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Deforestation - Wood should be a renwable resource


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@wowgetoffyourcellphone I like the way your implementation work. In my opinion, this belongs into the main game. I also think the forest groves would improve the path finding performance. Especially, on maps with a lot of forest.

Maybe one could even implement, that a group of forest groves becomes a "Large Forest", but you would still harvest only from forest groves. Meaning, only if you chop half of the forest grove, you can not hide units in the forest groves. However, you can still hide units in the "Large Forest".

A "Large Forest" would mostly be a large obstacle in the eyes of the path finding algorithm. Therefore, it should be easier to run the algorithm.

In any case, the Forest Groves make it easy to implement wood as a renewable resource, hide units and potentially improve the performance of the path finding algorithm. I would like to see  those implemented in the main game.

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2 hours ago, pAris said:

Unless it’s 4 or 5, I don’t see how groves are necessary.

There is no 5 in your list and 4 would be: "Or its worse when units chop down individual trees". For workers it does not matter if they chop individual trees or forest groves.

I do not think it is needed, but it could bring some benefits. As @wowgetoffyourcellphone pointed out, he developed it for Delenda Est. The mod he develops. Feel free to play it and test out if it does affect the game play in a way you don't think is beneficiary.

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