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  1. I think that was a fair suggestion, people who want to stick with the old way, they can continue playing with native names beside unit names in English. People who want to feel even more Native impression, they can play with "Native only" selection; and people like me who want to try 0 ad and don't want to get confuse can play with English names only. I don't want to torture my eyes by trying to figure out what that unit or building is when discovering a new civilization. If I don't enjoy but have pain by learning the game, the game goes to garbage directly. I don't want to do that, so I came
  2. I agree with you, after a few tries everybody get used to. But I downloaded 0 AD in order to fill the absence of a RTS game in my computer, if I would have something else at the moment, I would be switching to the next one. I am a busy person with a busy mind always, playing games only to relieve the mind. Now I am able to play with Carthaginian, because I got used to names and the roster. However if I change to another faction, it really disturbs me from the start again to get used to after a few times of playing. Games are to enjoy people and to relieve them from stress, not to give them s
  3. Thanks feneur, this explains a lot and gives more focus on specific time frames. By the way I am a startup owner who meddled with choosing right names for the company a lot. By dividing the time frame into before and after 0 A.D makes it losing the focus on 0 AD itself. Maybe for the first part of the game, naming it with a Time Frame, or a name like Age of Empires (I mean a name, not a similar one) could serve the company's interests better. Names have effects on people rather than numbers which doesn't sustain much emotion (except numbers related to dramatic events). These all are manageri
  4. Where can I create such a ticket, (what is trac ), give me info, I will do surely
  5. Thanks to all of you for your comments. I appreciate a lot. I didn't get, sorry, what are first part and second part of the game? Do you mean, 0 AD is the First Game, and there will be a sequel? Or are these parts define "stages of development"? I would like to see Norse, Huns, Scythians, Germanics inside the game together with Romans, Persians, Greeks. About Scythians, they were dominating large area around Persia, steppes all over Black Sea region, Raiding into Anatolia, Balkans or even into Media time to time (Heredotus tells a lot about Scythians)... They were one of the major faction
  6. The unit or building selection tabs look very confusing with dual language. I would prefer to see English names only, for instance on Carthaginian unit roster, seeing "Hayyal Rahüv Masili" for Numidian Cavalry disturbs my view and also gameplay, I am distracted to read unit or building games carefully instead of playing and just getting fun. There should be a selection in the options menu to keep English names only, or Native names, or both versions (which is vanilla) for players with different preferences. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Just downloaded and this is the first try of "0 ad" now. First thing I noticed is, there are a lot of Greek states in the list of selection on the game setup screen. I wanted to play the game with my Steppe Horsemen taste: for instance Scythians, Huns according to the era (500 BC-500 AD) however the Greek influence was high on the roster which consists almost half of it (5/12). Greek: Spartans, Athenians, Seleucids, Ptolemies, Madeconians (the last one is not Greek, but influenced) In addition to Scythians and Huns, also seeing Chinese, Viking-Nordic people, an Arab faction like: S
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