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  1. Unfortunately I don't speak Portuguese...
  2. Possibly #4181.
  3. I think it would be nice to have some missions where the main objective is not to build a city and win a battle like standard map. Say, for example: a trigger choice-map similar to: a mission where you don't have to build anything, you have some champions/hero and you have to reach some objectives (kill a single unit, capture a specific building, rescue a monk, reach a fortress, ...); survive for X minutes (not necessarily a tower defence map). This would add some variations on the playability.
  4. Looking great indeed! I'll just avoid the English recording since it will be difficult to translate. For consistency with the existing game I'll suggest to only have the on-screen text, can be easily translated and also changed if needed.
  5. Every Linux distribution needs their dependencies, and package names may differ. Fedora may install -devel packages by default if requested during install. OpenSUSE specific build instructions for 0 A.D. are here: http://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/BuildInstructions#openSUSE
  6. Also make sure to update to latest alpha 21 version, you are still using alpha 20. Then you can also use the Map Filter in map selection to avoid using Trigger Maps, so that when using a random one this type of map can be excluded.
  7. The main, and possibly only, benefit to 0 A.D. of this, is the increased publicity for us. I don't expect other benefits. The good thing is that it won't cost us anything registering and given 0 A.D. licence they could likely do it anyway. And I am just curious to what could be the outcome, I am very sceptical about it, still their team is very motivated and already has at least a RTS game they plan trying.
  8. @Juli51 did you place that buildings in first post in Atlas or during a game? IIRC in Atlas you can place buildings everywhere, while inside a game the terrain is required to be flat, and that should make this issue more difficult to happen.
  9. I tried building this way in a PPA but it still fails: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/298448581/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.0ad_0.0.21-2~gd~t_BUILDING.txt.gz
  10. AFAIK there is no more packaged version of alpha20 for 14.04. You may want to upgrade to 16.04 which works fine with alpha21, wait for a proper fix or wait someone (maybe me when I'll have some time) packages alpha20 for 14.04.
  11. This issue only happens in Ubuntu 14.04. Upgrading to 16.04 will avoid it. See here for instructions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes#Upgrading_from_Ubuntu_14.04_LTS_or_15.10
  12. I thought the same, but also noticed they have at least one other RTS (Red Alert 2), (don't know if there are others RTS in their list).
  13. https://openai.com/blog/universe/ https://universe.openai.com/ They are also searching for games to use to train it:
  14. A thing that annoyed me about the alarm feature was that units gets randomly garrisoned in buildings. And women in towers (and also in other military buildings?) cannot fire arrows (IIRC). Would be possible to prioritize garrisoning in a way to maximize defence, for example women in houses (both cannot fire arrows IIRC) while soldiers in military buildings? (Not sure if this still applies in latest release) About the AI: yup it is very strong! A trick that works with AI is to use towers, put them as soon as possible near the AI base and it would easily kill most of it workers walking around, in the meantime you can develop your economy and later attack in force without any hurry. This is probably not a fair way to play, it just spots a weak point of the AI (hint to improve it ), but you can easily win this way.