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  1. balduin

    Web developer application - Daniel Matute

    @implodedok Why do you need Wordpress? A static site generator should be sufficient.
  2. I strongly disagree with @niektb. Just because they are not on the roaster, does not mean the Anuradhapura Kingdom should not be in the game. However, I do agree it enough research has to be done to make the faction happen. @Tomcelmare Did you continue to do research about the Anuradhapura Kingdom?
  3. balduin

    Disable 0 A.D. Factions

    I liked that over a year ago when Millennium A.D. was more in an alpha state. Today the mod is in a playable state. Most of the bugs are fixed and the artist did a great job with the models (buildings, units etc.). I really like immersing into the early middle ages. However, this experience gets interrupted every time I have to select a faction or I load a map (map hints). Furthermore, I would like to see more new civilizations added to Millennium A.D. through mods. The Arabs and Slavic civilizations would be outstanding. Maybe there is even the possibility of adding the Khmer Empire. I am not saying that will happen in one day. However, I think it is time to make 0 A.D. factions invisible by default in the selection dialog. Mostly so that people loading the mod, but do not know which factions are part of Millennium A.D. are not getting confused. Advanced player and developer should be able to make the 0 A.D. factions visible in the selection dialog.
  4. balduin

    Feature or Bug? - Anglo-Saxon cavalry can build

    Who is them? There are more bugs related to the Formation Fighting Mod. The general advice would be don't mix the Formation Fighting Mod and Millennium A.D.
  5. balduin

    Disable 0 A.D. Factions

    When I start the Millennium A.D mod I can see all the 0 A.D. factions. It would be nice if all 0 A.D. factions could be disabled and only the Millennium A.D. factions are visible. In my opinion it would be nice if Millennium A.D becomes a standalone game in the future. So, that other people can create mods for Millennium A.D.
  6. balduin

    Feature or Bug? - Anglo-Saxon cavalry can build

    Okay, I was able to reproduce the bug. What I often times do is to enable the Formation Fighting Mod If I enable the Formation Fighting Mod the Anglo-Saxon Horses can build buildings.
  7. balduin

    ┬┐Gunpowder Units?

    @Trinketos are you still working on this?
  8. balduin

    Is Millenium dead?

    This is an old post, but no Millennium A.D. is not dead. It is indeed alive and can be played in 0 A.D. 23. In fact, it is one of the best developed mods as of 2018.
  9. balduin

    Feature or Bug? - Anglo-Saxon cavalry can build

    Yes, but I am not able to reproduce it. As far as I have seen there is a version 1.0 and a version 1.0.1 of the Millennium A.D. mod: https://0ad.mod.io/millennium-ad/history I am not sure what the difference is, because for version 1.0.1 there is only a comment regarding packaging bug fixes. I also do not remember when I downloaded it. I assume the issue should be resolved.
  10. balduin

    Feature or Bug? - Anglo-Saxon cavalry can build

    @stanislas69 I played today again and did not have the issue. The first time I played on Fedora 28 and this time I played on Linux Mint 19 (Ubuntu).
  11. balduin

    Weather Simulation

    This should not be a big problem. The weather simulation can take that into account, for example by assigning a climate to each map (predefined template of advanced settings). To account for edge cases, we could have advanced settings. The settings could include things like temperature, rain, humidity etc. By using a little bit of science, such as if temperature less than 0 -> we have snowfall. In addition, if the temperature is less than 0 after x days, water will be frozen and soldiers can walk over a lake. I am almost certain that we could simulate weather and seasons very well using a simplified scientific weather model.
  12. There are also good examples of areas who manage their forest responsibly and because of that have plenty of resources.
  13. balduin

    Ranged Units

    @Lion.Kanzen Thanks for clarifying that. I mean he has a point.
  14. balduin

    Ranged Units

    Then maybe the Ptolemaic camels and Britons' slinger are too cheap or their range is too long and should re-balanced. @Thorfinn the Shallow Minded it would really help if you could describe your problem with the ranged units with more context and details in regards to the game. I am interested in an answer to the following questions: What did you play? Single player or competitive online multiplayer? What civilization did you play? What civilization(s) did your opposing player(s) play? On what map did you play? What ranged units did your opposing player(s) use?
  15. balduin

    Ranged Units

    Yes, I agree. Ranged units are always accurate and the arrows are super fast. It would be nice to see the arrows flying and coming from the top. You can not generalize that. First of all it depends on the civilization you play. Not all civilizations have archers and even fewer have archers as champion units. Most of the African and Asian factions have good archers. So, basically it is a cultural thing if a civilization made use of archers. All faction went through a research phase, which means somebody looked at units to include, that is the reason why some have archers and others do not have them. Second, there is always a certain military fashion. Sometimes soldiers with long spear and shield where in fashion. Other times heavy cavalry or soldiers with short spears where in fashion. However, the fashion lasted until somebody found a new and better approach. For example, the phalanx Alexander used came out of fashion after him, but was again the thing in the late middle ages and renaissance. Third, you mentioned Alexander and Darius III. Both of them had a military background and experiences with a certain fight style. Alexander used the soldiers he had to his advantage. However, the key part in the Battle of Gaugamela was Alexander's tactic and the use of cavalry. Also, the fact that he himself was leading the army gave his soldiers a moral boots. With other words sometimes the tactic and psychology is the key to winning a battle. Sometimes, the circumstances play a more important role. If you play against somebody who uses a lot of archers, then use armored cavalry to kill his archers. Every unit has a weakness, every player has a certain style on the battlefield and every player has experiences from the past. In conclusion, using archers or not depends on player, civilization and a particular game. So, if please review your comment and describe in more detail on which map you played and which civilizations played against each other, to get a better understanding of your exact problem. In addition, it would help to answer the question why you feel that archers are to dominant in 0 A.D.?