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    Right now the ships are in this limbo as far as pathing, gameplay, etc. goes. Folks want units on the decks, but that requires a large ship to look right, and custom ship path pathfinding. But it looks like there is currently no one working on that, but perhaps I'm wrong. I think the team should pare down the ship gameplay to its basics and leave large ships and units fighting on deck to some future iteration. This means reducing their size by probably 25% and perhaps go the upgrading AOE method where you have 1 warship line that the player can improve. Ramming could still be included with a double right click charge or some special attack, but things like boarding, soldiers on deck, realistic movements, etc. could be put off til the future when someone comes along to do it.
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    I am contacting @rain_ironwolf who agreed that he will make it in English.
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    This could be added to the modding guide
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    The other things is does it make sense to train a trireme on a river or not?
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    Here a small update...this is the implementation with the code of the consumer panel... is taking shape now the right panel is divided in command consume produce and build....still not icons for the products, i will insert later
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    It's something I plan on my mod from day one. I think that reducing 25% of your size already helps. Decrease in size has also solved a problem, many times you can not train a ship on a narrow lake because of size.
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    @lecedar: there were a long time ago (last decade?) many discussions about realistic ship vs unit scale or not. The main issues are that maps are a bit too small and that ship needs their own way to mange motion (and perhaps pathfinding) - but that refers to the programming part.
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    ==/// ECONOMY SYSTEM MODEL UPDATE \\\== Here is the Model of the Economy System so far, i will update this small section of the first message time to time ////////////////== END UPDATE SECTION == \\\\\\\\\\\\\ Hi everyone!! This is my second Topic in this forum and also the extension of a discussion started here that naturally evolved in a Mod Project. So here we are. First of all i have to tell that i am not native english, i am Italian, so please be patient with me for my grammar. All started from the idea to create a economy structure of the game more complex, i feel all the cities i build with so much effort during the game are just like ghost city, with not real live in it if not for the traders go up and down.... i wanted to have something overall more strategic, not focus on the military where the game is already quite strong, but on the civilian side. To give life to this cities i think is necessary develop their economy dimension, so for example add buildings like Shops , Academies, Products, Markets (Extending that one already in the game) etc.. and Entities like Dealers, Traders, Professors, Artists, Nobles, Citizens, Slaves etc. Starting from this very draft Idea i start developing is something more structured as follow below: (All the Code of the Mod is freely available in this dedicated GitHub for who is interested to partecipate on the development don t hesitate to contact me.) Goal Create a Economy System for 0Ad to give more Realism and add Strategy to the Game. 3 Main Concepts of the Economy System : 1 Economy Entities Dividing the Military Unit from the Civilian , we focus just in the latter for our Economy. Civilian Entity can Upgrade from Slave to Noble paying fee to special structure ( like Academy) or collecting a certain amount of experience ( calculated in money earned ). There are two kind of entity in our model: Passive: Earn Money from the resource gathering job Active: Earn Money producing and selling products We can say that Passive Entity are just Consumer, and Active are both Consumer and Producer. All the Economy Entities consume product and resources, can stock products , have own money saved in them personal wallet and most important they can spend or earn. In more details: Slave work for free and consume just some food the only owner is the State which account for the food and benefits of the resources gathered Citizen the can earn and spend; they consume food and also other commodities like textile or wine, they can buy food from the State or from Food vendors, and the other commodities from the shops or in the market, the own the money earned but also the State own them: all resources gathered go to State which pay them producing money from free Shops, Market, Circus are instead Structures which spend money to buy resources from State and resell them to Citizens offering different products from clothes exotic food entreatment etc..also they need to pay a tax for each transaction to State Nobles instead they can own Slave and earn a percent for all the Lifecycles of them economy once they upgrade in the different economy entity described above. They Spend money for very expensive commodities and they influence the civ evolution like giving some very good benefits to win the game( not sure yet which one ) In more details: State:  Ownership: Own Spend : Money / Technology, Weapon, Diplomacy, Super Unit, Corruption etc.. Earn : Money/ VAT Tax, Monthly Tax, Resources, Villas, Castles Consume: None Produce: Money, Slaves, Market Building Dedicated Building: Civ Center  Slave: Ownership: State, Nobles Spend : NO Money  Earn : NO Money Consume: 1 Food[fish,fruit,grain,meat]/Day Dedicated Building: No Produce: Labor   Citizen: Ownership: State, Own Spend : Money / Products and Resources Earn : Money/ Resource Gathered Consume: 2 Food [fish, fruit, grain, meat]/Day 2 Food [wine, sausage, bread, steak]/Day 1 Clothes/Week ( will be produced by some Shop or  1 Entertainment/Month Produce: Labor Dedicated Building: No   Food Dealer: Ownership: Own Spend : Money / Resources, Products Earn : Money / Bread , Sausage Consume: 4 Food [fish, fruit, grain, meat]/Day 4 Food [wine, sausage, bread, steak]/Day 2 Clothes/Week 2 Entertainment/Month 1 Jewelry Produce: Sausages,Breads,Wines, Steak Dedicated Building: 1 Level : Street Vendor, 2 Level: Locand, Bakery, Butcher Clothes Dealer: Ownership: Own Spend : Money / Resources, Products Earn : Money / Clothes Consume: 4 Food [fish, fruit, grain, meat]/Day 4 Food [wine, sausage, bread, steak]/Day 2 Clothes/Week 2 Entertainment/Month 1 Jewelry Produce: Clothes Dedicated Building: 1 Level : Street Vendor, 2 Level: Clothes Shop Jewelry Dealer: Ownership: Own Spend : Money / Resources, Products Earn : Money / Jewelry Consume: 6 Food [fish, fruit, grain, meat]/Day 6 Food [wine, sausage, bread, steak]/Day 4 Clothes/Week 3 Entertainment/Month 2 Jewelry Produce: Jewelry Dedicated Building: 1 Level : Street Vendor, 2 Level: Jewelry Shop Trader: Ownership: Own Spend : Money / Resources, Products Earn : Money / Resources, Products Traded Consume: 6 Food [fish, fruit, grain, meat]/Day 6 Food [wine, sausage, bread, steak]/Day 4 Clothes/Week 3 Entertainment/Month 2 Jewelry Produce: Resources, Products Dedicated Building: 1 Level : Street Merchant, Artist: Ownership: Own Spend : Money / Resources, Products Earn : Money / Entreatment Consume: 6 Food [fish, fruit, grain, meat]/Day 6 Food [wine, sausage, bread, steak]/Day 4 Clothes/Week 3 Entertainment/Month 2 Jewelry Produce: Entreatment Dedicated Building: 1 Level : Street Vendor, 2 Level: Entreatment Building(Arena) Noble: Ownership: Own Spend : Money / Resources, Products, Slaves Earn : Money / Tax from his former Slaves Consume: 20 Food [fish, fruit, grain, meat]/Day 20 Food [wine, sausage, bread, steak]/Day 10 Clothes/Week 10 Entertainment/Month 10 Jewelry Produce: Technology Dedicated Building: 1 Level : Villa, 2 Level: Castle 2) Money Of course all is about money, so the first thing i did is to create the Money Resource. The Player represent the State in my Economy System, perceive a Tax for every transaction done in its kingdom, ( ex. 20%) plus it can collect money selling resources to the producers and adding other fee after a certain amount of time. More glorious is his economy more money he can make. 3) Products So far i created 8 products that can be sold: - Food: bread, wine, steak, sausage - Clothes - Entertainment - Jewelry - Slave Each Product has a price that change based on the Supply and Demand, they are being calculated by a PriceManager Component, which will calculate the demand and offer every tot amount of time, to give realism of the Economy Model. What i Achieved so far ... As you can see on the image i took the template of Female Support i add to the template EntityFinance, EntityConsumer and EntityProducer. With EntityFinance Component they can earn money every resources gathered, they automatically pay the tax to the State, they can store all money in a Balance which has a maximum capacity , depending if are just citizen or nobles. or dealer etc.. With EntityConsumer Component i track the need of the entity, every time she work one algorithm calculate different variables to define is actual need. these variables are : - Product Daily Consuming, - Product Daily Availability, - Product Already in Stock - Product Prices Compared with his Own Balance. The need is so calculated as a value between 0 and 2 , if the value of need of a product is major of 1 , the product is inserted inside a list of FirstChoiceProduct, which define the entity needed product in every given the moment Of course this component track all the product consumed and stocked by the entity With EntityProducer Component instead define the capabilities to produce products to resell later. all Products produced are in a catalogue that other entity can see , so far i developed just to let the entity purchase what she wants, still need to be developed to producing product etc.. To make the entity moving to buy product if needed i implemented a new order in unitAI Component, i called it "Shopping", which let the entity once she working checking if she has need, if there are producer with available product around and in case if go to them, buy the product, stock them and go back to work . Also For the Visual Part and GUI, i added the 8 product category for Entity Consumer in the left panel so to have a track of what the entity has in stock(you can see the tooltip) and the balance of money of the entity is showed on top of the head of the 3d woman and also in the central panel, where there is a more specific description with tot amount ant max capacity. Money resources are instead tracked in the top together with all other resources. Also i added one new animation once the entity approach the seller, is just a start but at least she do something like paying cash.( Is the third picture, i used another woman as a producer cause i don t have now 3d model of vendor to use) All the Code of the Mod is freely available in this dedicated GitHub for who is interested to partecipate on the development don t hesitate to contact me. Please give me Ideas and Feedback
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    i suggest that all the ships loose 10% of their size exactly the same but at 90% of their current size it would solve many problems with their moves and them being stuck and so on , making the sea maps pretty anoying to play sometimes i dont know if its a realistic suggestion also maybe the key J t o repair doesnt seem to work great game 0aD , best game ever in my opinion I suggest that you upgrade the minimum hardware configuration recommended a little also the game is ressource consuming during the battles
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    you may need to rotate, but try this
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    That's true. If the person is motivated to make more maybe we can find a way to use it
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    I have done this gradually, there are new unique bonuses and also technologies and units. It takes a time, but it's in my planning to increase the diversity among civilizations.
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    @LordGood Shingle roof. Do you have a decal I could use there is nothing in the game.
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    @borg- I would like some better design of civs, with gameplay styles, asymmetric balance and synergies. Also I think that instead of plain champions with better stats, would be cooler (and harder to balance) to have unique units, in the AoE sense. For example, for Iberians. All numbers subjected to change or balance: *I like the idea of Delenda Est: the mercenaries could be 0 pop, but metal expensive and limited. Civs that they didn't use mercenaries, could use "allies" with the same function. *Free building restriction of storehouses could be nice
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    Agree. Oversized for the maps (but not for units). Ah ah I like that example because there are those maps (red sea and mediterranean) with a completely different scale. (That's personal taste, but they really don't fit with the other maps - but why not... - I played them sometimes). Ships have indeed their own motion/pathfinding issues (like planes have their own motion/pathfiniding issues).
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    'A bit too small' sounds much too weak for me. The ships are ridiculously oversized and frequently can't reach spots I really think they should be able to. One example where ship size and map/world size totally don't match is 'Mediterranean'; the size of the mare nostrum is ok for one or two fishing boats, but a warship can't reach the Adriatic Sea or the Levant or pass the Strait of Gibraltar. And while pathfinding is a general issue, I feel ships manage to be the dumbest moving units of all. And single ships are bad enough, but if you have two that are crossing paths or want to go by each other...
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    @borg- @wowgetoffyourcellphone There you go https://code.wildfiregames.com/D1782
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    Offworld Trading Company becomes free to play for multiplayer games. https://www.offworldgame.com/article/493468/free-multiplayer-client-and-new-dlc-for-offworld-trading-company-arrives-fe
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    Well you seem not to have a very high opinion of the public? ("any of your choices are good enough for the public") But anyway, I actually agree with you, and you are technically right: Sovietstyle gray concrete blocks is also technically good enough for the public, but is it not our endeavour as human beings to try and improve on some of this? Most people, including sadly almost all modern Greeks, do not have the first clue about their own history or even the language of their ancestors who founded European civilization. The whole reason why I find this game praiseworthy and spend lots of time researching and contributing, is because it can help FIX THAT. Personally, I think it IS worth having a fight over, for our children and grandchildren can get a glimpse of the real antiquity through games such as this one: True understanding of antiquity comes from attention to detail. Certainly, all is not correct - but I predict that future mods of "0 A.D." are going to be part of the childhood education of my children and my grandchildren. I believe the research we did upon this forum will help many game developers setting games in antiquity for a long time to come. That is valuable. If this game can be a first introduction for young minds to correct Greek and Latin pronounciation amongst so many other cool things about it - then I am ALL IN in trying to make this as good as possible.
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    Hello, I first wanted to tell you that I have absolutely been enjoying 0ad. I personally feel that Roman archers would definitely change game play. This is because ranged units can easily wipe out the Hastatus (Roman Swordsman) with no delay. I feel that to balance this, there are two possible ways. Either make the testudo formation stronger or please add Roman archers. Thank you, Taewon2001
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    Basically Shields topic Helmet topic weapon topic prop topic should be fine.
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    Well, for now i had to write a readme before i forgot how to use them: Boss - 01: is allowed to by used by spina shape A - B - H, this means we wouldn't not have a weird clipping between Spina F and Boss 01. To reduce the amount of actor files and code lines the meshes are used this way: But, for specific cases exist specific actors such as an unique shape for X faction, then we divide the actor for its usage only. For example: some of thoses bosses are celt restricted wich means romans wouldn't be using them.
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    . There are more direct comparisons, like the obvious AoE series, but also games like Rise of Nations, the Empire Earth series, Rise and Fall: Civilizations at War, Empires Apart, etc.. There are indeed vague similarities between all the games mentioned, and I think it's good to take inspiration from anything that could benefit this game, regardless of genre. Nothing extreme, of course. In essence 0AD will always be a historical, Classical RTS. But we can also try to expand the meaning of that.
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    @Genava55 is a good start? trying to get some of them done starting by the oval Variant. Note: Added the brown color around the shields for a better gameplay aspect, whitout it looks really dull and plain making it look like AoE Flat. Edit; forgot to add the variations on spinas: And finally with bosses: After renamed the whole spina/boss/shield things the final count for props now are: 55 Spinas each with 3 variants wich includes: White - Player Color - Default Brown. 24/55 with iron bosses, meaning this could end being +24 = 79 when including golden bosses +24 = 103 when including bronze bosses (if its desired needed only) After doing this this means we will have 55+ spinas ( Still need to do to choose when making new shields wich reduces the amount of textures based on if it uses spina/boss or not.
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    If I might give a recommendation for the Spartans, they were known to braid their hair during battle, as is attested by Plutarch and Herodotus. I think that incorporating that aspect into the game would be a worthwhile addition. As for skiritai, there isn't a lot of information I am aware of from ancient sources. Thucydides mentions their role in the battle of Mantinea and Xenophon briefly mentions their purpose in his work Cyropaedia and also eludes to their fighting in the Hellenica. Nothing from them as far as I remember relate to what they wore. Since they were known for doing operations that would be difficult for soldiers that were heavily encumbered, 0 A.D. interprets their equipment to be lighter than most, but it would be hard to substantiate that conclusion with any evidence from primary sources.
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    here's with the desaturated kushite set
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    a bit more tactfully done if i do say so myself lol
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    @stanislas69@ChaffCommanderCoffey Can these videos be used officially as introductory howtos?
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    @BardockSSJLEvery answer to each of your questions could begin with 'It depends on...' (civ/map/type of game/enemies). You might want to set the enemy AI to 'very easy' and reduce the game speed. To give you an idea on how to start, here's what I usually do: - set civ and map to random - send my 1st cav scouting, produce 3 more to scout the whole map; that's an expensive luxury, but I can afford that against very easy AI. - send two females to berries - send 1 female and 1 melee soldier to build a storehouse, other melee unit to build a house next to it; have all 3 chop the same tree afterward (women inspire men to work faster) - send the last female and my 2 ranged soldiers to cut wood at the CC - immediately research the 1st wood-cutting tech when the storehouse is up/I have 200 wood - produce another 6 women ASAP to gather food - produce as many women as possible to cut wood - when I have wood coming in sufficiently, I send my two ranged units and their cheerleader to start building towers; depending on the urgency I might make a few more ranged units to help. Sometimes they also build houses in between, sometimes I have 1 or 2 women do that. - when the berries run low, I build a farmstead and have 2 women build 2 fields, so when the berries are out I ideally have 2 fully loaded fields (with the 8 women from the berries) and the first farming tech already researched. When there are more berries in my territory I build another farmstead and research wicker baskets first. - build barracks when I can afford them - research baskets when I can afford it Typically I have ~30 units gather wood and 30-35 women farming (6-7 fields) when I phase up. In P2 I try to get the gathering techs for wood and food first, then start mass producing soldiers for stone and metal gathering (+ cheerleaders) and get the other gathering techs. Make more women for food and wood as needed. And of course pesky neighbors can interrupt all those plans...
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    ChaffCommanderCoffey's 0AD playlist is pretty good and should keep you occupied for a few hours ;) ChaffCommanderCoffey 0AD
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    To give reason for nobles and hight rank official to exist ,be expensive to build and richer and more powerful than any other entities excluded the king, i create a Taxation System, where not just the king but also hight official in different degree take away a part of the money hardly earned by the other entities. Not nobles or official can tax all the population unless the king and the sacerdote. Of course the King tax heavier. The Sacerdote instead ask a offer for God. For example a Landowner Noble can tax 50% of all transactions of the farmer he own, a judge instead can fine anyone on the city up to 20% of his asset, a General iinstead can tax just merchant for the safety in trading route. This is a hypothetical Taxation Diagram, still using the same entities structure i used in the last two diagrams. The Tax ability are defined in clusters so to understand who can tax who.
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    @Alexandermb Not yet, I am still working on the new bronze cuirass
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    Proposal for the Scythian archers of the Athenian faction. The current actor file uses the Persian kidaris while the one below uses the Thracian cap which far more resembles the one that Scythians wore. Amphora depictions of Scythian archers also suggest that they sometimes worn armor. http://www.stoa.org/projects/demos/article_scythian_archers?page=all The Scythian archers acted as a police force for the Athenian urban society.
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    They currently have a release candidate out, so testing will be appreciated
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    Battle for Wesnoth https://www.wesnoth.org For those that like LOTR and fantasy games
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