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Age of Empires IV

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I think that when considering the addition of a day night cycle, the primary basis for it is graphical.  Age of Mythology sort of had one with the way Eclipse god power and Fimblewinter god powers worked.  One of the ways that having that really worked for the game was since there were lots of particle effects to enjoy during them.  Most non fantastical rts's lack that kind of light show to justify one.  

Empires Apart had some interesting gameplay mechanics that came into play with day and night, but I don't think that the style really meshed well to make anything cooler.

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29 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

What's is HBO filter?

Desaturation and darkness of ambience illumination. Vikings serie illumination for example or Game of thrones visual.

Spellforge 3 uses the HBO Filter for example.


That filter sells well if the game is sad and horror or even RPGS like Pathfinder Kingmaker or Pilars of eternity.

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MayorceteGaming have quite a few valids points of why isn't bad the saturation (Also offering a desaturated image wich looks pretty realisitc compared to AoE 2 and 3) Also saying the people was asking for unit differentiation in AoE 2 all the time wich is now a point in AoE4, sacrificing gameplay for accuracy wich is what 0.A.D have been done always. Public have been leaving behind competitiveness to Trash games like Fortnite, or for Fast paced combat like Dota LoL. Looking for a more immersive reality beyond gameplay wich involve them in a more depth gameplay instead of just "HEY IM HAVING FUN CRUSHING OVER AND OVER THIS GUY OVER HERE! LOOK HOW HIGH IS MY RANK IN THE CHARTS!" and isn't the first time i've heard about that, another youtuber i've seen (also Venezuelan) have the same perspective on his videos specially this ones Video 1, Video 2.

In resume: MayorceteGaming said: Don't compare AoE 4 with fornite, just don't. And people have evolved from competitive to a deep gameplay immersion with realistic accuracy.

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Games like these: Good for Disney-style Movies
Games like Total War: Good for Documentary-style Movies

Whether you like or hate the direction of the artstyle is a different matter.

Can we talk about how the game is marketed?


"This is not gameplay footage; Where's the UI, the mouse cursor, the controls, the resource collection?

This is a cinematic."


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First feeling when watching the trailer on X019: slightly disappointed. Art direction felt a bit off. AOE2 DE did a better job with the new realistic models. AOE should be historic, stylised realism.

But to be fair to the devs, nothing was going to live up to my massive expectations, being a massive AOE fanboy since 1997 (aged 10)!

So I'll track this closely and hope for the best :)

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