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Deforestation - Wood should be a renwable resource


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That would be pretty cool and be a lot easier than the deforestation prevention method.

It'd just be a possibly unlock-able tech at the farmstead. That would then allow citizens to build trees. You could just lock the sapling "building" to phase 2 or 3 instead.

I'm not for sure if trickle rates for resources are possible ATM but if it is, I'm sure the average modder can see how to get it done (not me, I'll make every unit turn into a tree when they die).

If someone gets it working, please upload it to mod.io.

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On ‎10‎/‎18‎/‎2018 at 3:26 AM, Sundiata said:

@Astrid, playing 0AD in the forest really sounds awesome... I've honestly entertained the idea, just never gotten around to it... 

I wish... The largest mammals I still see are a surprising variety of squirrels and the occasional mongoose. We have duikers and civet cats as well, but I never see them in the wild. They're super shy. I only see them being sold as bush meat by the road side as local delicacies... I really can't stand it when people eat locally nearly extinct species, just because "they like the taste". Eat a darn chicken already! People here seriously don't value wildlife. Most want to live like Westerners, or their confused impression of "Western lifestyle". Most people wouldn't be caught dead walking in the forests. They're scarred of ghosts/spirits and "tigers". Lol. it's so sad... The only thing we still have plenty is lizards, a crazy variety of snakes, and a lot of cool birds, ranging from petite sun birds to massive eagles, hornbills and even the occasional parrot and turaco. The intact pieces of forest are wonderful, almost like naturally manicured  botanical gardens full of butterflies and a ton of wild orchids and other flowers. It's magical. But most people here want to just cut it all and flow concrete over it. It's like a sick obsession... There's a lot of "Christian" fundamentalism here, and they associate the forests with traditional religion and "juju", so they demonize it. It makes me cry. A lot of the "untouched" forests are either on steep hillsides difficult to exploit, or they're actually ancestral groves where royals/chiefs/kings are buried in unmarked graves. The only other forests are protected reserves.     

Our land is full of trees that we planted or encouraged to grow over the past 20 years. All sorts of thing grow here, and now its turned into a little oasis in the middle of a growing residential sprawl. Large amount of birds take refuge here. At least 4 species of squirrels also live in our garden. 

You speak my language :D well not Bergensk but you are for the environment,and you care about the animals,nature,and I commend you for that. There are a lot of selfish people on this earth that only care about money or benefiting themselves whether they ruin the earth or not,and they do not care.

I was hiking on the main village road on my way to the woods, and this couple from Greece that just moved here {Sorry to the good greeks that have integrity,and are good people} asked me why I am going into the forest,and they told me that only Satanist go in woods lol Than they look at my valnut bracelet and said now I can see why you go in the forest lol I didn't even explain I am a pagan and just smiled and said "yes I am on my way to the shop to buy some candles,and I would stay longer to talk but I am running late,and today is a special day when we get our cloaks,wish me luck". Than the woman said "yes she must be a witch because look how long her hair is". She says you can use a haircut,and only witches have long hair. So I asked her what is it,am I out of style or I am a witch? " lol Yes people fear the forest,and associate it with negativity,ghosts, and evil. The forest is where our gods visit,and yes the jarls and earls graced this area in the past :D

We have the deepest forests here in Bergen,i mean massive elm trees cover the land,and when winter hits there is nothing but cold,and darkness,and It can be cool and scary at the same time.  To me it is cool,and I love going out in a blizzard,but if one isn't used to Norway's weather one will be miserable here. When the winter hits I am all over the land hiking,and enjoying or I love sitting in my house listening to some black metal,and playing video games. I used to skii but with all the other hobbies I got into I never had anymore time for it.

Where you live sounds so beautiful,and a paradise,and yes you have a nice variety of animals heh Tourists always ask me "where are the polar bears". Go to the zoo ? Or go Northern Norway ? lol You will be disappointed here in Bergen.

A corporation will take a beautiful area and change it into a mall,and that is absurd. Where malls are here in Norway or anywhere around the world used to be the most beautiful land. Sacrifice beautiful land for a landmark that sells coach purses.

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41 minutes ago, Altrine said:

Well reforestation might happen but in some cases we use trees as a buffer zone on battles but there when trees grows we will get irritated. 

With the filter i mention before in place to prevent trees from growing when entities are around and a long regrow session(10-15 minutes) I doubt you'll have a problem.

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Yes! I would love to see this as a functioning option. Re-grow the largest concentration of trees (not tiny lonely ones, they're annoying).

But only if no units treaded there for 15 minutes.

+ starting up as small trees would be a nice graphical bonus but certainly not needed. Fog of war could enable regrowth.


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On 7/7/2019 at 2:13 PM, balduin said:

@Stan` What is the status on this feature? I read a little through the comments of this patch: D1718

What was the conclusion? Will this feature be implemented with A24.

This feature will be implemented for A24 if I decide to switch its internal workings to use StatusEffects as @wraitii stated, that feature was implemented by @Mate-86 as of now D1718 is stalled. It works though, so it can be used in mods. I am currently not back from my hiatus, still have a few things to figure out. Just going through a month of forum posts and 4 PMs and 45  Notifications, so I don't die when I come back.

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For the current mechanics regrowing trees in multiplayer game is inconsistent. But for singleplayer will just add beauty of your settlement. 

The game is focused on a short period of time which you assemble armies to battle immediately. There’s is no advancement of civilization in this game over time. It’s just upgrading the combatants, and mobilize for battle, again in short period of time  

Trees grow for a very long period of time while units don’t get old therefore it doesn’t make sense imo. 


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Man.... resource scarcity is one of the most important strategy factors in aoe-like rts. For better or worse 0AD is an RTS game, not a citybuilder.

It may sound harsh, but decisions like this should be towards benefitting the strategy part, not pretty city-builder game. I'm ok if the idea is to make a toggle option, but don't make it default.

Denying the access of a scarce resource in a map to your enemy is a strategy that you'll simply erase or greatly diminish by making resources regenerate, and also lower the ability cap imho.

Adapting to the map that you're playing on is totally dependant on how good you're able to manage your available resources, and plan your strategy accordingly.

Things like corrals are different since you have to invest in generating animals for the boost in food in the future, BUT you have to make that decision and plan accordingly.

Mindlessly harvesting the resources in the map without caring since they'll be infinite is just removing a core part of an rts with resource management.

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I agree with making it toggle-able and only for SP gameplay. Plus a very slow regeneration and growth.

  • Tree sprouts appear every 25 minutes
  • Tree saplings upon sprouts reaching another 25 minutes
  • Mature Tree upon saplings reaching another 25 minutes

So in order to start trees growing back, you have to wait for 75 minutes which is not that long for SP enthusiasts which could save and load game whenever they wish to.

@LordGood already started the progress on adding tree saplings which made the biome more natural and have more variety.



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This should be a separate entity from pre-existing trees. I like the idea of tree groves by @wowgetoffyourcellphone and if you cut down a grove, the chances of regrowing trees would be none. Also, what if these tree groves also auto-spawn animals, and biome specific groves will spawn biome specific fauna, that would be very cool. :) More subtle approach could be implemented too, like a non-selectable map trigger.

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1 minute ago, Nescio said:

Personally I think fish and fruit ought to regenerative, but not wood. Spawning saplings (and young animals) is an interesting idea, but implementing it in a natural way is not straightforward.

Empire Earth have this, kind a reproduction if you don't kill all specimens or herd.


Wild animals do also reproduce. All mature wild animals can spawn offspring. Even freshly born offspring provide the same amount of food as a mature one and, if not killed, grows slowly to maturity and can spawn offpring itself. Once sources of Harvesting and Hunting disappear (random maps have regenerating herds of animals but they won't respawn if the entire herd is killed)


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