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  1. i think its good like that to have some faction with siege workshops and some others without maurya having catapult would be cool but then an other siege engine should maybe removed i think the phases when the units and walls are available are good too what borg and thorfin say is allright too the walls having a little less cost and health points could lead to something more interesting especialy if the garnison bonus etc remains the same
  2. Hello I would like to report the player augenfranz for disconnecting a rated game just when he was loosing and leaving
  3. i suggest that all the ships loose 10% of their size exactly the same but at 90% of their current size it would solve many problems with their moves and them being stuck and so on , making the sea maps pretty anoying to play sometimes i dont know if its a realistic suggestion also maybe the key J t o repair doesnt seem to work great game 0aD , best game ever in my opinion I suggest that you upgrade the minimum hardware configuration recommended a little also the game is ressource consuming during the battles
  4. Hello I am on a router i can not configure No one can join me when i host , but some people could in the previous version I can join about 1 game out of 3 I noticed by asking that the hosts use mostly windows but i can join some linux host too, i am trying to find why and how i can change this 0Ad is great and i love it , it made me upgrade my gear , altough i had totally stopped gaming for many years I am sure its going to bring a lot more players in the future , so a big thanks to the developpers and staff
  5. Hello and thanks I was just using a azerty keyboard misconfigured u can close the topic its useless
  6. Hello Thanks for this great game Im all fine except that i can not make unit groups ( very hard to play without this) I'm on linux mint Any Idea Please?
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