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    [HELP NEEDED]===Mods RC

    @stanislas69 Can you give a quick summary of what has to be fixed, what is not working. I read through the entire topic, but lost the overview at page 3 and 4.
  2. @stanislas69 Yes, if you have Word, which I don't have and I don't want to have.
  3. @stanislas69 You wrote your LAN Tutorial.pdf in Word and than exported it to PDF. You basically did what I described, first write it as text document and then convert it to PDF. Here is a copy and paste of your bullet point list:       Some 0 A.D. knowledge (how to set up a game, choose match, etc). A working LAN network, with a DHCP router. (Using a switch requires more settings). Very few knowledge about windows (Where to find the run command Windows key + R). 0 A.D. installed on each machine you want to play with. The same mods on both side. Some patience. You can see that the bullet points are images. Here is the same example in Markdown: # Prerequisites - Some 0 A.D. knowledge (how to set up a game, choose match, etc). - A working LAN network, with a DHCP router. (Using a switch requires more settings). - Very few knowledge about windows (Where to find the run command Windows key + R). - 0 A.D. installed on each machine you want to play with. - The same mods on both side. - Some patience. and I attached the example.md file and the pandoc generated pdf as well. In addition, if you write it in markdown you can put it in a repository and have all the benefits of source control. That is not something everybody is familiar with, but if you are you don't want to miss it. example.md example.pdf
  4. is this statement correct: all the Kushite units, buildings etc. are translated for those languages for which 0 A.D. is translated to 100%. For more information about the translation status of different languages in 0 A.D. have a look at: https://www.transifex.com/wildfire-games/0ad/ Dutch for example is only translated to 92%. And we do not have any translations for any Cushitic language: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cushitic_languages or for Sudanese Arabic: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sudanese_Arabic Help wanted for people with recording equipment. Where do I have to go if I would like to help with that? (I am asking in general) This is important for future releases, but not for the upcoming? --- @stanislas69 Yes, you can search in PDFs and yes Google is able to index them, but the reason why google can do this so well is because they spend some efforts and resources to make tools and algorithms which are able recognize objects in images and extract text from PDFs. However, it is hard to copy and paste text from PDFs or work with them. It is much easier to write a text document (Markdown or any other format) and create documents in different formats, including PDF, from the text document. For example, most programming languages make it easy to work with text documents, working with PDF documents is much harder. Furthermore, PDF has some issues when it comes to accessibility. --- Yes, it would be nice to have the game related content in the 0 A.D. wiki. Thanks for pointing that out @stanislas69. However, I think the content which is mostly about the historical Kushites would make a great wikibook. But I do not want to speak for @Sundiata since I do not know what his plans are.
  5. @Sundiata First of all thank you for all your research. You encouraged us all with your energy and dedication for the Kushites. Without you the Kushites would would have maybe not ended up in 0 A.D., especially not that fast. Great work. To the community: The second thing I would like to see is a separate article in the 0 A.D. blog. What I would like to read in the blog post is a simple introduction to the Kushites for somebody not familiar with it. The blog post should not be longer than a page. In addition, the blog post should advertise the Kushite fraction and the upcoming 0 A.D. version a little bit. Third, the Kushites will be in the main game, but what tasks are still open? Are the Kushites translated into different languages? Are there art assets still missing? Is the testing done? Are there any other topics which need some work? Fourth, in which direction will the Kushite civilization be improved? Will there be campaigns and tutorials? I personally would love to play some historical key events in a campaign. I see campaigns as an interactive walk through of history (in the case of 0 A.D.). Fifth, are there any plans to bring the Kushites into the Aristeia bronze age mod? Or any other mod which plays before or after the 0 A.D. time frame? --- @Sundiata Do you plan to bring any other African civilization into 0 A.D. or a 0 A.D. mod? --- @Sundiata You mentioned you want to put the forum posts you wrote into a PDF. However, keep in mind PDF's are great for printing, okay for reading on a desktop, but not that great on ebook reader and other devices. Maybe consider using Markdown and Pandoc. Pandoc is a great tool to convert files into a variety of different formats, that would make it accessible for more people. Maybe you even want to consider putting your documents into a wikibook. Wikibooks is a project related to Wikipedia which is a platform for free textbooks (see: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikibooks).
  6. @Sundiata Just write it in a text editor and then post it ;-)
  7. Just to get an update. The Kushites will be part of the next 0 A.D. version 23 release?
  8. Are the technical game mechanics (triggers etc.) already supported by the underling Pyrogenesis engine and 0 A.D.? Is the goal of this project simply to show case the capabilities of the engine and to make a nice campaign or do you still have to implement a larger portion of triggers and other game mechanics as well?
  9. @Sundiata It is indeed surprising to see heavy armored African cavalry. This type of cavalry is what we are used to see in images of middle age knights. However, in contrast of those, a good portion of the pictures you posted show that African heavy cavalry has more than one spear. I assume those were used as javelins. My questions are: Where those actually used as javelins? And if they throw their javelins to kill enemies how did they attack or use them during the fight? From what distance did they use those javelins? What did they do after they run out of javelins? Maybe you know of some text passages which answer some of the questions. Maybe even regarding the ancient Kushites.
  10. @stanislas69 I am not sure if I understood your references: Hannibal -> Vox Populi 0adMods -> ?? DE -> Delenda Est Could you please clarify what you mean by 0adMods?
  11. Does anybody know how many mods are implementing the Kushites right now?
  12. @Nescio I agree with you that mods deserve a much wider public. This could be done by making it easier to install mods into the game. For example, by having mod manager which can download and install mods with a single click. However, I disagree with you about including all those civilizations into the main mod. Mods are a good way extend the main game or introduce completely new ideas. The [Pony Ascendant](http://www.moddb.com/mods/0-ad-ponies-ascendant) mod by LoordGood is a good example for such a mod.
  13. @wowgetoffyourcellphone so you continue to work on the Delenta Est mod?
  14. @Sundiata what kind of book to you want to write? Do you want to write it in an open source style or as a printed book? @wowgetoffyourcellphone to which mod will you contribute your camel model?
  15. @stanislas69 I like the dagger in the video @Sundiata The video stanislas posted talks about the city of Karma and the Kushite culture around dead. They show a couple of mummies they found. Did you look into the burial rituals of the Kushites? These often reveal some additional insight into a culture.