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Summary of 0 A.D.'s attendance at FOSDEM 2020


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Hello everyone,

This year and for the past three years 0 A.D. was holding a stand at the FOSDEM. Like every time, it was a very great experience for me, and I was happy to be able to join  @Itms, @plumo, @implodedok, @FeXoR, @bb_, @Imarok, @vladislavbelov and @fabio in this adventure.

This year was a bit special because I got to co-host a game dev room with the guys at Godot thanks to Akien and Straton and of course to all the people I convinced to give talks and the people that attended said talks. I think the dev room was an overall positive experience so it's great! You can find the videos here. Our room was K.3.201. Some videos might not have been uploaded yet.

There were a lot of interesting talks, especially the one about the Spring engine going to Steam.

I got to talk a bit with the guys at the GSOC stand and they apparently knew us, so maybe we'll be more lucky this year.

I got to meet a lot of people for the first time, some of the above team members, but also @Krinkle, @balduin. I also met @oSoMoN with who we discussed a potential better usage of the Snap Packages for 0 A.D. The idea would be to offer special features to be tested as snap packages on something like Kiwit CMS. By using this specific platform we would be able to set up test scenarios for things not covered by CI and unit tests. I also had the great honor to meet with Ton Roosendal (the CEO of Blender) and Dalai Felinto. We had an informal chat at our stand about our usage of Blender. Bernard Tyers asked me to give a talk at the design dev room next year and I think I'm gonna deliver.

The Raspberry Pi 4 I brought had quite a nice success as it caught the eye and people were amazed that it could run on such a low end device.

A few people were interested in helping out. We are looking forward to hearing from them.

Thanks for all the people who gave us donations! For those who paid for music CDs I hope you'll enjoy them. For those that could not get one you can grab it here.

See you all next year, or at the next FLOSS event that we will attend which will likely be JDLL in Lyon, France.

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3 minutes ago, gameboy said:

Who is this person? Can anyone tell me? His performance was very good and I enjoyed his speech very much.


It's @vladislavbelov

19 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

Queria imaginar como era el evento y las personas.

I couldn't find a a good picture. I guess the closest I can think is a very crowded school campus

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1 hour ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

I want see maybe 360º around where yuo guys will be stay. But i will know how you intersct with the people. Is for have ideas what you can do.(next time of course)

Sure. I'll ask you :)

Just for the record though most people at those events don't like pictures of them being taken. So a lot of blurring would need to be done.

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And Lion these people have privacy rights in any public space he might even need written permission to post any photo here. Here in Canada in the province of Quebec even news reporters must get a release from all people that can be identified at any public gathering they cover photographically or on video even police do not that power in law though the tend to push the envelope in riot conditions with CC cameras no case has made it to the Supreme Court of Canada yet as privacy is under provincial control here.

Enjoy the Choice :)   

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@Lion.Kanzen FOSDEM attracts thousands of people. The campus of the Université libre de Bruxelles is not small. The campus was crowded. Most of the talks I wanted to go to were full. Once I was able to go into a talk the I was sitting with many people in a small room or auditorium to watch a talk.

The expo was far more crowded than a business expo, people where everywhere. At the stand of 0 A.D. there were several people passing by, asking questions and looking at the material. However, the stands were smaller and just in the entry hall of one of the buildings.

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