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  1. I think that solves the problem.
  2. Do you have any hypotheses based on the landscape? I am still astonished by the fact that reenactors have an elephant.
  3. I personally, would rather like to have the core game and three core factions and stay under 5GB, than having a huge game. The reason for that is mostly technical. Seeing how there is a discussion going on about ARM 64 bit support. ARM 64 bit development boards have sometimes only 8 GB storage space available. Fitting an Operating System + 0 A.D. in such limited space is difficult. ARM 64 bit support means that 0 A.D. could run on tablets, low powered notebooks and phones. The cool thing about libre software games is, we can do what is technically possible and support whatever device and instruction set architecture we want. We are not limited by some artificial limitation as many other proprietary games are. Imagine, I can play 0 A.D. on macOS, Windows, Unix and Linux. Linux can run on Intel/AMD, ARM, Power, RISC-V and many other CPU architectures. So, wherever I can run Linux I should be able to run 0 A.D. In addition, it makes is easier to test the game engine, if I do not have to download 25 factions requiring 50 GB of storage space. One to three factions would be enough, just for testing purposes. Furthermore, I would like to see Pyrogenesis, the game engine, being able to provide the bare functionalities. So that in the future mods like Millenium A.D. can be their own "game". At least for the view of the user their own game. From a technical perspective their should be one engine and then different mods. If you want to create a game you just bundle the engine + mod. The mod bundled with the engine, will be the primary mod and active by default. As you can see I am very exited about the game, but for entirely different reasons. In my view most faction in 0 A.D. are similar, but still different enough to have the desire to explore each faction. This is something I like very much and should stay this way. I would even like to see a some factions with more difference to others. I share this opinion. On top of it I would like to see weather simulation and other improvements to the feel of the game. Maybe, having fire effects. Another area I would like to see improved is naval battle. 0 A.D. is like AoE not very exiting or even realistic when it comes to maritime warfare. I would like to see that improved. As for factions in general. I would like to see the process of: 1. Create a mod with the faction or factions you want to add. 2. Make it available via mod downloader, so that a larger audience can play it. 3. Improve it, based on the feedback from players. 4. Propose it to the 0 A.D. creators (devs, artists etc.) for inclusion, if they think the factions add value and are ready they should be added. If the factions are not ready, let them mature by repeating step 2 - 4.
  4. @winnerswithoutlosers the Sahara is expanding rapidly. The idea of the Great Green Wall is to prevent the expansion. @soshanko Do you know why the Desertification process started?
  5. There is actually a project called the Great Green Wall, which tries to stop the desertification of the Sahara by planting trees. The amazing thing is, it seems to work. At least in the countries with the political will, for example Senegal.
  6. balduin

    0abc mod

    @Nescio Try to use Inkscape and make a black border around your yellow Roman numerals. I think the fancy shadow effect does not look that create scaled down to 128x128, 64x64 or 32x32. You can create the black border in Inkscape and export the image to PNG from within Inkscape.
  7. @influxlondon Can I ask why you decided to switch from Windows (PC) to macOS? Did you switch for personal or professional reasons?
  8. @pAris There is no 5 in your list and 4 would be: "Or its worse when units chop down individual trees". For workers it does not matter if they chop individual trees or forest groves. I do not think it is needed, but it could bring some benefits. As @wowgetoffyourcellphone pointed out, he developed it for Delenda Est. The mod he develops. Feel free to play it and test out if it does affect the game play in a way you don't think is beneficiary.
  9. @wowgetoffyourcellphone I like the way your implementation work. In my opinion, this belongs into the main game. I also think the forest groves would improve the path finding performance. Especially, on maps with a lot of forest. Maybe one could even implement, that a group of forest groves becomes a "Large Forest", but you would still harvest only from forest groves. Meaning, only if you chop half of the forest grove, you can not hide units in the forest groves. However, you can still hide units in the "Large Forest". A "Large Forest" would mostly be a large obstacle in the eyes of the path finding algorithm. Therefore, it should be easier to run the algorithm. In any case, the Forest Groves make it easy to implement wood as a renewable resource, hide units and potentially improve the performance of the path finding algorithm. I would like to see those implemented in the main game.
  10. *Here is the link to the patch: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/3177 Camouflaging would be awesome. The video game Praetorians implemented a camouflaging feature. It was not possible for all units to go into dense forests. Original source: https://images.igdb.com/igdb/image/upload/t_original/qxhgr964p2krv7qbfniz.jpg For example, horse units where not able to go into a dense forest. Expect for a Germanic champion unit, which was able to attack even in forests. Praetorians also implemented scout units with a dog. The scout units where able to send there dog into the forest. This way you where able to see what enemy units hide in the forest. The nice thing was, you could not kill the dog. However, the dog was running back the moment they encountered enemy units. Basically, you where only able to see a glance of the units as long as the dog was in the forest. In addition, the dog was only able to walk a certain distance. This was implemented by reducing the stamina of the scout unit. The stamina only recharged when the dog was back with the scout. To eliminate the dog you had to kill the scout unit. Then both died.
  11. @wowgetoffyourcellphone that is a good solution. In my opinion, this should be implemented in the main game.
  12. @influxlondon what operating system do you use? - Windows - macOS - GNU/Linux Update: Sorry, just looked at the log you posted and saw this:
  13. I am not quite understanding what you mean by "kite" the enemy. Can you explain how this work in more detail?
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