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  1. 5 only, the ones seen before and lastly Scorpio. Missing the light Roman ballista and if isn't much trouble the Medium ballista, lithobolos. So light artillery 2 operators, medium 3 to 4 depending what is needed. And lastly the ones already done Wich are heavy lithobolos and ballista with 5-6 crew. Mostly I want to visually offer the destroyer of walls and fortress as the heavy artillery. Those would be the door breakers of the walls opening walls to let your army get into City. This should also be done considering rams will be nerfed at some point. The medium artillery will be the
  2. Light for boltshooters yes, however I meant Tier 1 artillery, tier 2 would be medium stone throwers about the size of current lithobolos and finally heavy or tier 3 artillery Wich would be latest lithobolos and ballista.
  3. Ships are like structures, thats possible.
  4. Pretty much what i've propose. Also make bolt-shooters weak agaisn't projectiles, the siege engine is very small so it won't offer any cover from skirmishers or arrows. A Giant ballista offers a little bit of cover however it shouldn't be that weak to projectiles.
  5. Perfect then, no need to do the variants. Haven't started yet with scorpio but won't be an issue since i will reuse everything from other siege engines such as lithobolos/Oxybeles.
  6. From artist view: Define first what are the mechanism/motion of the factions engines such as aircrafts, tanks, morphological build of the entities. IE: Following Warhammer 40k; Tau: Have squared levitating tanks and armorships wich also are squared but behave as an Exo-Skeleton firing and moving. Eldars: Very different from Tau having soften edges on tanks and Tall machines wich are clearly controled by itself or by another kind of entity whitout crew. So from a Starcraft view this would be Tau - Terran / Eldar - Protoss. Very important to avoid having mixed designs bet
  7. @Nescio Oxybeles and Scorpio animation would be similar arent they? They both are aimed forward (Maybe a lil bit upwards) but the mechanism is the same on the operators. Besides roman would have a smaller bolt but could be picked up from a basket. That would save me a lot of time.
  8. Max bones reached on big artillery are 37 bones wich 10 arent used because of constraits and 6 Props bones.
  9. Most references show roman a different windlass/rail way to work, for example greeks use a dented line. And only for differentiate carthage is why im willing to do another one following the same principles but with different build or "Capitulo" but if it doesn't need to be different i gues i could leave it that way (That means less work to me but just to finish scorpio and roman medium Ballista) What are the different sizes im looking for? Well, visually sell what it is his purpose. For the record this are the different sizes: Polybolos smaller than current model. Oxybeles sm
  10. Not only one smart hack, i have around 10 per siege artillery: See those bones and empties on every lever? Thats a constrait for the armature to keep the lever in place or help the direction of the movement. at the start of the lever animation you can see it is first place in the windlass and then return to handle it. Thats another constrait.
  11. Nope, i attach with a constrait the bolt from the body armature to the oxybeles armature. A Tag for hide the props in a certain amount of time woudl really help sometimes but in this case works as it should being attached to the oxybeles.
  12. So far 5 artillery done. Next in my list is Scorpio, after that Medium Roman Ballista + Two lithobolos same size variants for carthage.
  13. Question: Since im making operators for the bolt/stone artillery should i scale up Rams at least to have 6 men inside?
  14. @Nescio very usefull indeed, that will help when i'll make the Scorpio, that was my plan at first, following a design similar to that one but having the front, side and above plan is better. At this moment i am animating the Oxybeles operators: Just Started.
  15. Forget a little but important feature missing: "Turrets"
  16. Scaling it isn't that simple, each scale would require a different animation and animating a 400 frame lenght animation process on the infanty isn't that simple.
  17. If that happens, i'll recommend you to look/use as reference this two jewels: And its actually quite simple because being most of the factions "Robots" this means every texture is a metal wich are easier to do. If that happens also, i'll recommend starting by two factions first, either its empire or Droids.
  18. @Nescio what would be your personal recommendations on the roman ballista? This is the mesh whitout idle/attack_ranged animations: One possible solution: Reduced Height, Here you can see the difference: Don't want to go too much lower because it will look similar to lithobolos and im trying to avoid that.
  19. Hello @Vido and welcome to the forums! may i ask what have been changed on that animation? Do you have any gif showing it if its possible? i haven't touched any animal rather than horse this year and only have been working on infantry/cavalry animations, helmets, shields, ships, and now siege artillery. So i am a bit lost on what have been done with the boar beside the update @Stan` did. i wonder what is different. Kind Regards Alexander Morgado.
  20. I don't see the problem with it. I like how every weapon is used maintaining the "light" artillery on its own way. However i request some template changes on them. Speed from 1 to 100 ratio. Gastraphetes around 50-60%. Scorpio around 20-40% Polybolos 100% with the actual attack speed. Though the range and accuracy should be lowered. Oxybeles this is just like scorpio torsion and windlass, having to remove each lever and introduce it again to reload so it requires a bit more time to reload and avoid looking strange. id say from 20-40%
  21. And me, include also Kings and Generals. The voice, the work, the visual are perfect for a good afternoon with a coffe on hand and listen it.
  22. Question: Polybolos ought to be used only by ptolemies or it should also be used by Macedonians and Seleucids? Oxybeles could be used by Athen and Spartans whitout Trouble.
  23. HAHAHAHA "graphic card" Intel HD 4000 core i3 3110m Dual core, 6GB Ram Windows 10.
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