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    Hi, I am working at new tutorial with attempt to improve it. I aim to have cleaner and less text for user to read. To this tutorial I have added Market, trading, bartering, rotation of buildings. Any military stuff would be in second part of tutorial, this should be only about economy. Any suggestions, improvements welcome. @Nescio I would be glad if you could provide review from language perspective. @Freagarach, @borg- @ValihrAnt @Boudica @Stan` could you please try it and give me feedback? newTutorial.zip
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    Too late to nitpick the infantry:
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    Done the seleucid cataphract mask from the topic but forgot to turn off some objects for render before 30 mins bake, so i wasted 60 mins baking (30 normal map). Heres a preview alongside others maks until it ends baking again.
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    I disagree. I think range, firing rate, and accuracy should be inversely proportional to damage. Movement speed is inversely proportional to armor. Health is inversely proportional to Food cost. Health+Accuracy inversely proportional to train time. Wood/stone/metal cost (whichever) inversely proportional to damage+range. This all depends on how granular you want to get. It's not absolutely necessary.
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    Adding hair to missing helmets: Added a crested boeotian variant following a reference.
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    I made another map, but this time is a skirmish map, this map is a continental map with many biomes and with 6 players. This Map is totally inventend. Great Island.pmp Great Island.xml
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    In case we have the spearman of the reference, since seleucids already have player color on their helmets. A good amount of references show the use of blue on the helmets and red specially spearmans and the peltast's
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    Age2 DE showmatches starting in a minute here: https://www.twitch.tv/escapeaoe Not sure if they'll be uploaded to yt after stream is finished. Enjoy!
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    Nieder_bieber with two visors: All of the gallic, nieder and italic works with the masks.
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    No... It needs to be cut down into smaller patches and be reviewed and committed one by one or something like that. Changes need to be documented in detail as well I believe. Needs to be alpha 24 compatible. And needs to be play tested extensively. It just seems to be the most promising balance mod for application to vanilla and seems to address a good number of alpha 23 concerns. It just requires a lot of volunteer work and coordination to get done.
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    Mido is unhappy with the recent events.
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    It is one of the Monte Bibele helmets (there are several decorated helmets from there this is why you can find differences between the helmet patterns, Rome at War is mixing two helmets but it is not that much a problem): A few tentative of reconstruction of different helmets here
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    This idea came to me while spectating a game. We all know placing your farms next to your CC is the best way to go currently because the workers can drop off the food without having to walk far and they are also protected by the CC; arrows shoot enemies in range and workers can go inside it. Though I am no history expert I assume that an ancient civic center wouldn't be surrounded by farms, but rather would be part of an urban center. To represent the efficiencies of urbanization, how about giving the CC an Aura where nearby buildings work more efficiently? Some ideas: Tech researches complete faster Units get produced faster Discount for technology costs Trade profit bonus for traders going to the markets near the CC Resource exchange rate bonus in the market Discount for unit-cost I don't know either way if historically this bonus makes as much sense for military buildings as civilian buildings.
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    Good enough? I've just done this gorgon face for attach it to lo que me de la gana:
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    @Servo Here are some comparisons: You should compare your current narration video with my first one. I had no editors that time, and it took me several takes to get it the way I wanted it. And I still ended up being to shy to speak. What I use is simplescreenrecorder to record the video, and my phone for recording the audio. Make Audacity get rid of some noise. And finally use OpenShot to sync them together. It's a hassle, really. In the recording department, I don't have the patience setting up OBS. The fact that you have it means you have already the superior setup. Here are my tips based on experience: Keep recording, and keep talking. Experience is important. This is the best way I got that "shyness" away. Also, it helped set my mentality from "You're talking to a computer" to "You're talking to people on the internet." Watch your own videos, observe where you think you're lacking in and improve on it. This one's difficult on my part as I didn't like hearing my own voice. If I didn't want to watch my own video, who would? But at least you have yourself as your greatest critic. Have a Model Youtuber and Watch His/Her early Videos. I like resonance22channel's style. I wanted to be like him. But watching his newest videos wouldn't help me a lot. His first videos are still way better than mine, but I did see how far he's gotten because of them. The same case can be made for ZeroEmpires. Comments Section This one I can't help you much. But I hope you get some form of encouragement / critiques in the comments section. I don't know if it's true to the other Youtubers, but getting feedback from people is encouraging for me. So I hope you'll get some too.
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    disability la opcion TLS en la pestaña lobby (multijugador) dentro de opciones
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    pls notice that stockfish is using my fooking mod and everybody loves it. pls apply to maingame
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    @Genava55 good enough? did this quick mesh (WIP) for the side decoration:
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    First I had an inkling that it was Congo. Then I did some digging. Now I'm pretty sure it's Congo. In 1899, King Leopold II of Belgium opened an elephant domestication center at Kira Vunga. Then operations switched to Api Elephant Domestication Center and then to Gangala-na-Bodio Elephant Domestication Center (North East Congo). At the height of the program they had as many as 80 domesticated elephants, used for maintaining roads, plowing fields and transportation. They hoped to use the elephants to haul cargo from the Congolese interior to the southern terminus for boats on the Nile at Rejaf, in the Lado Enclave in Sudan. (Yes, the Belgians also occupied a small part of South Sudan, something I've never in my life heard anything about, even though I grew up in Belgium. And people don't often mention that the Mahdists in Sudan were indeed fighting the Belgians in the South West (battle of Rejaf), in addition to the Italians and the Abyssinians in the South East and the British and Egyptians in the North, while the French were marching in from the West. Talk about being embattled...) Anyway, back to the elephants... I found more images, and even an old school video. You can clearly see that they are mostly working with the smaller type of forest elephant, as they are much easier to control, but there's a handful of bush elephants as well if I'm not mistaken. If you look at the specific geographical range of forest elephants, you'll see that the domestication centres were located within the northern confines of their range, on the edge of area's that were also populated by the larger bush elephants. The actual capturing and training of the elephants was done by Azande (Zande) people. The program remained active until as late as the 1980's, but yeah, the Cold War wasn't so cold in Africa. Congo basically collapsed during the later rule of Mobutu, and still hasn't recovered. This colonial period video from 1942 is quite spectacular if you're interested in elephant handling and live capture of wild candidates for domestication... First time I've ever seen actual footage of people handling African forest elephants. They're well trained and the degree of control they exercise over these animals is impressive, especially towards the end, when they finally move in to tie the captured young elephant to the already tame ones, you can see that they follow precise commands. Also, the sheer strength of such "small" elephants isn't to be underestimated (said to be 10 to 20 times that of oxen)... Current range of the 2 remaining species of African elephant: Some physiological differences between the species A lot more interesting images (have you ever seen an elephant used for ploughing?): Truly, one of Congo's untold histories. Documentary level interesting if you ask me... I too, have questions...
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    is this branch suppose to stretch like this or its a bug?
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    Which is mostly copy-pasted from AoE in our case. Which is itself a convention not based on historical facts but on a legacy from Dune II and Warcraft 1. I am not saying it is bad, this is a practical design that stood the test of time, but it is important to highlight the background of this convention. My point is that looking exclusively to the unique buildings/tech/units of the game to nitpick what is correct or not is equivalent to focusing on the tree hiding the forest. I am impatient to see the day when a nomadic faction will be added to the game. It will challenge both the coherence of this convention and the historical accuracy.
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    Some plankton are dropping, other are increasing, the trend is difficult to assess currently, most scientists are unsure of this publication and remain unconvinced because there is a sampling issue from the data. Most of the monitoring data are not continuous in time and in space. If you are interested, the impact of an afforestation of the Sahara is discussed here: https://link.springer.com/content/pdf/10.1007/s10584-009-9626-y.pdf https://www.nature.com/articles/srep46443
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    Since this was requested: Initial bake.
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    Just to again add some more thoughts, I said that factions should be fleshed out; I think the point still stands. Let's take a classic like Age of Empires II, a title that still has, twenty years in the running, a healthy multiplayer community. A key reason for that I'd say is that each civilisation was designed to synergise with specific strategies and unit compositions. 0 A.D. I'd say lacks that flavour. As for what I would recommend, each civilisation should have at least one economic bonus and a bonus to a specific unit class. Age of Kings has each civilisation matched with three to five types of bonuses. For the most part 0 A.D. lacks that much. Next, 0 A.D. lacks the all important aspect of technological restrictions for specific factions. We should then think about how specific play styles could could be drawn out through them. The reason that I mention these two critical aspects is that balance could be completely turned on its head once a few of these kinds of changes take place.
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    Exactly, but that balance is done to the template wich means X template affects A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-IJ-K-L Civ hero auras depends on the documentation found about the hero itself. Unit types Kushites already have a whole roster with all the infantry kind, (Clubmen, Archer, Javelinist, Axeman, Swordsman, Pikeman, Spearman, Elephant, Cavalry) And it isn't the broken faction so far. because it doesn't exist the broken faction. What is truly broken is the Infantry Type.
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    0abc updated again, numerous internal changes, simplified hero auras, replaced Kushite pikemen with axemen.
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    Tiling is necessary because it handles resizing of the window/ odd monitor resolutions too. any layer that interacts with both edges of the composition, left and right, need to blend into one another. I had mentioned that to pedro several times. also make note that textures in this engine need to be a power of two to load properly
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    This is something that bothered me as well. The problem is not your aspect ratio, it is the required resolution. The session gui is designed for a width of 1024 pixels. Unfortunately the tech tree uses about 1600 pixels (Persians), more for mods that add more entities. A scrollbar would certainly help. I have a high resolution screen (3840×2160), but I tend to play it in a half-screen window (1920×2080), and with guiscale = 2 to keep things readable that means I have effectively a 960 pixel equivalent width. [EDIT]:
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    Especially when using machine learning in 0 AD, it is really valuable to be able to record game states as this enables things like off-policy reinforcement learning, imitation learning, and facilitates quantitative analysis of gameplay. That said, it would be great if we could "expand" a 0 AD replay into a log of state, action pairs which could then be used for the beforementioned tasks. I am imagining a command line flag for logging state, action pairs when running an existing replay. Currently, I have implemented a primitive approach to this [here](https://github.com/brollb/0ad/pull/1) which simply prints states to stdout. Although this is not the ideal interface, it has enabled me to wrap the game with a script to reconstruct the states with the actions from the commands.txt file. If anyone is interested in trying it out, there is also a docker image for the branch on GitHub which I have used to "extract" the rich game states from a replay. I am interested in cleaning it up and adding this capability back to 0 AD but thought I would start here to get feedback and input from the community!
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    Prickly juniper, or cade trees and ground brush 3 new grasses with graded transparency on the bottom so they'll blend with any terrain without a seam
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    Should be fixed in rP22923
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    Doing a 2nd commit with the infantry adjustments, the 1st one was only the addition of the helmets. That one will be deleted in the next commit and replaced with the new one. Thanks! will clean those while removing the other unused files. Will do one with crest soon with hair particle.
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    You're right, Pikemen shouldn't have the Spearman class. I've included it in D1815 months ago.
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    Actually keep template_unit.xml unchanged (it allows you to obtain treasures) and remove the entire <ResourceGatherer> node from both template_unit_cavalry.xml and template_unit_infantry.xml. For buidling structures, see the <Builder> node in template_unit_infantry.xml.
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    @Lion.Kanzen la verdad yo eliminé el servidor porque nadie se unía. Pensé que había más gente jugando el MOD. O de más que no muchos vieron el post. Igual ya me concentré en intentar crear mi propio MOD. Vamos a ver como va.
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    Hey StockFish ! 1v1 ?
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    Thanks to @Nescio, I am now able to make "Native" mercs and merc camps for the different biomes or geographic locations. What I will do, similar to Nescio's mod, is have National and Native mercenary camps. National camps, for lack of a better term, are where you train mercenaries specific to your civilization. There is 1 of these on the map for every starting player, just outside their starting territory. Then, dotted around the map are "Native" camps where you train mercenaries specific to that locality. So, you'd train Bedouin Camelry or Blemmye Swordsmen from a desert encampment on a desert or oasis map, while you'd train Nuba Clubmen, et al. from a village on a savanna or jungle map, Celtic mercenaries from a camp on a European map, Cretan Archers and Balearic Slingers from a merc camp on a Mediterranean map, etc. etc. While from a National merc camp captured by a Persian player, they'd be able to train Mercenary Hoplites, Kardakes heavy skirmishers, and Scythian Horse Archers; mercs specific to the Persians.
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