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  1. As for @rossenburg Barcodes again exited the server without resigning when fully lost. 2 players were specs but all is in the zip file. offender: barcodes CC: @user1 Barcodes-quited-without-resign.zip
  2. @ValihrAntwhat was your game 2022-10-29_0004 ? there is a missing game in your series.
  3. On behalf of all spectators, big thanks to @Feldfeldet all participants! Neither @ValihrAnt nor @Feldfeld seem rusty.
  4. my 2 cents: I don't think sanafur cares about that, the 0ad community or 0ad in general. Else he/she would have stopped for a wile.
  5. enough! enough! enough! As so cowardly as @G.O.A.Tdoesn't reveal publicly his/her 2 accounts at least (even if lots of people know...).
  6. @G.O.A.T I think you have already created enough mess in the community. It's time to stop sanafur and to stop acting as a little child. I would suggest to be very cautious about this behavior in real life because you cannot hide behind a second @G.O.A.T. @Stan`isn't it the right time to stop this thread and the wall of shame?
  7. @guerringuerrinyou should rather use reports to admin. @G.O.A.Tloves the mess he is creating (see the bananas) and his target is clearly not to make 0ad more balanced, more attractive or much adopted.. The fact you're pointed in a wall of shame without any proof is for my understanding an admin concern @Stan` @guerringuerrinI even don't understand why you should give any proof. @G.O.A.T doesn't release any algorythm publicly. Then, for my understanding, sanafur has to prove you used multiple accounts; not the opposite. And again as found with TimidSmurf, sanafur's logic is based on IP which fails by design - nothing about your play or your behavior. And as highlighted by @Player of 0ADnow known as Phyzic, he also includes rumors in his list... But we can agree on a few advises to @G.O.A.T. At first, he needs to follow networking training courses (and possibly legal ones too). Next, more important, if he loves 0ad, he must stop his mess.
  8. @Norse_HaroldOf course he is. Please read carefully the links I posted in this thread. In any anon network capture, you have to hide the ip addresses, etc. And sanafur has to ask consent for the data he is storing from the end user. Read the popup before you connect to the lobby...
  9. Any logic based on geoloc or reverse DNS fails by design. Any claim should be de facto accepted... @Stan` But @G.O.A.Tseems also adding rumors... Phyzic has not played a single game since this mod is being developed (to be frank I know the rumor about @Player of 0AD). Unless replay metadata stores networking data. checking...
  10. @Philip the Swaggerless Nothing related to your native language... You just don't know that labeling @Philip the Swaggerless applies only for the related sentence and not the following paragraphs (see the blank line ?!). I could have added All: or @all to avoid your confusion (fyi this is basic minute practice). Having explained that, please reread/reconsider my posts. Sorry to write you're misinterpreting a lot...
  11. Euh @Philip the Swaggerless please read carefully my sentences. Only "I take it as second degree." is addressed to you. The remain part is a general statement not a personal attack - see it's a new paragraph - then your answers to it are just pure sophism at least in my mind. Yes there is far too much ego in many so-called PRO players. I clearly assume this sentence. Else this topic would have ended very quickly and the @G.O.A.Tprofile closed.
  12. @Philip the SwaggerlessI take it as second degree. I could understand it helps a few BIG EGO players to say they lose because of multiple accounts.. The sad reality if some TGs are broken first because of many fully obsolete and incorrect ratings ( @G.O.A.T nothing about the fact you're falsy rated 1500 ?) and second, more important, because of a full misunderstanding about ELO/Glicko. Only 2000+ would play all games constantly at their levels. Under, there is a strong deviation, all can underperform or do mistakes which can cost the TG. I would love to see less network lags, less private data captures (-> RGPD), and less wall of shames. And @G.O.A.Tassuming his responsibilities.
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