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Borg Expansion Pack Mod implementation in 0ad alpha 24 release.


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It's rather interesting talking about attack rates of archers since I was just thinking about that.  A major difficulty in tackling the issue is that there is little concrete evidence other than one person stating that they can loose arrows from a specific draw weight.  An archer might be able to according to a few estimates, shoot 15 arrows in a minute, which I'd say would be viable from a gameplay perspective.  I'd say the point that should be for how they would maximise effectiveness is in attacking unarmored combatants; most arrow wounds during the Middle Ages were facial, i.e. the soldier had their visor raised at the time the volley was coming.  Obviously there were differences in technology then compared to in the ancient times, but I'd say the point still has some significance.


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I feel that the game in single player and probably in multiplayer is going very fast, what aggravates it more is lousy control of the hotkeys.

There is a lack of technology to clarify the role of the classes.
Added to this is the regular speed of the units.
Lack of counters.
Disorder of the purposes of the stances and formations.

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The better way to control the game for standard  player is 150-200 pop max.

  • You can exceeds that with Wonder.
  • Other request, garrison relics into the wonder or temple.
  • Have in account new tower tier (level 3).
  • Try to suggest hotkeys for the game you are aoe II player you must be miss the formation stances hotkeys.
  • In this point you can add next level of gameplay, not only balance. Ask new buildings, is time to implement new ideas far from AoE.
  • Time to remove CS from CC and only let villagers, militia and make more slower early game.
  • Ask new features to the devs. That are planned, or are missing at this point. (A25).





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On 08/11/2019 at 5:18 AM, Nescio said:

Looking at https://github.com/JustusAvramenko/delenda_est/tree/master/simulation/templates it seems female citizens are capturable while males aren't and female slaves have different gather rates than their male counterparts.

I may have missed this. While that may have been true that there are separate templates, the dual-gendered citizen you train in-game is pulled from template_unit_support_citizen, not from template_unit_support_citizen_male or template_unit_support_citizen_female, which are only there is case I want to make some campaign-only units.

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