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  1. Polybolos Done!: Smaller than before. The arrow pops up about to be fired and falls from the rotating tray in the middle section as it should work IRL.
  2. This reference show it has a rope holding the back zone though i have done it that way for use again the reload animation so i don't struggle making it specificly for roman ballista considering performance/space. I could make it a lil bit longer i belive. i was also thinking on place the rope, but didn't worth the polygons: Or maybe i could reduce a the height, but the main point is to keep the levers in the same place and same rotation to avoid making 3 more animations of 400 frames lenght for a single ballista.
  3. With the animations I've done with the ballista and lithobolod rotating the levers I can make a loop of it and use it on a crane. However I don't see where we can use cranes (visually speaking) properly.
  4. Just played a match to prove you are wrong, it does fit. They aren't MOUNSTROUSLY BIG enough to make a difference between buildings and scales. Smaller than a Palm. Small than the roman wonder, wich is a good comparisson having in mind wonder isn't real scale. Why i would compare roman ballista scale with Gaul houses or fortress? Every architecture has its own design and size and obviously romans had taller buildings wich are already seen in your mod with Insulaes, Also can be seen at every other roman building such as aqueducts or colliseum. Isn't that big. @Stan`
  5. Only on magazine, the trigger is different. It took me a while to figure it out because every single reference only says: "Here, this is the polybolos" -But how does it work? " Here, this is the polybolos"
  6. Progress update: Polybolos. i've already figured out how it works so i will make it shot faster whitout introducing bolt.
  7. Ship Scale is already an issue, at some point if gameplay performance isn't that bad with huge maps naval battles with ships should be real scale, but im not the one to decide that. Neither we have the performance available for have the amount of sea we need. Just throw out of the board that AoE scale gameplay stuff, thats already wasted and disgusting at this point of 3D worlds. I can't enjoy a game like AoE Online not because of the cartoon look but the size of a Ship or an artillery having the same size of a cavalry. We already have AoE 2 DE and in the way an AoE 4 with walls with
  8. In other talk, from the beginning i've always considered siege artillery excluding ram a joke, not visually speaking, because that haven't been updated since the beginning of the game i assume (excluding roman ballista) but size. A polybolos, scorpion and oxybeles having around the same size of a Lithobolos, but the lithobolos does by far more damage? Thats a joke. That lithobolos scale only can throw a sling rock. Small artillery have a good size, but Roman/Carthage Ballista and lithobolos are a joke.
  9. Doing it whitout "real size" its a problem at least to me when animating, not only with artillery but in any other case, using other measure likely lead to bugs and problems when animating/meshing at some point ending on a week of blender looking a wait to fit the size issue with infantry. Animals, Trees, Weapons, Helmets, and anything that is used or affected by the human scale mesh on game should have real size either it will end looking cartoony and breaking historical accuracy. Gameplay related size only matter on ships if we ever had ship boarding but thats far from being possible i
  10. 1 Step ahead of references: Yep, thats the plan, high attack output while removing the ability to move (i wonder if its possible to make it unable to rotate also). Yes also, it could have a bonus agaisn't infantry, being this weak agaisn't cavalry and ranged attacks. Boltshooter should be faster pierceing projectile while stonethrower regular speed sling stone projectile. For other cilizations like gauls and mauryans capturing this siege weapons i wish there was a feature that make the captured entities decay at time, in this case for weapons means that the gauls woul
  11. @borg- I tag you here so you read my proposal at the first post talking about a new artillery gameplay. I wonder if its reasonable what i have proposed and if its possible make huge ballista/lithobolos being build on battlefield instead of carrying it on a chariot. Gameplay speaking i need to split artillery in different clases. Boltshooter: Scorpion, Polybolos, Oxybeles. Good for killing infantry, this artillery should be able to be killed with arrows and slings and shouldn't be capturable, so you should use them for skirmishes and protect them as well. Stonethrower: Sling ammunation m
  12. For some reason the FPS didn't go above 26 fps on blender sometimes 20 and i doubt it is my pc, thought i have to check. With the light lithobolos didn't had this issue.
  13. Ese es el que trae el blendfile, y la capa bueno, por si de casualidad alguna vez implementamos garrisoning en las artillerias haciendo que cualquier unidad de infanteria pueda operarla, si esta unidad usara una capa se veria horrible si no la animara.
  14. Ok, probably not going further than this, this was a pain to do and i don't remember how many times i've started from scratch because blender rotation bones bugs or clipping with the hip. And i want to look this beast already ingame. (Probably i will have to reduce attack speed for avoid having a tarzan climbing the lithobolos)
  15. Progress update on heavy lithobolos: I have in mind 5 crew for this, 4 pulling the levers and 1 moving the sling wood plank and placing the boulder projectile.
  16. Since it only sink inmediatly i've only done a simple animation of the main wooden support lit towards, So the weapon isn't destroyed but "disabled" however maybe i can make it a lil bit heavier tearing apart some pieces after death, only the main pieces.
  17. Thats good to know, i was about to ask something like that to fix the unsync horse hair while unpacking wich came from the 2nd update. Apparently every entity picks animation randomly when engine assume its his first placement on the world or the simulation. This is not a horse related hair bug but aparently entity issue. We need to have at some point on visual animation Force the entity to pick Always the first animation for all the actors and then start choosing randomly the rest of the idles. While packing or unpacking the game take the switch between packing and unpacking state visua
  18. First it is only visual assets changes, i've already done with the medium artillery lithobolos, now i will have to make at least 2 big versions of lithobolos, 1 medium ballista for romans, Finish my Polybolos wich is only UV adjusment and finally make a new Scorpio. However for properly implement them whitout having a weird visual glitch like kush hero archer gattling gun, i would like to propose that gameplay change on siege (propose, not force neither commit it whitout asking any1 else) why? Because we already see a disproportional size visualization on Rome Ballista with all the lithobolos,
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