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  1. @stanislas69 I like the dagger in the video @Sundiata The video stanislas posted talks about the city of Karma and the Kushite culture around dead. They show a couple of mummies they found. Did you look into the burial rituals of the Kushites? These often reveal some additional insight into a culture.
  2. @Sundiata I understand that you do not want to have exactly that storyboard in the game. However, another artists could take your art and create a nice animated storyboard as @wowgetoffyourcellphone pointed out. No, this is where you are wrong. Whatever you create is your intellectual property unless you as creator explicitly grant permission to me, the community or everybody to use it. A tool you can use to achieve this are the creative commons licenses. However, there are more license out there you can use. The Creative Commons licenses where written by several lawyers, one of which is Lawrence Lessig.
  3. @Sundiata I like that short storyboard. Maybe we can have later a campaign for the Kushites or a small tutorial in which the player will get introduced to the Kushites with a storyboard like this. However, even though you published it here. We cannot use this comic stripe anywhere else, because of licensing issues. Their are two main issues. The text is your intellectual property and you did not grant explicit permission to use it under e.g. a Creative Commons license. Secondly, the images in your storyboard are not licensed. But in the case of the images, it is unclear how much work did you used from storyboard, for example human actors, buildings and background images, compared to how much is your own creation. If the majority of the actors, buildings and background images are your own drawings/creation then you would be able to grant permission under a Creative Commons license.
  4. @stanislas69 thank you.
  5. @stanislas69 Those questions:
  6. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    1) The weakness of the Kushites is the naval battle on the sea (ocean). 2) African Bushman vs. Nuba Hunter -> Nuba Hunter. One javelin throwing unit is enough. The Kushites have already many long distance units. 3) It would be nice to have a tribe house or something where player can train the mercenaries. 4) Kushite Icons and models would make the Kushites more kushite ;-) Therefor, please add them. @Sundiata what is your opinion?
  7. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    @sphyrth You should not have any copyright and license issues for your video since almost all art assets in 0 A.D. are licensed under creative commons or similar free and open source licenses. However, @Hannibal_Barca please pay attention to the licenses and ask the authors of the assets in your mod to indicate the license. One more if you play it
  8. Really?

    @DarcReaver half a year is nothing for developers, keep that in mind. 0 A.D. produces approx. two releases per year. Which is very fast development speed.
  9. Vox Populi - The Ultimate Balance Mod

    @Hannibal_Barca You don't have a repository for your mod files? You just keep them in one folder on your computer? I like the name. I did not know that you have an Apedemak group. You are free to call them Kushite War Elephants. Nice. You misunderstood my idea or better @Sundiata's idea, being able to recruite Bejas mercs. Have a look at his document and look for Beja: https://github.com/Jeeppler/kushites_mod/raw/master/docs/build/specification.pdf
  10. @niektb or any other person involved in Terra Magna, can I get an answer to my technical questions?
  11. @Sundiata maybe because he does not want to duplicate the effort. @niektb in this case I would be interested in helping you to create the mod. I assume all your code is in this GitHub repository: https://github.com/0ADMods/terra_magna and you commit into the repo. Is my assumption correct? Do you use branches and pull request for contributions? Are you developing the game based on a release or the upcoming version in SVN?
  12. @niektb Do you want to ship Terra Magna without the Kushites since the Vox Populi mod implements them or do you want to implement them as well?
  13. @wowgetoffyourcellphone never explained why it is such a huge issue for him. I did not understand the exact reason. If this is just a technical problem maybe somebody could help him. We might never know. However, abandoning a mod for such an issue seems a little bit over the top. I was actually looking forward to playing the mod.
  14. Really?

    @WhiteTreePaladin why not creating a mod which disables/removes all the maps you don't like?
  15. Really?

    Just to get one thing clear at the very beginning. 0 A.D. is a free and open source game. Which means it is all about choices. The choices you, I and all of us have. The list of choices starts with you can play 0 A.D. or you don't. This is what you can do with any game regardless if it is free or not. However, free and open source means you can participate and contribute to 0 A.D. There are many ways to contribute. But it also means if you are as unhappy as @DarcReaver then make a non-hostile fork. Find a new team and name for your project to work on your vision of the game. However, people also have to realize that there is a difference between the game engine Pyrogensis and the visible game. Pyrogensis is the part of 0 A.D. which several developers actually contribute to. The engine is responsible for very basic things like rendering object, loading a unit definition from a file, the engine is responsible for calculating the path a unit will take the engine is also responsible to provide a mechanism to play online (multiplayer). This is the part most people are actually happy about. 0 A.D. is basically a mod running on top of Pyrogenesis. However, people are downloading normally both when they download 0 A.D. What the online community really complains about is the balance changes to the 0 A.D., the mod running on top of Pyrogenesis. But they could create a mod which incorporates all there wishes, there is no need to have two versions of Pyrogenesis. Regarding the other complains. Finding a common ground between some of the visions and ideas of people is impossible. But people can create mods, which incorporates there vision or there idea on how the game should be. 0 A.D. can be modified. For me it is okay to have many different balance mods. Then I can choose the one I like the most. However, sometimes I like one mod for several reasons and don't like other aspects of the same mod. Then again another mod focuses on different aspects. I love to have several mods. Mods which try new things or implement things differently. All mods have one thing in common, at the end of the day, I as a player have choices and this is important too me. The main concern of @wowgetoffyourcellphone was that he has to invest time and efforts in adapting to the changes made to the 0 A.D. mod, because he bases his mod on the 0 A.D. mod and not directly on the engine. The question for me is should the Pyrogenesis engine and the 0 A.D. mod be more decoupled? And should there be a discussion about changes to the 0 A.D. mod, especially if they could break dependent mods?