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  1. balduin

    ===[TASK]=== Bear

    @Alexandermb will the new bear animation be in the next 0 A.D. release? With a dying animation?
  2. balduin

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    @wackyserious the druid in this picture has a sickle. The association between sickle and druids is mentioned the book the Natural History (historia naturalis) written by Pliny the Elder. An interpretation and more can be found here: http://jdstanley.com/blog/sickle-traditional-druid-tools-series/ I don't know what to think of it. In general, we don't know much about druids. Even Pliny the Elder seemed to have used [Posidonius](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Posidonius) text [1]. @Genava55 I do not know what your opinion is regarding the druid topic? [1]: Das geheimnisvolle Leben der Druiden https://www.welt.de/kultur/article4118043/Das-geheimnisvolle-Leben-der-Druiden.html
  3. balduin

    ===[TASK]=== Celtic Unit Textures

    @Genava55 what should be in the hand of the druid? Do you think druids should have nothing in their hand? Right now the stick looks like a sword. @wackyserious
  4. balduin

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Celtic Cape Textures

    This guy. The rainbow color is also to much.
  5. balduin

    ===[COMMITTED]=== Celtic Cape Textures

    I agree with @stanislas69 regarding the color intensity. The colors are a bit too much. The intense orange-redish caps in particular. Additionally, I don't think the rainbow colored caps are accurate.
  6. balduin

    Testing pathfinder update

    @(-_-) You are right. I misunderstood the goal of WebAssembly. I thought there is a transpiler which allows you to compile JavaScript ahead-of-time to WebAssembly. However, I my first question still remains:
  7. balduin

    Testing pathfinder update

    Did anybody an analysis of the memory usage. Can you see what part of the game requires the most memory? For the JavaScript parts, would it be possible to use WebAssembly to speed up some parts of the game?
  8. @implodedok Why do you need Wordpress? A static site generator should be sufficient.
  9. I strongly disagree with @niektb. Just because they are not on the roaster, does not mean the Anuradhapura Kingdom should not be in the game. However, I do agree it enough research has to be done to make the faction happen. @Tomcelmare Did you continue to do research about the Anuradhapura Kingdom?
  10. balduin

    Disable 0 A.D. Factions

    I liked that over a year ago when Millennium A.D. was more in an alpha state. Today the mod is in a playable state. Most of the bugs are fixed and the artist did a great job with the models (buildings, units etc.). I really like immersing into the early middle ages. However, this experience gets interrupted every time I have to select a faction or I load a map (map hints). Furthermore, I would like to see more new civilizations added to Millennium A.D. through mods. The Arabs and Slavic civilizations would be outstanding. Maybe there is even the possibility of adding the Khmer Empire. I am not saying that will happen in one day. However, I think it is time to make 0 A.D. factions invisible by default in the selection dialog. Mostly so that people loading the mod, but do not know which factions are part of Millennium A.D. are not getting confused. Advanced player and developer should be able to make the 0 A.D. factions visible in the selection dialog.
  11. balduin

    Feature or Bug? - Anglo-Saxon cavalry can build

    Who is them? There are more bugs related to the Formation Fighting Mod. The general advice would be don't mix the Formation Fighting Mod and Millennium A.D.
  12. balduin

    Disable 0 A.D. Factions

    When I start the Millennium A.D mod I can see all the 0 A.D. factions. It would be nice if all 0 A.D. factions could be disabled and only the Millennium A.D. factions are visible. In my opinion it would be nice if Millennium A.D becomes a standalone game in the future. So, that other people can create mods for Millennium A.D.
  13. balduin

    Feature or Bug? - Anglo-Saxon cavalry can build

    Okay, I was able to reproduce the bug. What I often times do is to enable the Formation Fighting Mod If I enable the Formation Fighting Mod the Anglo-Saxon Horses can build buildings.
  14. balduin

    ┬┐Gunpowder Units?

    @Trinketos are you still working on this?
  15. balduin

    Is Millenium dead?

    This is an old post, but no Millennium A.D. is not dead. It is indeed alive and can be played in 0 A.D. 23. In fact, it is one of the best developed mods as of 2018.