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  1. @Sundiata Great work. The illustrations look very nice. What's about horse archers? As far as I know you mentioned previously that the Kushites had horse archers. However, the only images I can find are about Assyrian horse archer. Like this one: Furthermore, if you publish your art please license them under CC-BY-SA 3.0 and mention the license for each illustration or picture. CC-BY-SA 3.0 is the license used by 0 A.D. for artistic assets. For example: Meroitic Cavalry Lancer, performing maneuvers on the Butana Steppe, not long after the annual rains, by Malcolm Kwadwo Kwarte Quartey (a.k.a Sundiata). Licensed under CC-BY-SA 3.0. The licensing is important to avoid legal issues. You as creator/artist can specify the license of your work.
  2. @Sundiata Thank you for your research. Commenting on your post is difficult, because you do not use figure numbers or anything else to make referencing those pictures easier. You happened to do that. What I find remarkable is, the role of woman as head of state and head of military. The merotic reliefs show queens and kings in an equal way. Especially, the relief with the title: "Queen Amanishakheto and Amanirenas(?) or Amanitore (?) " illustrates the equality. The queens have bow and arrow in their hand. Bow and arrow seems to be a symbol of military leaders, because the relief "Kushite relief showing Apedemak and a Meroitic ruler" shows the king Apedemak or the a good holding bow and arrow. On the vase "The Departure of Memnon for Troy, Greek, circa 550-525 B.C.", king Memnon has again a bow in his hand. Additionally, in all meroitic reliefs the king, goods and queens are holding the arrows in the same hands as the bows. Furthermore, the relief "Queen Amanishakheto and Amanirenas(?) or Amanitore (?)" also shows a small gate with a small ornament on the top, a typical element of the meroitic architecture. Another interesting detail is the armor of the kings and goods from the temple in Naqa. Several reliefs show people having their torso covered by armor consisting of small metal plates. Maybe the fine piece of craftsmanship was only used in ceremonies.
  3. @Zophim thanks a lot. Your research is very valuable and helpful. The following to sentences are interesting: do you know which relief carvings David N. Edwards was referencing here? are those horse harnesses preserved? Are there more information about it?
  4. @Loki1950 Thanks, I never used the term "ram" before. However, I refer to the images @Sundiata shared in the post "Temple Meroe 250" , that is quite a unique characteristics. But, by looking at the post again he mentioned: "On the right is a ram statue (representing Amun, protecting a smaller image of Taharqa, from the processional entrance road to the Amun temple at Kawa." Taharaqa was a pharaoh of the Twenty-fifth Dynasty and at the same time king of the Kingdom of Kush. Depicting Amun as ram is not what the Egyptians used to do, that is something specific to Kushites. The question is why did they choose a ram and why does this ram has this specific horn form? Is there any sheep breed with similar horn forms in Sudan?
  5. @Sundiata What is the meaning of the ram (sheep)? Does the ram symbolize a god? The pharaoh, or what ever human is being under the head of the ram, makes the ram look very important. Do you know what kind of sheep breed they relate to? It reminds me of the Cameroon sheep:
  6. I think for the start it would be nice to implement the bullets as extremely fast flying arrows and cannonballs are very fast shooting catapults. In my opinion more important than having a visual effect of gunpowder is to have the right sound and a good reload animation. Reloading a gun should take some time. Spear and sabre cavalry should be fairly easy to implement.
  7. Terra Magna is the name of the 0 A.D. modification which will have the following civs: Han China (Rise of the East) Zapotecs as @niektb suggested it would be a good idea to integrate Kushite mod into the the Terra Magna mod. To integrate the Kushites mod I would like to know where can I find the repository for the Terra Magna mod? Furthermore, do you have or consider having a Moddb page for the Terra Magna mod? Will there be a separate forum for the Terra Magna mod? @Sundiata Do you have any questions regarding the Kushites Mod integration?
  8. @LordGood Thanks for correcting me, I was not aware of it. How can I see what experience level a unit has in 0 A.D.?
  9. Byzen is actually a standalone game which does not support Linux. However, I expected that Byzen would have gun units, because it plays around the year 1811. However, they did not implement guns or cannons. The units in Byzen throw javelins instead.
  10. @Sundiata Nice, that you moved successfully back to Belgium. About the marketplace. Since you kind of agree with me, but you have some issues could you provide an updated description how the marketplace could have looked like. I would like to place the description in the specification. You could also write the description directly into the specification.tex file. Additionally, a picture or two would be nice too. Regarding the Nubian archers and feathers. I like the idea, that the units get feathers based on experience. However, 0 A.D. does not have an experience system. The alternative in 0 A.D. could be to have three technology archer training level. Every time, we research a new training level all Nubian archer get one more feather. Getting a feather means an increase in damage, accuracy and fire rate. What can the player develop / train in the temple (of Amun)? Till now the player would be able to train: priests and “warriors of Amun”, a champion unit. Additionally, the metal production technology bonus could be developed in the temple.
  11. @niektb It would be nice to have a Terra Magna forum. You should keep the Rise of the East forum, maybe rename it to "Han China". It is maybe a good idea to have a Terra Magna forum with sub forums for every civilization "Han China", "Zapotecs", "Kushites". By the way what is the fourth civilization?
  12. @Sundiata I do not agree with the look of the marketplace. I think the marketplace would have been a place or a street surrounded tend like stores which are full with goods. I found some images of modern Sudanese markets: I believe those markets must have looked very similar 2000 years ago cities like Meroe. My idea would be to have a place surrounded by fabric covered market stalls and goods all over the place. The market could be a little colorful, because of fruits. And maybe some meroitic ceramic pots should be staying around. The entrance of the market could be flanked by two statues of Arensnuphis. What is your opinion on that?
  13. @feneur First of all the Kushites are an African culture, for some people this is important. Second, the Kushites had good archers and cavalry. Third, there art style is different. For more information about strengh and weaknesses of the kushites have a look at "Strength and Weaknesses" in our specification : @wowgetoffyourcellphone @LordGood I would like to discuss the integration in a separate thread (topic). It would be the best to discuss that in the "Terra Magna" mod forum/section. Are the topics for the "Terra Magna" mod still in the Rise of the East forum or do you have your own sub forum for that mod? Regarding Delenda Est integration and other stuff. The priorities are: 1. Kushite Mod compatible to vanilla game 2. Compatibility with the Terra Magna mod 3. Integration with the Terra Magna mod 4. Possible integration with Delenda Est. @LordGood Coming back to the topic of reviewing the Barrack, Storehouse and Farmstead. Did you do any changes or improvements on those buildings? We would be really eager to see them and discuss them again. If there are done I can mark them as modeled and include the pictures in the specification. This way we can move forward with the development of the Kushites mod :-) @wowgetoffyourcellphone In the JSON file you posted you mentioned the following sound files: "The_Blue_Nile.ogg" "Kandake's_Dance.ogg" "The_Tombs_of_Our_Fathers.ogg" "Our_Sacred_Mountain.ogg" do those files exists or are those files just placeholders? Where can I find the files? Where can I find the JSON file? @Sundiata I agree it would be very important to have proper names for all those buildings. Asking the University of Khartoum for help is an awesome idea. It would be really nice to include them into the list of contributors. Maybe they are also able to help us to answer some of the questions about the Kingdom of Kush or help us out with images. :-) @Sundiata What kind of hieroglyphs? Egyptian or Meroitic? With other words, is there a translation available?
  14. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Thanks for the explanation. We will try to add the following Delenda Est features: Cult Statues Mercenaries @Sundiata The lions look quite unique. What do they have in front of them? A plate? Is there something written on them? @Lion.Kanzen The Kushites/Sudan used/use an art style which has certain similarities to Mexican, Central and South American art. However, this is not always the case, often times they have their own unique style. @niektb About your comment to my question about the Terra Magna integration: I think it is a good idea to merge the Kushites on long run together with Han China and the Zapotec's in one single Terra Magna mod. However, right now the best is to to work on the specification, which means to ask questions and do research to answer those questions. Interpretation is good, but it should always be based on facts and evidence. In my opinion the Kushites will be an interesting civilization to play, if and only if we are able to find those the unique characteristics which set's them apart from other civilizations surrounding them. This process will take time. Furthermore, I believe that writing a good specification will make the implementation faster and more efficient. In addition it is better for the team constellation we have for the Kushites Mod. @Sundiata does some excellent research. I hope that we can make a first playable Kushites Mod version for a 0 A.D. version between alpha 25 to 27.
  15. @wowgetoffyourcellphone I assume DE is short for Delenda Est. I would be really happy if you could explain what exactly you mean by DE features. You already started to mention it, so do me the favor and explain what exactly you mean. Going off-topic is better than not explaining it.