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  1. Hi guys, I have the problem that on my 13'' laptop all the buttons are super tiny. I know there is a fix I just cound't find it again. Thanks for the help and maybe that could enrich the settings.
  2. Hello, here is another 1vs1 quitter: "AbsoluteNutt (1329)" 5 min after the game ended he started complaining that, I had an observer who told me everything and that I was cheating. I tried to tell him, that an observer can't sent messages to me in a 1vs1 game, but he didn't want to listen. @user1 here is this the file: commands.txt
  3. Since yesterday, I can't join or host any games anymore. I always get the message: "Cannot join the game: Could not find the STUN endpoint" and "(35.321) error: GetPublicAdress: recvfrom error (35) Resource temporarily unavialable". So I don't know how to fix this, beacuse i don't know why this happend - haven't changed my ISP or anything. Does anyone has some advice?
  4. I report Arthus for quiting a 1vs1 rated game shortly before he lost. The game's name was "1 vs. 1" and it was Arthus vs General_Mantis. The game started at 23:20 (22.09.18).
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