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  1. Goody ! Happy New Year all ! I will be looking forward to playing this update,and ty for keeping up with this beautiful game !
  2. Archers,slingers and javelins on horses are great rushers with all the abilities from the blacksmith Yes cavalry is a bit more expensive but put your gatherers away from the battles and you will continue to produce during an attack,and have enough to buy all that cavalry you need.
  3. Yes they are great for attacking cavalry due to the bonus,and also great to put on the front lines while your skirmishers are flanking. Their DPS will increase once you get a blacksmith,and spend your money into skills to make them stronger,and with more hitpoints. I would use them as I would use all the classes. Each class serves a purpose.
  4. I agree that what you wear or how much weight you have on yourself can effect swimming or water in general,especially the armour they wore. I think the skirimishers and light infantry can pull it off especially the Britons and gauls because they start out wearing their traditional light/cloth armour. How about have it where we can use the light armour wearing classes to scout across the water ? Even if we don't have a swimming mechanic we can at least be able to walk in the water. I would love to dip my feet in those beautiful lakes/rivers,and oceans. lol Take it from a Norwegian girl fro
  5. I was wondering why we can't swim on this game heh I think that would be great to have battles in rivers or crossing them by swimming,and also if your ship gets destroyed in a battle,and instead of garrisoned valuable fighters dying with the ship, you can jump out and swim to shore. Your enemy is on the other side of the river,and you have your archers shooting at them as they attempt to swim across,and they don't care about losing some soldiers as long as they have some get across that river. Also with swimming you have to watch out for dangerous water creatures,imagine a shark in the
  6. Fish and other species can be hunted with spears the same as our forebears hunted, but it is funny you got the sarcasm How about in the far north we have fishing and hunting,and in areas like plains,and flat land without winter we can have the berry bush gathering.
  7. That would be a great idea,and we can get the harpoon using skill in the dock abilities like we have the nets for more fish. How about implementing traps for easier hunting where you can go about your fighting or bow hunting while waiting for an animal to walk into the trap ? We can trap bears better without risking death.
  8. There is a solution to this "collecting food from berry bushes during winter",and that is to add a feature where you have to gather your berries when in season,and when winter hits your next two options will be to fish or hunt.,and than you will be able to feast all winter. You can still just eat the berries you gathered before winter because you have them stored in the farmstead,and we can still enjoy these beautiful winters,and remind us of good memories Did the Vikings not produce a mass army,and also fight a battle during winter ? So wars are only fought in the summer and spring ? Wa
  9. That would be great If you added the aurora I love going North of my nation just to watch the lights. I used to snowboard under the lights in the middle of the night,than after my workout grab some hot chocolate,and just watch the sky. Great times,and one amazing experience.
  10. Another great idea is add the northern lights Can you imagine seeing beautiful colours in the sky while you're in battle ?
  11. For the northern Europe maps implement months of darkness ,and also add fog,and lot's of rain
  12. You speak my language well not Bergensk but you are for the environment,and you care about the animals,nature,and I commend you for that. There are a lot of selfish people on this earth that only care about money or benefiting themselves whether they ruin the earth or not,and they do not care. I was hiking on the main village road on my way to the woods, and this couple from Greece that just moved here {Sorry to the good greeks that have integrity,and are good people} asked me why I am going into the forest,and they told me that only Satanist go in woods lol Than they look at my valnut b
  13. AOE3 is such a beautiful game,especially a game about the new world,and that whole time era. The time when nations were shocked at what they discovered on new lands from riches to tribes.It's beautiful you can act that out,and experience what the early settlers experienced. There are not many games about the conquistadours or the new world unless you play Expedition, which is a goody.
  14. Just add a little speed to the scout with magic elven boots,and give him a little bit of an advantage with dwarf armour I loved scouts on AOE3,and each one had their own unique look of that faction.
  15. Best advice is start your OAD experience with playing with RL friends or who you are close with who understand you,and have patience. Even if you do bad you and your friends can get a laugh out of it,and you will learn,and get better. I am fortunate to have a husband that knows game mechanics,and was able to teach me a lot whether about units,formations,attacks etc. When I started the first thing he told me was to study,and read each unit,and their stats,and get back to him after lol I was like why ? Just teach me lol I learned that reading a bit before you play helps a lot because every class
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