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  1. Hello, There is many building almost never used because they are not enough useful, it is a bit sad because the art work behind is great. I wish we could find a way to balance them a bit more in order to see them more. Most of them are unique building, they can participate on the civilizations differentiations. Unused building balancing ideas: Theatron : Current one : Bonuses: Structures +20% territory influence raduis Cost: 200 Wood + 600 Stone + 200 Metal On going patch : D3602 / D3563 New bonuses/mechanic ideas : 1 - Ressources trickle
  2. Ideas proposals to make it more "realistic" : Taxes : Every unit gives a metal trickle. Food consumption : Every unit cost food (negative food trickle) -> once you reach 0 food your unit start to die. (inspired by "Cossacks"/"American Conquest") Every unit are train as simple citizen, In order to get soldier you have to send your unit to your barracks to get equipement and military training. In other word training a soldier cost a citizen. (inspired by "Cossacks"/"American Conquest")
  3. Big gameplay change are involved in this topic, and some suggestion are impacted by A25 gameplay patches CC not able to train military unit : I'm not sure it is a good idea, this will make you really dependent of the map. If you are lucky and you got extra food(hunt/berries) you will be able to spend your wood into a barracks and then you can be aggresive. In the other hand if you are unlucky and you don't have any extra food you will have to invest your wood into field, your barracks will be delayed by 2 min, which makes you extremly weak. Can be even worse with D2854. And as @
  4. If I am right, The circle you see in game is the former building range from A23. It doesn't seems to be updated. And it was also just a small indication on A23 because elevation and range upgrade were not taken into account. In A24 you can consider the building range as the field of view of the building except for the fort the range is similar to its territory range.
  5. Hello, Here is my personal feedback about your change. V0.2.1: Automatically set mercenaries to rank 2 and halve training time [Thanks @Nescio] -> Why not Mercenary upgrade to rank 3 technology for Carthaginians [Thanks @borg-] -> Why not but doesn't work on your mod. Fixed health bonus to military units with each phase up [Thanks @Valihrant] -> I don't like it a percentage is mutch better. Instead of doing 2* +10hp, do 2* +10%hp (which means less HP for ranged infantry, same for melee infantry and more HP for melee cavalry) V0.
  6. Hi, Is it possible to add a team population game parameters ? (like world population but per teams) Is it possible to make a simple team game rating system ? which can be improved later ?
  7. I think it's a good idea to give them tiny ram phase 2 (two men and a trunk) But i'm not sure about removing their current ram phase 3. a weaker ram phase 3 (as discussed here : D3319) is enough. If they are too weak in phase 3 it make this civilization gameplay predictible: They will have to do their push phase 2 otherwize it's game over, opponent can plan defense for min 8 to 12.
  8. Hello, Will it be implemented in A25 ? Is it the case for all building or only for "arrow shooting" building ? I wonder if it's working for temple, pyramids...
  9. Hello, Quick remarks about regicides : Due to the A24 elephant heroes change they are now able to destroy CC during phase 1 on a regicide game. I attach a replay from Dakara to illustrate this point. DakaraRegicideReplay.zip Extra heroes in regicide games : I figured out that some civs can have access to "new" heroes not trainable in normal game. Macedonians 4th and 5th heroes : Kushites 4th hero : Some heroes can start with a horse or without. Example : About balance : Starting with random Her
  10. @Dizaka, Thank you for your comments, i commented again (in blue inside the quote)
  11. Hello ! I have seen plenty of feedback and complain about A24. So I will share with you my personal feedback, I hope it will be constructive and maybe help some people to understand the new Alpha. Some point can be redundant with other feedbacks; I just want to be exhaustive (As much as I can), I don’t want to insist on any point. Civilizations strength and weakness : Athenians: A23 : Used to be a strong civilization due to Strong slingers, very good hero Iphicrates (+3 overall resistances) and black cloak for siege sniping and raiding. A24 : Se
  12. Hello, I just wanted to give my personal balance feedback about A24 before its release. rev : 24822 General balance remark : Elephant Stable are too expensive and too long to build compared to Arsenal : Elephant Stable : 200 wood + 200 stone -> 240 seconds Arsenal : 300 wood -> 180 seconds Roman, Persian and Kushites siege should be more expensive than standard siege because they are stronger. The number of building buildable should be set on your current pop limit not a constant. For exemple : Embassy : instead of 3 Embassy buildable m
  13. Ceramic : Emperior, Darkcity, Camelius, Dakara, Edwarf, nani, superPosition, randomid ... Ceramic op
  14. Badosu, i agree, it could be great to have balanced unknwon maps. But i think only Passes is a turtly map. Lowland is a race to the map control and being able to keep it. This Isthmus is really wide it is not more turtly than gulf especially with the map variant were there is random shaped land in both sea parts. And some poeple loves turtly maps . The best would be to chose the desired map pool to fit everybody.
  15. Oh ! Indeed, that's great, thank you !
  16. "Unknown" The map "Unknown" is a random map that countain 9 "Land" maps and 4 "Naval" maps. When this map is played, one of these map is picked randomly and generated. Some of these maps are not part of the list of random maps and can't be purposly choosed to be played. So i tryed to make a map pack where each map can be played independently. Map list : Land : "Continent" : Game description : Disk shaped mainland with water on the edge. More info : Map close to the random map called "Continent", slight difference the map can be shaped as a peninsula.
  17. Hello, An other 1v1 quitter : "GregorioJuan (1286)" See attached file, Thank you @user1 commands.txt @Hannibal_Barca
  18. Hello, In the attached file you can see "keko2 (1318)" quitting a ranked 1v1 thank you for your help. @Hannibal_Barca @user1 commands.txt
  19. Hello, I just want to report a 1v1 ranked quitter called : "Schweinepriester (1551)" you can see the game in the file attached @user1 commands.txt @Hannibal_Barca
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