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===[COMMITTED]=== Persian Unit Texture Upgrade


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11 hours ago, wackyserious said:

@Nescio Sorry if it took several months to address this issue, academics and the work on other textures buried the progress here.

Some basic Sogdian archers (Re-used existing assets) and a more rural Sardian auxillaries. The advanced (animal pelt vests) could also be used for hillmen infantry if we will add them in the future.

Could I use animal pelt vests for basic rank Hyrcanian cavalry?

No need to apologize! Besides, A24 won't be released soon.

Sardian → Lydian (Sardes is the capital of Lydia). The Anatolian peoples (Mysians, Lydians, Carians, Luwians, Hittites, Cappadocians, etc.) were ethno-linguistically related to each other and culturally quite different from the Iranian peoples (living in Media (Atropatene) and beyond).

With hillmen I assume you mean the tribes who gave Xenophon's ten thousand so much trouble, i.e. Armenians (Bronze Age Urartu); though they're not exactly Anatolian, dressing them similarly is fine by me; and I agree hillmen armed with slings, stones, and axes would be a great addition. Feel free to go ahead.

Hyrcania was the eastern part of the coastal area between the Caspian Sea and the Alborz mountains (just north of Tehran). To the east lay Parthia proper, with which it often formed a single satrapy. To the north of Parthia lived the Dahae (Seleucid horse archer), a confederacy consisting of three tribes, one of which, the Parni, seized Parthia from the Seleucids and went on to form the Parthian (Arsacid) Empire. To the east of Parthia lay Aria, Bactriana, Sogdiana. All those were Iranian peoples (as were Scythians and Persians) and shouldn't look like Anatolians.

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