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  1. Could be also a person walking by side (easier to spot)
  2. Well, crime and debt would fit more into a city simulator not an RTS. "Slave resource" could be bought also with other resources
  3. Oh, it was just a commentary about the gameplay revamp that I see on the balance forum. For example, if slavery is mean to be introduced, maybe also should be discussed if soldier citizien concept it's still okay. But also that mean check economy. And so on.
  4. Now that gameplay it's on the dev focus, instead of tuning the little gears (civ by civ, for example) I would try to first make a revision of all the gameplay.
  5. My concept for slaves: Every unit have a bounty of X slave resource: let's say 10. Civil units could have a greater bounty. Slaves cost X slave resource: if they cost 40, that means that you would be able to train a slave per each 4 units killed. If you kill civil units, the ratio should be lower. Slaves are just plain better on working, but more vulnerable to damage. No life lost to avoid micro. Could had a train limit/ Could be free to train except the "slave resources". The "slave resource" could be exchanged for other resources Aim of the concept A representation of slavery without tedious conversions Raiding and war allows you to improve economy Open diferent strategies: if you choose to stick to citiziens, you are better defended against raids. If you transition to slaves, you're more vulnerable. And you could choose if you train slaves or you sell them. Open space for civ bonus: some civs could have unlimited slave training, some other slaves could have hp bonus/ work rate, some could train special units with the "slave resource", some could train serfs (same cost from slaves, but with citizien stats) No need for extra coding, I think
  6. The walls were given because they usually did fortifications on hills (like a lot of cultures, btw) "The guerrilla warfare" (associated to Spain in Napoleon times, where the name came from the spanish) was more a Lusitanian thing. Iberians tactics weren't so different from spear walls. Also the sling thing it's more a feature from Balearic Islands, that were'nt connected to Iberians by any kingdom or Empire Before redesigning the uniqueness of civilizations, make a table and think collectively instead of adding and deleting design quirks individually on every civ. I would give the guerrilla/ambushing features to Britons.
  7. Iberian Walls is to OP for a bonus start. Maybe extra HP to CC, extra arrows or extra garrison capacity
  8. Just to say, that in my view, when you choose an alliance, you should able to 1) build whatever embassies you want from your "allies" 2) be able to train your "allies" on your barrack and let the embassies able to do techs and allow allied mercenaries to be trained.
  9. I think that I'm one of the responsibles My original suggestion was to choose from one alliance and stick to them among the rest of the game. Then IRC, the implementation was that embassies were limited to 2, so you could train two of the three factions. Then I think that the limit was increased. But my proposal was more among the lines of AoM minor gods, where you choose a path and you get units and techs, as a special feature of Carthaginians
  10. I didn't saw that there was updated
  11. Then, the patch should grey incompatible mods and show what mods are active, right? Up/down arrows could be a solution. The best sometimes is take inspiration on how others find solutions. Total War does it in a clear way
  12. First, in a UI more option sometimes doesn't mean better, you get lost. Keep it Simple (KIS) it's a good rule always. In the case of Mod selection screen, I think that there's room for improvement: - What is the use of "Negate" button? - Enable/Disable it's redundant with the double click. It can lead confusion with the Start mod button. I would delete this button. - If I press Start mod, the game should restart and then all the mods that I activated should be listed on "Activated mods" right?
  13. I suppose that I only got that once because I closed and started the game again. I hope that Spanish users will got a hotfix, because a lot of them maybe won't understand/search that the problem is the language
  14. Correct Switched to English and got some more errors interestinglog.html
  15. erased all mods, reinstalled, still happens. can you refresh me how?
  16. First game of Alpha XXIV, rev 24932 I order to chop some wood at the beggining of the match, it shows this errors. The GUI have problems to update on resources and population, when training units, etc...
  17. TL DR, you need my help to change it? Sorry didn't read until now
  18. This is an Iberian fortress (northeast Spain), not a Lusitanian..
  19. Well, in AoE3 trees aren't passable, just the forest have dispersion and the units can pass through, and the collision box of trees are very small
  20. How garrisoning works? just like a wall? or the groove it's not an obstruction?
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