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  1. I think that is the kind of features that sounds great on paper, but in terms on gameplay doesn't work at all. Interesting topic Lion. Never thought that some "germanic" people fought Rome so early. What about a generic "Germanic" civ that represents the Cimbri/ Teutones/Ambrones alliance? 
  2. Would love to have Garamantes for more African factions. Numidians are half covered with Carthaginians
  3. Okey, I checked the buildings costs and seems that they were almost unified. If I remember well, towers, fortress and barracks had different cost of stone and wood between civs (@wowgetoffyourcellphone, I'm right?). I think that now only barracks (except Iberian towers, that are special) have random values in their prices: - "Standard" price: 150 wood 150 stone, athens, carthaginians, spartans, kushites, macedonians, seleucids - "Wood" price: 300 wood, gauls, britons, mauryans, persians - "More stone" price: 100 wood 200 stone: romans, ptolemies, iberians Then we have the small/large houses: iberians, celts, britons, mauryans and ptolomies have small and cheaper houses of 5 pop, while others have large ones with 10. Disadvantages and advantages should follow a civilization design, and right now it's pretty random. Ptolomies have free buildings because a straight copy of AoM, not because some heavy design. Of course I agree on asymmetric balance (I have written in the forums for years!), but with some idea behind.
  4. I dont know much about african politics, but seems that either it comes another dictator or if the politic its a good one, it comes another coup. I hope the best also
  5. Persian voices are done? Finishing the arab units and jew slinger (last units to finish?) The RC for pyrogenesis is the engine split?
  6. That could be the basis for "mercenaries" for barbarian civs. IDK, maybe celts get some germanic units, Iberians could use roman/greek/carthaginian or celts, britons some caledonians, and so on...
  7. I guess it was upgrading the ranks that the C/S are trained, or only the stats? The first approach it's more AoE like, and you can keep blacksmith tech and create an asymmetrical balance with what tech are available to what civs. The second one give more flavor and distinction to the civs, but lack the visual upgrades. And also blacksmith tech could be kept
  8. @wowgetoffyourcellphone I didnt read all the forum, but in the mod.io page it says that nomadig civs are in Delenda Est, but didnt found them there ingame. Did I make anything wrong?
  9. What about a positive reporting like in LOL? When you finish the game you can qualify the others players if they were friendly, they resigned, etc.. like a karma system.
  10. AoE 3 doesn't have a miss probability, and it looks good. I think that they used fast projectiles solution
  11. Possible final solution: ranged attacks should always hit although the objective is moving, but the odds of failing are determined by the attacker template.
  12. Any kind of form of opression to humans beings shouldn't be tolerated.
  13. In AoM it's exactly like that, some buildings are not free, but the ones that are need a longer building time. Seems that the topic have been splitted
  14. Why? Straight AoM copy of the Egyptian bonus.
  15. av93

    0abc mod

    Wow, it's gorgeous!
  16. In the middle of battle you neee to find fast if the enemy cavalry is charging your skirmishers o they are suiciding them against your spearmen
  17. It was like this some alphas ago, and it wasn't fun. Every game was a race to 3 phase and mass champs. RTS should be about choices and different strategies. If there's only a real option, and the other are suboptimal, there's no fun
  18. @borg- I would like some better design of civs, with gameplay styles, asymmetric balance and synergies. Also I think that instead of plain champions with better stats, would be cooler (and harder to balance) to have unique units, in the AoE sense. For example, for Iberians. All numbers subjected to change or balance: *I like the idea of Delenda Est: the mercenaries could be 0 pop, but metal expensive and limited. Civs that they didn't use mercenaries, could use "allies" with the same function. *Free building restriction of storehouses could be nice
  19. With dancing we're not talking about, legit hit and run strategies, right?
  20. A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one You have units models?
  21. I gave a try to the mod, but sadly I need to put a wire to have a good connection to the internet. It's an huge improvement, want to see how evolve the meta of multiplayer.
  22. Yeah, I know, was me who proposed this "hack". I was proposing the same for the slaughtering animation, although it could look very bad if the animal moves while being killed, and then the cavalry unit have to move
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