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  1. Mira, yo no estoy aqui para bromas, ni para perder el tiempo. Yo estoy aquí en plan serio. Justificaciones de por que el vascoiberismo no es algo 100% aceptado te pongo las fuentes: La lengua ibérica es considerada habitualmente una lengua aislada. No obstante, tras constatar las diversas afinidades existentes con la lengua vasca y la aquitana, muchos investigadores han propuesto que tales afinidades se justificarían por algún tipo de parentesco, siendo conocida esta teoría como vascoiberismo. Pero también hay muchos otros investigadores que creen que esas afinidades no provienen necesar
  2. Quisiera saber por que me has denunciado.

  3. 59/5000 I do not understand what is happening. I do not know what joke it is. O_O
  4. Please, I will not discuss this further. I am Spanish, I know what I speak, study culture, study my culture. I learned the history of Euskera in school and in culture debates, not in wikipedia. If you think that the Bascones and the Iberians are the same, then be happy. But it is not true. In 1918 the legislation of orthography of Euskera was not created. It was created a new neutral language taking aspects and parts of all the languages that exist in the Basque region. In fact, the authentic Basque language, which is spoken in the villages, has nothing to do with the new Euskera.
  5. I want to treat this entry as a small illustrated atlas of the Iberian culture. But I attend to your requests. Famous Iberians: I would choose Hilmice, Indibil, Orison. -Hilmice, was a princess Iberian, she married with Hannibal Barca. She was a peacemaker. It could be a kind of Hero Priest, with ability to provoke peace (as it happens at the beginning of the gameplay), advantages over temples or some type of Carthaginian militia. -Alucio, was a prince celtiberian (Is not iberian but...) The payment to Escipion with a huge treasure, for the rescue of his lover. And I also give an army o
  6. I correct, it makes sense. If you compare a map where Catalan and Valencian (Dialect of Catalan) are spoken with a map of the Levantine Iberian regions, you will see that it corresponds to the zones (And same happens with the Basque area and the current Euskera). I understand you. But the differences that exist between tribes (Iberos, Vascones, Celtas ...) are very marked, mainly because of the climates. Believe that today a Galician and an Andalusian are very different, even in the character. Think at that time! It is like saying that Hellenes and Romans were equal for having archit
  7. In the second post, I will emphasize the cities, I will write later. // En el segundo post, haré hincapié en las ciudades, lo escribiré más adelante.
  8. (TRADUCCIÓN EN CASTELLANO) ¡Hola! Me encanta este juego ¡Llevo jugándolo años! Pero sigo sin comprender por qué en el juego la cultura íbera parece la cultura de los pordioseros, a parte de las inexactitudes histórico-artísticas que posee. He de entender que hay un grabe desconocimiento sobre esta cultura y como estudioso en la materia que soy quisiera ofreceros una visión realista sobre ella. En este primer post, quiero hablar un poco de las culturas que había en la península y aprovechar para hacer hincapié en algo que me parece tan desconcertante, como cuando Quentin Tarantino confu
  9. (TRADUCCIÓN EN CASTELLANO EN EL SIGUIENTE POST) Hello! I love this game. I've been playing it for years! But I still do not understand why in the game the Iberian culture seems the culture of the beggars, apart from the historical-artistic inaccuracies that it has. I have to understand that there is a lack of knowledge about this culture and as a scholar in the subject that I am, I would like to offer you a realistic view of it. In this first post, I want to talk a little about the cultures that were in the peninsula and take advantage to remark something that I find so disconcerting, a
  10. Sorry I forget publish with the translation in English: -RPI4 «Icons» My proposal of the principle is a universal icon temple (Building Mythical, symbolized by the triangle, very common element in religions to represent the sacred, whose interior houses an altar with a fire/light sacred). As to heal, I stress that it is very difficult to see and confusing, it is true that the serpent is a symbol of medicine (from using your poison) but the staff of Asclepius is not so, even confusing up looking like the caduceus of Hermes (god of commerce). The albarelo, container for collecting medicinal plan
  11. RTP6- can work and now in the next alphas we can test "capturing" building monuments and shrines can have a bonus against capturing ( is a suggestion ) RTP4 «Iconos»: Yo lo que propuse al principio es un icono universal de templo (Edificio Místico, simbolizado por el triangulo, elemento muy común en lo que es la religión para representar lo sagrado, cuyo interior alberga un ara con un fuego/luz sagrado). En cuanto al de sanar, recalco que es muy difícil de ver y confuso, cierto es que la serpiente es un símbolo de medicina (por la utilización de su veneno) pero el cayado de Asclepio no lo es t
  12. I instead would propose, taking the Greek case as example, and according to I said about the automatic dedication of the temples: Zeus / Athena / Hera: would the gods base, that is when there is no a god in particular. Zeus for being the king of gods, Athena to be precisely "the goddess of towns or cities that protects' (many cities like Athens and Mycenae, come from the name of the goddess) and Hera for being the queen of the gods.Poseidon: When there is a large fishing fleet or where the temple stands near water.Demeter: When farm work is important, or stands near the fieldsArtemis: when don
  13. Thank you for your feedback. I forgot to add that: in my opinion there are too military buildings and few civilian. Supposedly in the game we create a city ,and a city can not be by building "4 simple buildings". There my importance in the add new buildings: temples, monuments, workshops ... etc. In all games I've played I've finished with loads of food resources and very little metal Also say that these proposed comments are based on my real experience as a player. My answers: REGARDING THE PROPOSED ISSUE (RPI) -RPI2 «Workshop» (Lion.Kanzen, Itms): I am not referring to exchange resources wit
  14. (ESCRITO EN CASTELLANO MÁS ABAJO) Hi, this is my first post. I would first like to thank the whole team who have managed to make this game so great and altruistically. Second notice that my English is not entirely good (and even more so when you have to talk with technical terms) so in part by traslator Google help me and also leave the text in my original language (if there be any misunderstanding). If anyone would like to help translating, great. I start with my suggestions for improving the game, but not before warning that I Studies in design and art, besides being amateur anthropologist,
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