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  1. wrong icon

    thx for pinging me, seems to be that arc doesn't like copying two files in the same go... original patch was correct, but something went wrong with committing. On the fix, the sacred band icon did got removed, so the fix is to simply change the cav icon: https://code.wildfiregames.com/rP20745
  2. UnitAI Question

    Uploading a old outdated patch of mine here that seems related: running_0.6.diff However for this use injury I think you could better keep setting the "move" animation from unitAI, and then set a specific one from the health component.
  3. Well if you do want to become a developer, you are invited to contribute to 0ad itself and gather experience with that. Have a look at https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/GettingStartedProgrammers for some information. Also join our IRC channels if there are any question.
  4. Formations need more love

    They already do as said, but you have to use a specific formation explicitly, not the default "None" formation, with that every unit moves at his own speed. You can set formation by clicking the icons between the minimap and the selection info (so sorta bottom left-middle).
  5. Formations need more love

    An old branch from @Itms:https://github.com/na-itms/0ad/tree/formation-wip
  6. In 0ad there is a map global waterheight, so everything lower than that is water, higher is land. So you have to dig your river or heighten the land, and adjust the waterheight, till you have the river that you want.
  7. In MP it happens rather often that specific players wants to play on a specific map, so following that logic one should first select the players then the map then the rest (civs etc.). But that would be ultra ugly gui wise, since players and civs should be grouped together. However the topic is open for new suggestions for the gamesetup ui, if someone comes up with a nice sketch, I would certainly consider it.
  8. If that is the reason for the extended, why are popcap , starting res an some others then hidden under the extended tag? Personally have nothing against just removing the thing extended thing, the only thing that might stay in extended for this reason is the map name, as that already is shown. But having the thing for just 1 value => meh
  9. A hotkey to swap between tabs (tab) would be easy to implement, so that solves half :P. also do notice that we currently don't have enough space and we need to find it somewhere. Besides that the pixel distance from the "button" (was more options button now the tabs) to the actual options is shortened with screenshots, so that comensates slightly for the more buttons. (This approach is better than putting the more options window, then players have to click and move even more.) Currently no, but it is as easy as removing a check to put it all there.
  10. Do notice that the whole option panel can be hidden by clicking again on the tab button, so the gui space is not entirely unused, just temporarily. But indeed the space below the tabs can go into the description space, and maybe evening the rows helps a bit visually (the amount of unused space won't change that way, it might only look better). Also notice I putted way to many options on this single tab just for the screenshot, just to showcase the column behaviour, the actual thing would look much more like the second. If one really hates the space right of the tab buttons, the buttons can be centred or enlarged, but that space is actually free and can be used for future things. Currently one also has to click on the more options button, ofc that is just one button and now we have 4... But there is also the gamedescription for this purpose...
  11. Finally after exams were done and having a free day, had time to rethink and code a bit on this: I took the approach without the more options window, but made the panel where the options are hide-able: This solves both the problem of "not enough chat space", since when hiding the panel, we have the original chat space. And the "asks for scrollbar" problem since it is rather easy (and already code :P) to allow multiple columns of options, so there certainly is enough space (true the chat space become very small as min res is even smaller in width...): Yet there are still some bugs/ ugliness which aren't really visible on the screenshots that needs to be fixed first.
  12. maps?

    Random maps: computer generated maps, a map maker just sets some basic things and the computer generates the map further, so every time the map is different and the map is available for all civs and sizes etc. (all options setable) Skirmisch: a solid map, so fixed size and everything on the map is fixed, just players can set there own civ and other settings Scenario: everything fixed, so also civs and stuff (maybe just rated game not or so)
  13. Looks like a known OOS: AI's are not serialized, thus will cause an OOS when someone rejoins.
  14. A technical list is in default.cfg (that is where they are defined). A "should-be-always-updated" list is in intro.txt, which is also accessible via the ingame manual (learn to play => manual).
  15. How to start modifying?

    Is the string support really broken in there?, In my recent diff I propose to change some misleading array scopes, like `["foo bar"]=="foo+bar"==[["foo", "bar"]]` in where the first syntax is is misleading. And doesn't `"foo bar"` or `"["foo, "bar"]` represents the OR here?