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  1. i have planned to do shields for iberians someday with the same wood texture of roman shields and leather cover. Im just taking a break of baking.
  2. i used to be an adventurer like you, but then i took an arrow in the shoulder...
  3. Just told @Alexandermb to fix it, said its committed already.
  4. New camel and rider animations uploaded. You can start adding new camel unit variants to your mods.
  5. @lukamas might want to showcase it on blender and later go straight to Atlas when finished.
  6. Nothing, mostly animations i've changed was melee sword/spear attacking animations adding more motion/smooth transition. Wow is right, it probably would be an updated but not uploaded blend file. Would it be better replace melee attacking animaitons with "Static" and by static i mean remove the front step motion from the overal animation. i like The hoplite gif aswell the front step make it looks like a Gif being played. Wich was the first rule i kept by making melee animations following as it was before.
  7. included enough animations for Swordsman, Spearman, Javelinist, Archer, Lancer. Shield and No Shield Variant. New Death animation, new sitting idle animation for fauna camel. Overall improvement of the camel animations and mesh fixing some issues such as gathering meat legs being broken. Will notify when i upload the files.
  8. Yep, usual javelin throw animation isn't accurate for heavy shields such as thureos or aspis wich make this clipping happens. I need to make some test on a new throwing animation for heavy or long shields for fix it. The pillum throwing helps but i need to do something like that but whitout the front step motion.
  9. Been working slowly on improve Camel animations and armature with the new knowledge i have been gathering with animations since i've did my first updated with the camel. So far i've reached enough material to only update camel but i want to deliver the camel with at least melee animations for modders and main game if its possible. I need you guys to let me know wich factions could make use of a melee 2H spearman or Spear+Shield camel cavalry to make at least a placeholder entity and test it. @wowgetoffyourcellphone @Sundiata @wackyserious @Genava55 @Nescio @Lion.Kanzen Only the facti
  10. Solo un ejemplo, fue lo primero que se me vino a la mente porque ayer veia en youtube un video donde apareció este. A mi se me acerca mas a la mente Dawn of War y los Marines o Deus Ex y sus mejoras internas o Cyberpunk 2077 en cuanto a tecnologia aumentada o "Cyborgs"
  11. They aren't cyborgs aren they? They are more like a different kind of civilization or race from the space with their own equipment or weapons. wich is different from a "cyborg" term.
  12. For a full race sounds complicated, for a "Terran" Race it would be best implement it as "Techs" for better damage or resistance or simply add new units with exo-skeleton or augmented limbs. Augmented "Humans" with melee skills.
  13. Wich weap positions would you guys need? i mean, bow from back, bow from quiver (Though i need to bake a leather quiver first for bow.)
  14. i've reduced the stone projectile to match the size of the lithobolos. The actual projectile is the size of the giant lithobolos.
  15. @Stan` @LordGood shall we use the new projectile decal used in the new artillery towers instead of flaming decal impact?
  16. Well, siege artillery is finally done. I only need to do the different projectiles meshes and actors to finish. Giant artillery will be kept in case @borg- include that in the next changes for buildable artillery on the battlefield as proposed. Med ballista has the same size of the current artillery. Except for roman ballista wich has more lenght but less width.
  17. Well, as @Nescio theres no much difference between roman and greek artillery so i'll just change the capitulo and the frame position of the root:
  18. Finished hellenic lithobolos equipment. Missing only roman medium ballista.
  19. Might want to tweak the top texture with brigther colors on wood to match yours.
  20. This one, modified kush nuba camp texture: 0.A.D Japan- TM.blend.7z
  21. @LordGood don't know if you want this CC model and tweak it at your taste:
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