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  1. bb_

    Ideas ?

    A patrol distance threshold would be a fix for the auto dance indeed, but that doesn't solve the handdance. Te hard thing for a spam block script, is defining "spam", eg. if one want a unit to walk along a circle between two points, I wouldn't consider that spam, but a spam script probably will mark it as such. Maybe a solution would be a "minimal time for walk", so that units will walk very slowly on short orders, thus giving the arrows enough time to hit. One gotta think about the implications of that though...
  2. bb_

    Ideas ?

    The promotion issue could somewhat easily be solved by not allowing units to attack invincible units (that would also solve the catafalc arrow absorber). The dancing problem is much more complicated, since "homing missiles" or "splash" aren't ideal solutions either. I once tried implementing "turning times" for units, but that resulted in total chaos when moving large groups of units.
  3. The problem is that when you click cancel unpack, the siege is in idle stance, so unitAI sees attackers and will unpack the siege, what the solution is, is that the move command (and some other commands too probably), cancel the unpacking, instead of letting it unpack and pack it again.
  4. (One could consider https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Swiss-system_tournament)
  5. not yet, there is a patch at https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1398
  6. bb_

    Faction: The Franks

    Implementing that isn't too hard once we can nuke the unitmotion component from unpacked siege (which requires the unitmotion rewrite and some refactoring), but one also needs to think of the gamplay aspect, as not rotating means it can only fire in 1 direction, so siege would become much weaker, I suppose.
  7. yes, but that doesn't make it easy still
  8. probably yes, but defining and implementing sub-units isn't...
  9. @stanislas69 Doesn't seem that hard too implement in a meh way. Ideally however we should adapt the aura code so we can have these types of bonussus (as in currently we can add and multiply, but probably we want x speed for 1 unit, 1.5x for 2 etc.) Then in the same go garrisonned arrows could be implemented like that and we would be much closer to #4000. Also the unitAI needs to take care of units with unitMotion but without speed (see how unpacked sieges templates are hacked currently).
  10. damage aura is already possible, have a look at the iber fireship, also there is a trample ticket with an (outdated) patch https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/995
  11. Resizing dropdown lists? => D1061, #4857
  12. 47. maybe this from the arc install help gives a clue (I guess installing php7 in dnf would do the same trick):
  13. Based on the screenshots, the map looks pretty good already (however I am not a good judge in these matters), but I think you forgot to attach the map files, so none can download the map . Regarding the capture issue in the current svn (development version) there is an "uncapturable" flag, which might solve what you are after.
  14. thx for pinging me, seems to be that arc doesn't like copying two files in the same go... original patch was correct, but something went wrong with committing. On the fix, the sacred band icon did got removed, so the fix is to simply change the cav icon: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP20745
  15. bb_

    UnitAI Question

    Uploading a old outdated patch of mine here that seems related: running_0.6.diff However for this use injury I think you could better keep setting the "move" animation from unitAI, and then set a specific one from the health component.
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