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===[COMMITTED]=== Persian Unit Texture Upgrade

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Nice! Everything looks nice and authentic. I acquiesced on the player color because I realized a lot of the Persian textures already had a lot of player color. I like your textures, you do an incredib

sorry i can't avoid compare with things that I know.  now they are the Super Eagles from Nigeria (national team).   

And another detailed example of Achaemenid imperial iconography (on Darius' tomb):

Posted Images

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I am reading the material that Nescio provided. According to the comparison of Herodotus, the Sogdian had similar equipment to the Medes. I could not properly comprehend if when Herodotus told us that they were alike in that manner, that also includes their clothing.

Also, what are your thoughts on brightly painted linothorax? (The first two in the right in the image below)

042719 - Persians.jpg

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5 hours ago, wackyserious said:

According to the comparison of Herodotus, the Sogdian had similar equipment to the Medes. I could not properly comprehend if when Herodotus told us that they were alike in that manner, that also includes their clothing.

Well, they were neighbours and at it's maximum extent, I believe at least parts of Sogdiana was incorporated in the Median Empire. Apparently even their language is related (according to Strabo). That having said, I'm certain that Sogdians were heavily influenced by the Scythians (Scythians lived/ruled in Sogdiana among other places), but the Scythians also influenced the Medes and even ruled them for a while... More or less the same cultural sphere as Bactria, which also had strong Scythian, Median and Achaemenid Iranian influence. In general terms Bactria was home to larger urbanised populations and Sogdiana was home to more nomadic peoples, but many of the specific peoples living in these regions seemed to live in both Bactria and Sogdiana. They practiced Zoroastrian religion, again, Iranian similarities, and they also had direct contact with China... (to clarify, Sogdiana is a geographic term, not necessarily an ethnic or cultural one, so it can refer to a number different people inhabiting the region)   

Sogdians and Bactrians:


"338 BCE, tomb of Artaxerxes III Sogdian soldier"



"Sogdians on an Achaemenid Persian relief from the Apadana of Persepolis, offering tributary gifts to the Persian king Darius I, 5th century BC"



"A grey pottery figurine of a Sogdian groom, Chinese Tang Dynasty, 7th century AD"



Sogdian dancers 6th century AD, An Jia Tomb, Shaanxi, China 



Reconstructions from the (Northern) Bactrian tomb of Tillya Tepe, Scythian influenced people on the border region of Bactria and Sogdiana, 1st century BC - 1st century AD. Check out that long sword! Drool... Note that the dagger hanging from the waist of the prince seems to be the same type as the one depicted on the Sogdian warrior on tomb of Artaxerxes III, in the first image!




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I would make sure the saturations on anything that isn't playercolor is low enough to distinguish different troops, the Persian army should look like a fruit salad but that might hinder gameplay if we stick to it.

speaking only on the bright linothorax, the archers are looking good

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10 minutes ago, wackyserious said:

@LordGood This is how it currently looks like in game. For player 2 (Red) and player 1 (Blue)

This is the most saturated that I would go, applying what I have read and observed about natural dyes. Does it stand out too much at its current state?

042719 - Persians (2).jpg

042719 - Persians (3).jpg


orange vs black and yellow vs green.

looks very good but I want see if blue can be distinguish from ble.(dark colors)  and green from blue.

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