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  1. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Thanks for the information regarding the layout. The specification is basically, that document. Just with more information. However, we still have some gaps in the specification which needs research and some decisions have to be made. The moment we have most of the information regarding units, buildings and technologies in a structured form in our specification, I will create the structure layout for the Kushite civilization. The layout will be based on the example you provided. Either as a separate document or inside the specification.
  2. @niektb Could you provide me some information regarding how far are you with the Terra Magna mod development? You mentioned you need a logo and "a few showcasing screenshots". In addition you mentioned that the Rise of the East sub forum and ModDB page will be transformed. How, far are you with those efforts? Furthermore, I saw in the JSON file that Terra Magna mod requires the currently developed 0 A.D. version 22. Based on that information I assume your plans are to release the first version of the Terra Magna mod together or shortly after the release of 0 A.D. 22 "Venustas". Could you please confirm if my assumption is correct and if so, how far are you with the development/testing of the Terra Magna mod?
  3. @niektb In my opinion you over dramatize the translation of one single sentence. What we translated was: "The Kushite Mod introduces a brand new civilization to the Open Source real time strategy game: 0 A.D.". @Sundiata and I already translated that sentence in a few languages, simply because we can. @Lion.Kanzen and @fabio added two others. We write those translations into the file and have above each translation the ISO 639-1 two letter language code. As you can see we are far away from setting up a translation framework. I understand your point about the quality content. Doing the research is the first step to produce high quality content. However, we need people which will do the 3D models and sound, because neither @Sundiata nor I have those skills. But we want to offer artists information on what those models should/could look like. We want to make sure that artists and others can make small or big contributions depending on how much time they have. To get to the point we need to do research and structure the research results. Additionally, we have to create a road map, define tasks, create a list of buildings and props we need. Both @Sundiata and I are working on those parts. We are not trying to show off, but we are trying to keep in touch with the 0 A.D. community as well as communicating what we do or did to those who are interested. We do this through this forum topic and the Github repository. That is the necessary project management overhead.
  4. @Lion.Kanzen "release readme"? Do you mean a file which explains the changelog and how to install the mod?
  5. @Lion.Kanzen for now only some parts of the repository file. Later we will translate the Mod in at least two languages. We won't translate the Spezification that would be too much work.
  6. I agree with @Sundiata every contribution is valuable. Furthermore, I disagree with @niektb, because the reasons to translate the description before we even have the mod has a very simple motivation: attention. I want that people of all ages and background can understand what the Kushites Mod repository is about. Hopefully some of them will be interested in playing or even contributing to the modification.
  7. Anybody willing to contribute by translating it in any other language? How about a Slavic language, such as Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Slovak, Serbian, Serbo-Croatian, Slovenian, Bulgarian, Macedonian? Chinese and Japanese would be nice too.
  8. thanks to @fabio we now have a translation in Italian. :-)
  9. @Lion.Kanzen Oh, you are right. However, I think you have an answer.
  10. @niektb how about this one? This is the third from left in @Lion.Kanzen's posting.
  11. I like this one: and this one: but I would prefer it like this: because it looks like a helmet. Excuse my bad GIMP skills
  12. Thanks to @Lion.Kanzen, we now have a Spanish translation in our
  13. I updated the specification. My goal was to structure the content @Sundiata posts and figure out for which units information are missing. In the village phase most civilizations can train the following units: Worker (Woman) Archer Spearmen Ranged Cavalry (throwing javelins or mounted archer) Fishing Boat the structure for the kushits will be: Archer -> Nubian Bowmen Spearman -> Nubian Spearman Worker (Woman) ? Ranged Cavalry? Fishing Boat -> Wooden canoe or papyrus boat? The first question is how did the woker woman look like? The next question is what kind of ranged cavalry should the kushites have? Should the ranged cavalry throw javelins or shoot with the bow? Is the unit sitting on a horse or a camel? The final questions is in regards to the fishing boat. @Sundiata posted already some information on boats: However, the remaining question is should the boat be a wooden canoe or a papyrus boat? To answer the question we should first answer the question if papyrus ( can grow on the riverbanks of the Nile in Sudan. Papyrus can only grow in shallow water in areas such as lakes and river deltas. The Nile in Sudan is quite fast. Based on this blog entry: I would assume the kushites used wooden canoes. Here are more information about fisheries in Sudan: And I found some images showing fisherboats and boats in today's South Sudan:
  14. @niektb How is the Terra Magna mod progressing? Do you have any updates for me?
  15. @stanislas69 Art is perfect. However, there are still several open questions regarding units. As soon as those questions are resolved we will try to create smaller tasks out of them. We will keep you posted. Until then I am happy that you work on the main game .