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  1. The members of the Fork AD team have to prove to the community that they do things better compared to the WFG team. However, keep in mind this discussion is about the Alpha 24 release of 0 A.D. As far as I know this is a milestone in the WFG teams release cycle. Can we please focus 24 Alpha release again. I invite the Fork AD team to open up their own topic for their own release announcement. However, I do not like negative comments and other personal attacks. Personal attacks are simply unprofessional. I might have to remember the Fork AD team that they forked 0 A.D. and based their project on the work of hundreds of volunteers, putting thousands of hours of work an 0 A.D to bring the project where it is today. The Fork AD team have probably good reasons to leave the WFG team, but I hope they will engage in friendly competition helping and advancing the work of the many volunteers who put their effort in this project in the first place. In short, a hostile fork will help nobody.
  2. @fatherbushido Fork AD should be public.
  3. @happyconcepts what works in your mod? Swimming and drowning? What is the name of your mod?
  4. @Lion.Kanzen Those new trees look amazing. Thanks for sharing the screen shots.
  5. @asterix yes, please write something. I pointed out, you can mention if particular tasks need help and how an interested person can help. For inspiration. The team behind Servo, the Parallel Browser Engine Project are really good in sharing regular updates on their blog. They do weekly updates. That is maybe a little bit too often for 0 A.D., but maybe monthly updates or updates in every two to three months?
  6. @elexis using percentage points was maybe not a good idea. I would be sufficient to say work in progress, on hold, not started or done. The main idea is, that community members can see where progress is being done. Where things are on hold or not started you could maybe mention the reason why. Maybe somebody is reading the update, reads that some task is on hold., because of some person left. Then another person can decide to jump in, either because the person has the necessary skills or is willing to learn new skills to be able to help. In general, it would be interesting to get some information as somebody who cares about the game, but does not have the time to be constantly involved. @Nescio is right it would be nice to get updates once in a while. The 0 A.D. team is doing a lot of good work. However, as a community member it is hard to follow every detail. There is so much going on. Getting a summary about the progress once in a while, makes it easy to stay engaged.
  7. @elexis You seem to be one of the core devs. My question, is what is the status of Alpha 24? I do not want to critique anything or have the feeling things go to slow. I really just want to have a short summary of the Alpha 24 development status. know what are some of the milestones the 0 A.D. team is working on. However, if I look at Trac, I see 100+ tickets. It does not tell me anything about the major milestones you are working on. I just want to have three to five points written in human English. For example, something like this: - A group of developers work hard to make the AI algorithm more efficient (done: 27%) - Another group of developers work on improving the rendering of units (done: 72%) - Sound artists focus on improving all Iberian sound files (done: 34%) - 3D artists are working on new animals (not started: 0%) - An interdisciplinary group of "historians", artists, sound engineers and developers work on implementing a single player campaign (done: 51%) Again, this is just an example. I made this up. I have no idea what is going on. It would be really nice to have such a short summary.
  8. The more than 40-hour weeks and burnout is something fans of the series can influence the most. If they would protest, the game studios will probably change something. I just hope, people working on 0 A.D. have a more enjoyable experience. I mean they are volunteers and can stop contributing, but still.
  9. balduin

    0abc mod

    @Nescio Thanks for the explanation.
  10. According to the "Roadmap" in Trac, Alpha 24 is 22% done (18 tickets out of 84). See: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/roadmap @feneur Is there any way community members can help? Can you suggest some ways for developers, artists and other members, how they can help the development? Can somebody provide the major milestones/features for Alpha 24? Maybe with some estimates how much those are done? I am really eager to get more information regarding the status of Alpha 24.
  11. balduin

    0abc mod

    Is there a version of this mod, which can be downloaded from the in-game download manager? If there is a version available what is the name?
  12. @Stan` What is the status on this feature? I read a little through the comments of this patch: D1718 What was the conclusion? Will this feature be implemented with A24.
  13. @(-_-) Have you tried to simulate wind with snow to make it look like a snow storm/blizzard? Maybe it is enough to, simply change the direction of the snow fall, increase the speed of the falling snow and reduce the number of snow particles. In addition, add some wind sound effects. In any case, thanks for working on the feature. I already like what I see. I think it goes in the right direction. Furthermore, I think the weather simulation should only be introduced to a few new maps at the beginning. Maybe one map with snow, one with sandstorms and one with heavy monsoon rainfall.
  14. I actually agree with @Anaxandridas ho Skandiates 0 A.D. looks already better in many aspects and that is the result of good research. The buildings in Assassins Creed: Odyssey seem to be out of proportion. The ships look simply boring and uninteresting. I liked the look of previous Assassins Creeds more.
  15. @JamesWright the name has to start with the letter X, otherwise it would a lot easier.
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