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  1. About why there hasn't been a release for this time, pointing the things that you said
  2. Maybe a public announcement on social media and homepage would be cool
  3. Ambigatos, Vae Victis and Montefortino makes great synergies as a rush civ, good design. Take care about a farming bonus, to be different enough to Ptolomies, the civ that should have the greatest bonus to farming In contrast, Britons suggestions are more all round and defensive oriented. Weren't more decentralised and not so tech developed (so they could fill beter the "barbarian" rush trope? (I would give them also a skirmisher champion, instead of the not historic double sword man. (they should be the ultimate javelineer faction, because Iberian ambushers fit more Lusitanians rather than Iberians, regarding some sources that I've read in the past)
  4. out of historical time of the mod
  5. In reality, Skiritai have spears, and fought as runners (ekodromos) but also could do a phalanx
  6. As you know, I've been almost unactive in this forum, mainly because it has been like, darn, 10 years, now I have not so much time to play, now I have money to buy games, and the gameplay didn't come as expected. BTW, you have www.projectceleste.com to play the dead and revived AoE Online. their quest are very grindy with not really scenario trigger design, but still fun. The thing of this post, after the things that I wrote before, are also to explain some great points that I really like are: - Very Unique civs, with very different mechanics - Very fast Age I, resource and training times and unit speeds
  7. Is not the pathfinding, is the new defensive stance + attack move
  8. This is photoshop, or it's already implemented and working?
  9. I think it's better to say that devs have talked about it, but IRC there's been no much work on it.
  10. Sorry If I didnt explain myself, I was pointing that it would be cool to have different breast sizes for all female units.
  11. Would be cool also different breast bodies for all female units
  12. Now that I seen that slingers use a spread factor, that opens new gameplay design possibilities if formations are well implemented. What are the current formation implementation? grouping/ungrouping is supported? Stats formation modificacions are supported?
  13. I dont remember a particular one, but Borg patch was an intersting change in gameplay. I wanted to retake the multiplayer, but seems that the process of implementing its stalled. I'm happy with whataever the devs have after 2 years of work
  14. I was very vague. What I mean it's that maybe there will be more devs or devs with more time now that there's a lot of people staying at home, but for sure there will be a lot of people that would play tha game. Also releasing a new Alpha would be thanked by a lot of people in those stranges times. I mean, 0 pressure for you, because you're doing a great work and lately I've seen that you are adding nice new features that aren't specifically for 0 a.d but for the engine (and modders will thank) ยก, like building sockets and status effects. IDK if there's like a long special feature waiting for be finished, or a release blocker that can't be solved, or you are just waiting for an huge step to go to the Beta, but I was just pointint that: more free time for people means that maybe a lot would be happy for a new alpha.
  15. IDK about the devs, but there will be a lot of people with more time. It has been also like 2 years, maybe it's a good present with all tje things that are happening now.
  16. Well, I would differentiate between having a low budget and working with an old engine (aoe 1 DE), having and old engine, but more budget and will to support (aoe 2 DE), and stoping the budget at the middle of the developement and sell and unfinished buggy mess with not a half of the promised features (Warcraft Reforged, AoE HD, AoM HD...)
  17. Well, I'm not very fond the over-criticism that sometimes you show here, @Lion.Kanzen, but this time Blizzard-Activision have screwed all way down hard. Poor Warcraft....
  18. Just showing randomly to say that would be cool that the engine could support both armour calculation designs (not at the same time). But maybe is a hella work (classical AoE armour and exponential levels)
  19. In the original DD this was planned IRC. I think for Spartans
  20. Didn't Garamantes seemed more singular? (Chariots)
  21. At last, the last units that were placeholders: judean slingers are commited? With arab javelineers and variations for nabatean camel archers, the entire roster should be done
  22. =/= es un igual tachado, o sea, no igual. Differentiating every tribe on the broader cultures that we have now doesn't have sense, when more diverse civs or with unique gameplay elements could be added (Germans, Scytians, Han, some desert North Africa civ, an Arabian one..) but devs have said that there won't be adding more civs. But my point is to make proper Iberians without mixed celts or Lusitianian features. to avoid this common misrepresentation, all the guerrilla warfare should be kicked (and maybe given to Britons) because was a Lusitianian thing, while Iberians have a phalanx style warfare, supported by light cav (there was a topic on that in the forum). The master elite slinger cliche also seems that should go with balearic units (not Iberians)
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