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  1. It's not always about you, Lion.Kanzen. I post this on our forums for those who didn't catch the announcement, as this is a small project.
  2. Hey RTS-lovers all around the world, Following project looks amazing, considering it is the work of 1 man! He is asking for a small sum to fund the development. What he did so far impressed me. Check out the video and the kickstarter page.
  3. @Zeta1127 Of course, that's very understandable ... If money is tight, last thing you should do is go on Kickstarter to fund projects that can fail to deliver their product...
  4. If you want this game, you should back it No publisher will ever pick up a niche game like this. Support anyhow, if the project doesn't reach the target you get a full refund. Wanting it but holding off and seeing them fail is human self forfilling proficy
  5. Hey guys and gals, The following project looks interesting and could use your support in backing them. They are making a survival town builder but they focus on the start of citybuilding. You start as nomads and try to evolve your people into a culture. I backed it, I'm curious for the result. LInk below: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uncasualgames/ancient-cities/
  6. And what's best, it's a remake! That means that building and gathering resources + unlocking technologies will be a key part of the game. Another classic RTS coming out. Link: http://www.cossacks3.com/
  7. Lags...

    Hey Maleg As Lion.Kanzen already said: lag is a known problem for some time. Pathfinder is being rewritten as we speak so expect a major improvement in that area later in 2015.
  8. [Gameplay] Alpha 18 Balance Feedback

    I tend to use females for all resource gathering, except wood, as food is plentiful (and wood scarce). I'm not sure this is intended. For realism/gameplay we could consider a kind of balance between females/males. For example the ratio should always be almost equal (otherwise negative effects/or just impossible to train male units when you have 5 females and an army of 40 men)... Feedback/small things: - Peacock has too much health. One or two hits from female should be able to finish them off. - Some roman soldiers (hastati or ...) don't carry resources (wood) when they run back to a gathering point
  9. 0 A.D. on YouTube

    Very enjoyable videos, Aleksu!
  10. Expanding 0AD community to Steam

    I think dvangennip summed it up nicely
  11. Hey Jarl Arntzen, This issue should be fixed now, thanks for reporting .
  12. Hello everyone! :)

    Hey Dave. Welcome ! Have you already tried playing a few games?
  13. Love this game !

    Thank you for your kind words! Nice having you here on the forums.
  14. Your screenshots

    Otherwise open a ticket in trac? What is the exact problem? What solution do you propose etc.