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  1. implodedok

    Re-release of 0 A.D. Alpha 23 Ken Wood

    Congratulations on the new release! Looking forward to all the new improvements planned for A24. :-)
  2. implodedok

    Problems with STUN

    I've removed the ipv6 record for lobby.wildfiregames.com in the DNS server. This will probably help.
  3. implodedok

    Web developer application - Daniel Matute

    I've sent you a PM. I'd like to talk further about this in a more direct way.
  4. implodedok

    Web developer application - Daniel Matute

    Our website content is not static. Having a CMS is a requirement for us. That is good to hear. Don't sell yourself short when presenting yourself. This all counts as work experience, even if you don't have the portfolio. Do you have any experience with designing websites? (and by that I mean the visual side, not the HTML/CSS code)
  5. implodedok

    Web developer application - Daniel Matute

    I enjoyed reading your introduction, but this part bothers me a little. Of course you don't need to be extremely experienced to contribute, but if I read your message right, you're on the other side of the spectrum. So let me ask the difficult question: What exactly do you have to offer Wildfire Games? We're not a learning institution, we're a group of developers who write code, design art, etc. If you want to contribute to our website (we are actually going to develop a new one in the future, so an extra web developer would actually be wanted), it would help greatly if you were at least familiar with PHP7 and SQL. Wordpress experience would be good as well, but if you're at least a decent PHP7 developer or familiar with HTML5/CSS3, we could work on that. But I have no idea what tasks you could fulfill with "no experience". Please elaborate.
  6. Hi, You are not speaking for all parents out there; please don't kid yourself. Other than that, thanks for sharing your suggestion.
  7. implodedok

    Unread Content unavailable?

    The speed issues, as well as the unread content not loading issue, should all be resolved now. :-)
  8. implodedok

    Hyrule Conquest

    Of course, since 0 A.D. is open-source and licensed the way it is, you don't actually need to have players download and install 0 A.D. first. You could redistribute 0 A.D. alpha 22 with your mod included as Hyrule <version>, or even redistribute the development version along with your own content.
  9. I don't agree. This does not seem to be an exploit that could compromise security of a computer system or privacy of an individual.
  10. I agree. We will likely change this in alpha 23. Unfortunately, alpha 22 was released recently so it will take a few months.
  11. implodedok

    Direct download links not working

    I have recently enabled HSTS headers for wildfiregames.com, but I didn't realize that that also includes subdomains automatically. I'll look into it.
  12. implodedok

    Forums are back! (Almost)

    No, this was a technical problem with the webserver completely unrelated to what happened previously. But I do appreciate your vigilance. ;-)
  13. implodedok

    SCENARIO submission/ repository

    We could of course consider moving 0 A.D. to the Steam platform. It has all the functionality you describe, in the Steam workshop.
  14. implodedok

    Sprite Support?

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you set camera fixed in isometric view, you don't need to create 3D models do you? You can just have a 3D box with a 2D sprite on it positioned so that it always faces the camera (which is easy to do with a fixed camera position). Of course that will break things like proper 3D shadows, but it could be a nice way to start maybe? Eventually assets might be converted to true 3D models and then you could even unfix the camera, but with fixed camera that doesn't need to happen right away. Also, Wyrmsun on Pyrogenesis:
  15. implodedok

    Engine Questions

    It's been a while. ;-) Still looking forward to this very much!