabble AI I took part in developing last semester where I was actually in charge of the research team. Other relevant work examples are mentioned and linked in the resume.
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    aint shé a butté I dunno, it doesnt look terrible.. also not a tree
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    as promised i developed the City Economy Panel, once clicked on a city from the Economy Panel we will get all the information of its economy: 1) this is the city with 3 consumers: 2) here i click the economy Panel on the top right menu ( ex Trading Panel ) and all city in the game will appear ( in this test is just one ) 3) now i click on the city button and i have the main dashboard of the City Economy: in here appear 3 main component: - Population - the tot number of consumer in the city - the average happiness of the city consumers - Details - the producers button, where is possible to explore all different producers and their products (i will develop it soon) - the products button, where is instead focus only to list all the available products and prices (i will develop it soon) - Economy Chart Here is possible to have a quickly look to the city economy performance looking at GDP and consumes during time Next i will develop the producers and products panel , after that we should have all the tools to track all cities economies.
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    Small Updates... After developing all products ( i will implement soon in the Mod) , is important to set prices, for this i developed a product Manager Component, which will keep track of all products produced and consumed every 5 Min of game play, if the products consumed are more than that produced the price for that kind of product will get higher , if instead the produced are more than that consumed, the price will go down. To give a more Trading Dimension i decided to divide all the game Economy in Cities Economies, that mean that the prices are calculated for each city, independently of all other cities, ( doesn't matter if 1 player has more cities, all cities even if owned by 1 player are still independent to each other) this give a real trade opportunity and peculiar economic output for each city. To keep truck of each city products, producers, price and stats, i am developing the Economy Panel, which will replace the 0AD trading Panel. I also decided to give more identity to each city, assigning to each of them 1 unique name, and also display it on top of the 3d Model. Here the Economic Panel so far: you can see all cities in the game, each has a unique name (i add the number 2 after the name when the cities name list of that civ is expired) and the player color . I will soon add the functionality to click on one city and show all producers, products and price . Here the name for each city will appear on top of the 3d model : About cities names i need help, i want to keep all the names historically correct, so if someone with good historical knowledge can provide me at least 10 name of city for each Civ, so far i just added 10 name of Carthage Civ , i even not sure are correct. Thanks
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    @Lion.Kanzen I made a rudimentary map of Africa, roughly from the 3rd century BC to 1st century BC-ish. It's a bit rough on the edges, forgive me but it will give you a better understanding than those random general maps that just omit everything. The spaces in between are probably occupied by low density hunter gatherers and even "troglodytes" (cave dwellers). There are probably other cultures that deserve mention on this map as well, but I'm not familiar enough with them.
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    Revamping foundations. That's really sloooooooooooooooooooooooow. Still need to add props. They now have consistent size 1x1 is one game tile and 2x2m in Blender
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    The fall of a Tyrant Wow, a historic day for Sudan. Today, April 11th, 2019, after 5 months of bloody protests, the military of Sudan has announced the removal from office, and subsequent arrest of president Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's sitting president for the past 30 years... Omar al-Bashir was a war criminal with a shocking body count of 1.5 million deaths in the civil war with South Sudan and between 200.000 and 400.000 deaths from the genocide in Darfur. There were so many evils about his rule, I wouldn't even know where to start... The Nubian Queens were present in full force! The now iconic Alaa Salah is actually being called a "Kandake"... Just since the last few days, soldiers started defending protesters after they saw Bashir's security forces firing at them. At least 6 soldiers were killed defending the people. Today the military said enough is enough and announced a transitional government. The protesters (and the African Union) aren't happy by the military take over either, and will continue protesting until a civilian government is installed. A luta continua! Power to the people of Sudan!
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    Iberian Elite Skirmisher @Genava55 Opinions on their equipment and the use of colors Notice the green tunic and green pteruges for the player 1 (blue) and orange counterpart for player 2 (red) This was an experiment, I increased the yellow color in the transparency to modify the colors it will produce. I am planning to use this technique in my future textures.
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    congrats we got 7 fan palm variants
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    have a nice alternative to berry bushes, apples and figs
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    Thank you very much Stanislas, I really appreciate it! And those weren't even the worst quotes... He actually called us "explicative ebola zombies", and something else about AIDS, for those of you just joining and might be wondering why our lovely friend was removed from the conversation. Thank you to all the people who showed their support in this matter. For those who think that pesem/Glestul's commentary was even remotely acceptable, you need to self reflect. I've had an eye-opening discussion about the difficulties regarding moderation, and will say a word or two about it in the future. Basically, we need the community to help regulate extremism in the lobby, and in the forum. It's an open source project, so we can all help weed out toxic behaviour. If everything falls on the handful of moderators alone, they get overworked and over stressed. The bad people shout louder, so at least the "good" people should try to speak in chorus. We have terms that everybody agreed to. If someone is excessively violating them, try to politely draw their attention to the unwantedness of such behaviour. Don't attack them, don't insult them, just inform them. If the behaviour continues notify a moderator. Most importantly, don't criticize a moderator for taking legitimate action if the offense is well covered by the terms. Just grow up and realize that your words, your actions, and your silence when your voice matters can cause real world damage. Moderators and developers have lost their mind in the past... To the moderators, please don't hesitate, or feel bad to take action against the level of dehumanizing talk that Glestul/pesem demonstrated. This is NOT an edge case, if there are still people who feel that way...
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    Thanks @stanislas69. Sorry, the question " Are you sure you are not wanting to work on something programming related " was a bit confusing for me since English is not my first language. My bad tho. I've already started on the given link by successfully building 0AD. I was waiting for an "approval of proposal" to get to the next steps but seems I don't need that. I guess I will be exploring the tickets and getting in touch with the devs on IRC then.
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    I am releasing Technology Tree. Anyone who wants can integrate it to his mod, or use this mod as dependency if files are not conflicting. Compatible with all mods not changing gui/reference/common/load, helper and mainmenu.xml. (should be all mods which are out, not sure about fgod) With DE works if this mod is the last one, but you loose something from mainmenu (not sure what). You can explore all technology trees, which are researched from structures. If you select technology, which is paired, the second choice will be displayed on the right. Supersedes are considered as requirements. Phase is set as minimum from all buildings that can research it and then max from needed technologies and phase given by buildings. By clicking on structure, the row with starting technologies (they have no requirement which is from this building) is refreshed based on that structure. You can choose any technology by clicking on it. You move in tree by clicking on requirements, paired technologies or unlocks. If some unit has some technology as requirement, it will be displayed under that technology ( you can click on that unit to open traditional viewer). techTree35icon.zip techTree.zip
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    2/? "Calm before the storm"
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