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  1. Maybe have been thougt already, in the skirmish configuration screen, an image added to the description would be pretty useful ( specially to random maps)
  2. Cause i haven't too much time i will translate the text... Maybe the easiest part cause you can do it with a translator but maybe i m better than that. Title: 0AD How to win JuBot Description: Oasis 0 A.D Map. Already i have show how to win to DemoBot, now we raise a little bit the difficulty and we win to JuBot. With this Bot the waves are bigger and also, the quality of the enemy armies are better. My strategy is almost the same, but with a little better performance I hope that you will like! ------- If i have time this sunday i will try to translate the audio!!
  3. Hey guys! I was thinking about some things in the game.. -I don't know a lot about greek and roman history, but i thought that greeks did't use archers a lot before the come of the macedonians, and in other hand, i thought that roman used archers more than the other guys... It's correct? If it so, my little suggestions is to make toxotes only available with macedonians, giving slingers instead, and maybe archers to roman faction? - Also the bonus to persia of corraling camels i think that will be very little, cause only have traders as a camel unit and you wont make it a lot.. - Finally, iberian will have the spanish names or will be replaced by euskera ones? Byeee!
  4. I could play 0 a.d in windows without problem, only was really slow in the late game ( yes, i m aware that you are hardworking in the optimization) But now, i have Ubuntu and i m trying to run the game and i get that: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/600/0ad.png/ I think is something about my video drivers, what i should do?
  5. +1, it was thinking to suggest that. Also would be interesting a civilization editor, to make civs fast without learn to mod (like war3)
  6. I have a big lag with 4.. Dont try it with more players..
  7. ...Flammenwerfer M.16... World war I, there only few games of it Xd. (Trench warfare in 0 a.d =) )
  8. av93

    Particle System

    I love you guys. XD It's a nice feature (i can live without it) but i expect that i could play the full game with my pc. But if i can play it now, it's very probable that i could play the full release, no? I was thinking about the pixel shader, but also i saw it not very High Tecnology for my Lil'old card.
  9. I my opinion farmstead mustn t be limited... Other possibility is that you could build farms only in specials terrains like Caesar series
  10. av93

    Particle System

    I will report with the system of the game.
  11. letter F? mmm.. Falcata? (iberian related )
  12. Mmm i m spanish ... Monumento venerado seems weird, maybe could you change to monumento sagrado? ( sacred monument) looks more natural to me. Feel free to ask me whatever you want
  13. av93

    Particle System

    I know, this seems rare. But nothing. The buildings, the fire of stonethrowers, nothing. I think if I can run with my ATI the game, i have to be able to see the particles. I have donloawded twice the game and installed 2 times and this doesn't run. If i erase the game with delete, the folder, i won't have problems? I suspect that maybe could be the other alpha that make problems during installation.. But really i dont know whats going on
  14. I don't see particles nowhere... Bug? I thought it were implemented
  15. This happen me every alpha but with Alpha 5 is solved
  16. I wrote about the music (in the main menu only) in the feedback box. I dont have this, but i can say that the music sounds... ┬┐creacking? something like this happens with the selections and units orders. This happens from the first Alpha but finally i log in the forum. Is like the song starts 3 times with a delay of a little time beetwen in, and sounds very bad. I can't explain better, sorry.
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