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  1. @LordGood I think that fit's @Sundiata's use case. He mostly draws those pictures.
  2. @Sundiata Regarding drawing of pictures, did you look at Krita? It is a free and open source tool for drawing artists. I am not an artist, but I think it is very helpful. In addition, it is always nice to see if people are able to produce content for open source projects with free and open source tools.
  3. @Sundiata Good work regarding researching all those information about elephants. You provided some evidence about how they where used: "But against their centre, which he heard was the strongest, he set himself and his elephants with towers on their backs, together with the men-at-arms of the Blemmyes and the Seres, whom he instructed what they should do when they came to fight." However, it does not say anything about how they influenced the battle. Did the Kushites use those elephants to scare or to fight? Where they used against specific units, for example against cavalry? Having those additional information would help to make the war elephants of the Kushites even more accurate. But the results of your research will make the Kushite war elephants already very unique :-)
  4. Logo Theft?

    @stanislas69 You do a lot of work on 0 A.D. and if you are a student, maybe there are better ways to make sure you receive some financial support or stipends. Some people use various ways of crowdsourcing, such as Kickstarter, Patreon and others. Google Summer of Code and Gnome Outreachy might apply to you. However, if nothing applies to you, then maybe there is a way to create a program which is more specific to 0 A.D. or open source games in general. The problem with most of the existing programs is, that they apply mostly for programmers.
  5. Logo Theft?

    I think the best way to clear any CC-BY-SA violations is to talk to the commercial game developers and point out what they have to do to be in compliance with the CC-BY-SA license. For example, make them aware, that they have to give credit to the creator or creators of CC-BY or CC-BY-SA licensed art and models.
  6. Linne Foirthe, Need Help Improving.

    The map looks nice :-)
  7. @stanislas69 that is nice. What is the name of or the link to that file?
  8. New Release: 0 A.D. Alpha 22 Venustas

    Calling a single map India is a little bit confusing. India has many different landscapes from mountains, to deserts, to forest and sea areas. Maybe it would be better to name the India map after a specific area.
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone thanks for the helpful insights.
  10. @Mega Mania is more than welcome to contribute to the discussion.
  11. The first step in creating a new civilization is to create a unit, building and technology roaster. This roaster is also called civilization tree. The following link points to an example roaster for the Spartans: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/Civ%3A_Spartans The remaining question however is: how to balance the resource costs, life points, attack and defense points of units and buildings? Is this just made by try and error or is there any method to calculate all those factors?
  12. @wowgetoffyourcellphone We are currently in the process to in deciding upon the unit roaster. However, we go the other way around -> first gathering references and afterwards deciding which units should be in the game. We choose this method, because you cannot find easily material regarding the kushites. @Sundiata does outstanding work in finding high quality references. We now have most of the units for the village phase. The unit roaster for the Kushites will be: Archer -> Nubian Bowmen Spearman -> Nubian Spearman Worker Woman Fishing Boat -> dugout canoe Ranged Cavalry? Horse or camel mounted? Javelin or archer? @Sundiata what do you think should be the Ranged Cavalry? I was thinking about a horse mounted archer.
  13. @Sundiata You shared the following: "I will now repost a number of higher res versions of images from the tomb of Huy (tt40)" all those pictures show one single hull for big ships with sails. The smaller transport ships show two hulls near each other. This is especially shown in the image with the caption "Fig 3 Scene from...." . It almost looks like ships with two hulls. Maybe they put to ships together floated down the Nile, separated them and sailed up the river again. Furthermore, the design of the Dhow's (Felucca) has a couple of advantages: Only one canvas is needed It is easy to pull them down if the wind is to strong (storm) or in this case if you want to float down the Nile. It is possible to almost sail in the wind [1] I think the only change to the design which was made over the last couple hundred years was the steering oar. All pictures @Sundiata shared show a earlier version of the same idea, with one steering oar at the end of the ship. [1] http://nabataea.net/sailing.html
  14. @Sundiata I like the dugout canoes. There speed is depending on the length 5-7 km/h (length times two). Furthermore, they don't drift away easily by either wind or current. Both are present on the part of the Nile, according to this documentary:
  15. @wowgetoffyourcellphone Thanks for the information regarding the layout. The specification is basically, that document. Just with more information. However, we still have some gaps in the specification which needs research and some decisions have to be made. The moment we have most of the information regarding units, buildings and technologies in a structured form in our specification, I will create the structure layout for the Kushite civilization. The layout will be based on the example you provided. Either as a separate document or inside the specification.