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  1. How about the Civic Center (CC) changes it's "size" while upgrading from one phase to the other? On every phase upgrade the health points double. To increase the size I would simply start with a small/basic model of the CC and on every level up from one phase to the other I would make the model bigger and look more powerful. However, I would not change the size of actual space the CC occupies. This sort of behavior is simpler to implement. You only need 3 different models of the CC and some logic to change the models on every upgrade.
  2. @gameboy as @Stan` mentioned it is waiting for review. Meaning another team member will look over the patch. Have some patience. We do pay attention and I think it is an important feature, but please understand people are not getting payed to work on 0 A.D. so they do it in their free time, therefore it might take a little longer to be implemented. I appreciate that you brought the topic up again, keep an eye on the patch that is important, but please have some patience.
  3. @avensis PeerTube is more than just a YouTube alternative. PeerTube is based on a decentralized and federated network. PeerTube does many things different compared to YouTube, both from a technical and user perspective. One key difference of PeerTube is, that PeerTube is Free/Libre and Open Source Software (FLOSS). Checkout the repository: https://github.com/Chocobozzz/PeerTube
  4. @AeternaTristitia yeah, you can advertise stuff. However, each instance has there own rules maybe some do not allow certain content. If you have your own instance you can do whatever you want.
  5. PeerTube is a decentralized video hosting platform. You can upload videos to an existing server (instance) and present your videos to the world. In addition, you can setup your own server and connect it to other servers (instances), if you want. PeerTube is federated. Federated means a network of different instances connected to one large platform. PeerTube does not have advertisement or tracks you around the internet. Try it out. Upload your latest 0 A.D. clips and show it to the community.
  6. Spellforce III looks really good. The contrast could be a little better, but other than that it looks great. I would love to see 0 A.D. evolving into a similar direction. I do like 0 A.D.'s look and feel. The 0 A.D. artists are doing a great job.
  7. In the article A German Museum Tried To Hide This Stunning 3D Scan of an Iconic Egyptian Artifact. Today You Can See It for the First Time Cosmo Wenman points out that other museums have made their 3D scans public: 1. Smithsonian Institution made their scans available here: https://3d.si.edu/browser 2. The National Gallery of Denmark released their scans under CC0: https://www.smk.dk/en/article/digitale-casts/ In addition, there is a project by MyMiniFactory called "scan the world", which contains 3D models from different museums: https://www.myminifactory.com/scantheworld/ One of the participating museums is the National Gallery of Denmark (Statens Museum for Kunst, also known as "SMK"). Maybe, 0 A.D. artists can find something in those collections.
  8. You want to say that there is an even bigger 0 A.D. fanbase in the Spanish speaking world?
  9. Don't forget 0 A.D. itself is the main game, but there are mods like Aristeia. Maybe, it would be nice to have something based on the figure in Aristeia. We do not have to add it to 0 A.D. at all. I just wanted to make 0 A.D. and mod artists aware that 3D-Model Bust of Nefertiti is available. Furtheromre, in my last post I wanted to point out that the SPK did not want to release the file at all, releasing it is a big step forward. As I agree with @Sturm and @feneur that the license CC-BY-NC-SA is a problem, it is still better than not having the 3D scan available in the public.
  10. The Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz (SPK) and owner of the scan wanted to get rid of Cosmo Wenman, the artist who fought to get access to the bust of Nefertiti, for that reason they published it under CC-BY-NC-SA. In addition, they wanted to make sure they can still make money from the scan. The good news is Cosmo Wenman made it available to all of us and to get there he had to fight 3 years. He mentioned: Source: https://reason.com/2019/11/13/a-german-museum-tried-to-hide-this-stunning-3d-scan-of-an-iconic-egyptian-artifact-today-you-can-see-it-for-the-first-time/ 0 A.D. is a heavy weight under the FLOSS games. The trailer for 0 A.D. Alpha 23 Ken Wood was viewed 169+ thousand times on YouTube. If 0 A.D. artists would, how @feneur suggested, use the 3D scan as inspiration for a model in 0 A.D. or on of the mods, the model would be seen by several hundred if not thousands of people playing 0 A.D. That in turn would make it easier to convince museums to release 3D scans and models under truly free licenses from the very beginning.
  11. @Stan` that is good to hear. I like the work David Revoy does, especially how he uses libre software to create his art. That makes the entry barrier for newcomer pretty low.
  12. The 3D-Model of the bust of Nefertiti was made available under CC-BY-NC-SA. The story how it was made available can be found in this article: A German Museum Tried To Hide This Stunning 3D Scan of an Iconic Egyptian Artifact. Today You Can See It for the First Time I wanted to share the information with the 0 A.D. artists. Maybe, it is possible to use the 3D Model in either 0 A.D. or on of the mods, in a modified lower quality version.
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