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  1. I dont recall the forums being this toxic back in 2017. Trolls..trolls everywhere. Anyway, fare thee well. To v24 and beyond.
  2. If that is indeed the case, then wth is the wfg team doing? Aimless as a piece of drift wood? Given that the last Alpha was released over a year ago, and the next alpha still seems pretty distant, a more vocal dev team would be nice. OpenAge devs posts weekly reports. Most of them are empty, but at least the community knows the state of things.
  3. If he’s a troll, then stop feeding him...
  4. 5 would be the next item in the list I missed. Although, I am still unsure of what purpose it is being added in Delenda Est.
  5. Why exactly is the grove thing needed? 1. Buildings should remove trees 2. Pathfinder simplification 3. Tree regrowth 4. Or its worse when units chop down individual trees Unless it’s 4 or 5, I don’t see how groves are necessary.
  6. Sounds like workarounds to me. Do it right or don’t do it at all.
  7. I don't need to. I actually spend time learning big words instead of whining on some forum like a little b*tch
  8. My god. You are the human manifestation of ‘annoying’, aren't you?
  9. That also means food production that is impoasible to slow down or idle without siege weapons. Overpowerd imo.
  10. I will try it. Btw thanks for your quick response.
  11. In Atlas is there any way to manually create water. I noticed that if you "dig down" enough there is water.
  12. I am unable to update as there is no updates available. It says im running the latest version of the game. Is the game still not on ubuntu repository?
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