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  1. 0 A.D. Development Report - Autumn 2017 Wildfire Games, the international group of volunteers developing 0 A.D. : Empires Ascendant, is happy to present this monthly development report. If you want to find out more about the development of this open-source, cross-platform real-time strategy game or if you are interested in game development in general, it might provide an interesting read. If you want to be part of this project, we urge you to post your application in our forums or just grab a task from our list of open tickets and get right to it. We are currently looking for Gameplay, AI, Sound and Graphics Programmers along with Animators and 3D & texture artists. You prefer to do something else than programming or drawing? Head to our forums and join our active community! 2017 Indie of the Year Awards We made it to the final 100! Now we need your vote once more! Support the team and community by voting your-favourite-historical-real-time-strategy-game in-the-making to the top! The list of planned features is dwindling, and with the extra attention a prize brings, new contributors flock to our forums. Programming Itms, our project lead, worked on the build system with the update to premake5 and added VS 2015 support. Now he is showing SpiderMonkey some love... All on top of managing and directing the efforts of the team! mimo , our AI programmer, cleaned a lot of legacy code, as the first AI prototype was added many many alpha versions ago. He also removed the old tutorial AI and improved mod support. elexis has refactored the majority of the random map generator code, making it easier than ever before to create of new random map script, implemented tab controls for the options page and reviewed many patches by external contributors. The engine code become more fail-safe (by marking simulation states as read-only), simple (only one way to access JSON data globally) and versatile (implementing it in JavaScript instead of C++). bb has been busy coding the prerequisites for secondary attacks. Imagine your legionarii throwing their pila before drawing their gladii (just dropping some Latin like it's hot). He also worked on combining victory conditions (so one can play regicide + wonder victory for instance) and has been cleaning up templates for readability (among his work on the template viewer). He is also working on an updated user interface for the game setup, with more space for the options, so more can be added in the future. Vladislav has written some validation scripts and has had some experiments with Atlas and cinematics. fatherbushido has mostly worked on the attack component, both his own code and reviews of features like the destruction damage ( for instance fire ships exploding upon destruction) by others. wraitii has finished some of the pre-requirements of the unit motion rewrite (more fluid movements of units) and rebased the single player campaign patch, laying the groundwork for campaigns to be added in the future. Imarok has worked on the mouse wheel batch size (a feature that allows the player to specify the number of units to train by scrolling the mousewheel) and an anti-impersonation lobby patch, which further secures multiplayer lobby authentication. s0600204 and FeXoR have finished the patch that would make the random map generator wall-placer civ-agnostic. leper has been auditing patches by other programmers, which is a crucial yet tedious task. As usual, community members played a key role in our open source development process! Sandarac has implemented an attack range visualization that lets you preview the attack capabilities before placing the buildings. fpre contributed a number of enrichments to the multiplayer user interface. Last but not least, temple has helped tremendously with a lot of patches and reviews! His contributions on an issue with the pathfinder, which was the cause of additional lag, were crucial! Art & Sound LordGood and Stan have been working on new graphics for stables, workshops and archery ranges. Stan also committed a patch by Alexandermb which added animations for siege engines. Ever wondered how a zebu would fall lifeless to the ground? Programmers call this ZEBU DEATH ANIM, tells you something about them, right? Well, Stan has been struggling with his animation for quite some time. He has asked for a Field Study trip to South East Asia but our budget only stretches so far... after all: we're free-to-play. Stan also worked on the visual move order indicator. Omri Lahav, our ever talented composer-arranger-musician, has been working on another music track, and has acquired vocal recordings to enhance a current track! Head over to the 0 A.D. Bandcamp page and check out the 33 (so far!) original recordings for this project. Judge the zebu death animation for yourself!
  2. It's not always about you, Lion.Kanzen. I post this on our forums for those who didn't catch the announcement, as this is a small project.
  3. Hey RTS-lovers all around the world, Following project looks amazing, considering it is the work of 1 man! He is asking for a small sum to fund the development. What he did so far impressed me. Check out the video and the kickstarter page.
  4. @Zeta1127 Of course, that's very understandable ... If money is tight, last thing you should do is go on Kickstarter to fund projects that can fail to deliver their product...
  5. If you want this game, you should back it No publisher will ever pick up a niche game like this. Support anyhow, if the project doesn't reach the target you get a full refund. Wanting it but holding off and seeing them fail is human self forfilling proficy
  6. Hey guys and gals, The following project looks interesting and could use your support in backing them. They are making a survival town builder but they focus on the start of citybuilding. You start as nomads and try to evolve your people into a culture. I backed it, I'm curious for the result. LInk below: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/uncasualgames/ancient-cities/
  7. And what's best, it's a remake! That means that building and gathering resources + unlocking technologies will be a key part of the game. Another classic RTS coming out. Link: http://www.cossacks3.com/
  8. plumo


    Hey Maleg As Lion.Kanzen already said: lag is a known problem for some time. Pathfinder is being rewritten as we speak so expect a major improvement in that area later in 2015.
  9. plumo

    [Gameplay] Alpha 18 Balance Feedback

    I tend to use females for all resource gathering, except wood, as food is plentiful (and wood scarce). I'm not sure this is intended. For realism/gameplay we could consider a kind of balance between females/males. For example the ratio should always be almost equal (otherwise negative effects/or just impossible to train male units when you have 5 females and an army of 40 men)... Feedback/small things: - Peacock has too much health. One or two hits from female should be able to finish them off. - Some roman soldiers (hastati or ...) don't carry resources (wood) when they run back to a gathering point
  10. plumo

    0 A.D. on YouTube

    Very enjoyable videos, Aleksu!
  11. plumo

    Expanding 0AD community to Steam

    I think dvangennip summed it up nicely
  12. Hey Jarl Arntzen, This issue should be fixed now, thanks for reporting .
  13. plumo

    Hello everyone! :)

    Hey Dave. Welcome ! Have you already tried playing a few games?