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  1. If a distribution offers packages for a specific version of a font, the font files in there should be identical over different distributions. So yes, they are visually equally. I have never come across a case where that was not, not for these major widely used fonts. If you have, I'm interested. Good to exclude the fonts now from the package process as they are not needed.
  2. After reading the comments here, the paste does indeed work the second time. Normally, I trust my Ctrl+V so I didn't bother a second time and concluded it didn't work. I asked my colleague to paste something in 0ad (without telling him the workaround) and he concluded also that it didn't work either. To summarize, it works with a workaround. Even though the workaround is simple, it is not trivial/guaranteed that people discover it and therefore conclude that cut-copy-paste is broken. So, it does need a fix so that it works the first time.
  3. Thanks. Besides the amount of space saved, it is good practice for GNU/Linux platforms that offer these fonts already.
  4. One person starts a game. Another would like to join and gets the hostname, IPv4 address and (most importantly for this use case) IPv6 address via a chat from the first person. Entering an IPv6 address manually without copy paste is not very pleasant thing to do. Copy paste hostname and IPv4 is more doable but also saves time and errors via simple copy paste.
  5. Please, remove the fonts files and add font dependencies in Linux package. The following files can be removed package 0ad-data-common version 0.0.23: /usr/share/games/0ad/tools/fontbuilder/fonts/LinBiolinum_Kah.ttf /usr/share/games/0ad/tools/fontbuilder/fonts/LinBiolinum_RBah.ttf /usr/share/games/0ad/tools/fontbuilder/fonts/LinBiolinum_RIah.ttf /usr/share/games/0ad/tools/fontbuilder/fonts/LinBiolinum_Rah.ttf /usr/share/games/0ad/tools/fontbuilder/fonts/DejaVuSansMono.ttf /usr/share/games/0ad/tools/fontbuilder/fonts/FreeMono.ttf /usr/share/games/0ad/tools/fontbuilder/fonts/FreeSans.ttf /usr
  6. Don't know. Never played it before this version.
  7. Please, support copy paste of hostname or ip address (IP4 and IP6) when joining a game. This doesn't work on version 0.23 on Linux and macOS.
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