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0 A.D. Friendly Tournament Series


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8 hours ago, Feldfeld said:

The registration for 0 A.D. Friendly Tournament Series 2 are now open! The deadline for registration is Sunday 6 November 21:00 UTC, and shortly after the first round will be announced.

The rules for the games are the same as the first edition, with a small change that if both players agree they can pick a biome (but if one player doesn't want then it's random biome).

It will still have a weekly format. However, if we have 8 players registered in the tournament then we will do a bracket format (like in the first edition), with matches being BO3. If we have more than 8 players however, then we will do a swiss format! (BO1)

Simply write a message in the thread in order to register!


Registered players (5):


I would play the swiss format.

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2 hours ago, Darkcity said:

I was wondering if there will be TG 4v4 Tournament? Last time it was hosted by @Unknown_Player . Maybe host a parallel TG tournament ? :p


Part of my answer here:

On 03/10/2022 at 12:17 PM, Feldfeld said:

For tag team tournaments, it can be a possibility if this simpler format works well and we can do regular tournaments. For now I use a simpler format because I want it to succeed, and from experience from other organizers, it is hard to organize a 0 A.D. tournament.

But basically, it's way harder to organize. Even for 1v1 tournaments, it can be difficult to make them meet on a schedule, and for a 4v4 tournament you raise it to 8 players who would need to agree on a schedule each week. Quite unreasonable unless we force a time where players agree to be available every week (so that would be sunday evening for europe / afternoon for america). Even though right now i'm not sure if you can make more than 4 teams play if you consider people normally playing on sunday evening but that could be different if players engage to be there at that time. Difficult to say.

Then there is the problem of team balance, some people may not care too much about it as it is a tournament, some people may still care about it, since unbalanced teams will lead to an inevitable outcome. That would be a difficult problem to settle.

You can find an illustration of these issues there:

@Unknown_Player hosted a tournament but it was a bit different I believe

I'm not sure if you were referring to that. It's a bit different but personally I would not be able to organize something similar as I am not available on sunday evenings.


So basically, if people are interested in a 4v4 tournament, they could do a little "market research" to see if many people would like to play the tournament and agree to be there every week at Sunday 19:00 UTC. Then I would need a consensus with the balance issue, and a co-organizer who would be on the lobby at the time games get played since I can't be there myself. If such a tournament happens it would take the form of a league I imagine.

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On 29/10/2022 at 10:45 AM, Feldfeld said:

It will still have a weekly format. However, if we have 8 players registered in the tournament then we will do a bracket format (like in the first edition), with matches being BO3. If we have more than 8 players however, then we will do a swiss format! (BO1)

Simply write a message in the thread in order to register!

I would like to participate as good 1-1s are the best way to enjoy 0ad.

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"If you're short on players and include anyone, I'll play. I'm not as good as anyone else who's signed up, but jost for fon or so .

- In game name: seeh
- Interested for the following schedules: daily, European afternoon
- BO1 or BO2 or BO3: all ok for me


Edited by seeh
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1 hour ago, BeTe said:

One suggestion - maybe we should "advertise" tournament in the game lobby? I wrote to a guy with 1400-1500 rating and he said he don't know about it and that he will check Forum.

Yes I invite people to talk about it in lobby, personally I am not very active there for now so I can't do it myself

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17 minutes ago, chocapoca said:

Hi Feldfeld my dear friend, i'm humbly the best player of 0 A.D. so je vais continuer en français mais j'aimerais bien participer à l'édition 2 !


Bien cordialement signé chocapoccaaaaAAAaaAaAaAaaa

Bien reçu mon cher

16 minutes ago, Edwarf said:

Hi i can play if there is players missing

There is no missing player but there is no limit to the number of players, so i'll happily register you

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There is a small change in the rules.

I have seen quite a lot of evidence of the wood generation in Nubia biome being sometimes very imbalanced, with some games where a player starts with no forest in his territory. Game 3 of previous edition between me and Valihrant was restarted because of this reason.

As of right now I don't have the time to program a proper balanced wood generation.

As such, I submitted a new version of feldmap removing this biome to mod.io, but I do not expect it to be signed before the start of the tournament, which means it won't be available for download. So for now, we stick in the current version of feldmap, I do not want to confuse players with having to manual download, so manual download is not available.

Instead, there are new rules for biome selection:
- the biome for the matches should be random
- if it turns out "Nubia" is chosen, one player may call a restart (please do so before one minute of gametime)
- if a game was restarted because of this reason, one player may force to select "Temperate" biome for next game.
If you are not sure if a biome is "Nubia", you can pause the game and check the "Objectives" window, the biome is written in there.


On another note, we have enough players to have a swiss system. I will still host it on challonge as it looks like it handles it just fine.

If you don't know how the swiss system works, you may research it on the internet.

I set the first tiebreaker to be the Median-Bucholz, and the next tiebreaker to be wins against tied opponents. https://kb.challonge.com/en/article/rank-and-tie-break-statistics-1p5f7y4/

Players will be seeded using their ratings.

You may see a preview of the tournament here: https://challonge.com/sv36zmko/standings of course, registrations are still open. Here I did the seedings from memory but when registrations close I will check players ratings and make final seedings.

If the number of participants is odd, one player will receive a Bye (free win) each round. Normally it's the player lowest in standings that didn't receive a Bye who gets it.

Unfortunately, challonge doesn't offer a column indicating player elo in the standings as far as I know. You may tell me if you want to see the ratings right next to player nickname (like we see in a game lobby in 0 A.D.). If someone wants to make a custom template for 0 A.D. swiss tournaments they may contact me.

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The second edition of 0 A.D. Friendly Tournament Series has started! Here is the list of players:

ValihrAnt (2345)
Feldfeld (2201)
borg- (2169)
weirdJokes (1913)
Edwarf (1861)
LetswaveaBook (1815)
Dakara (1778)
PhiliptheSwaggerless (1642)
011235813 (1598)
MarcAurel (1547)
alre (1500)
chocapoca (1493)
seeh (1150)
Bete (1108)


The tournament has a swiss format. You can follow the tournament in challonge https://challonge.com/sv36zmko
We have the pairings for the first round:

@ValihrAnt vs @Philip the Swaggerless
@Feldfeld vs @rm -rf
@borg- vs @MarcusAureliu#s
@Player of 0AD vs @alre
@Edwarf vs @chocapoca
@LetswaveaBook vs @seeh
@Dakara vs @BeTe


The deadline for the first round is Sunday 13, 23:59 UTC

Please try to organize your match as soon as possible using forum private messaging! Beware of timezone differences.

Once the match is over, please announce the result in this thread (possibly hiding it in spoiler) and provide the replay.

Please message me personally if your opponent doesn't answer you after 2-3 days.

You will find the precise game settings in the first post of the thread. Verify them before readying up in the lobby.

Edited by Feldfeld
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