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  1. Also another small updates , i implemented the products panel in the city economy panel, from the previous version i added also all 13 resources, and now i can get the real prices. All prices are calculated following this principle: Supply and Demand Ratio = total amount product produced in the last 10 Min/ total amount product consumed in the last 10 Min Cost of raw material = total amount of money needed to buy the materials to process Markup = the percent the producer earn from the material cost (i fix an avarage 12%) Formula = (markup/ratio)+Cost Using this formula all prices are interconnected each other ( when calculate the raw material cost i process the same algorithm, so both resources and products have dynamic prices based on supply and demand ) so to have a nice level of realism, in addition each city has its own economy so we will have very different prices for each one. In the picture below you can see that the prices for many products are really expensive, that due to the fact that the only producers i have is consuming wood and grain to produce bread, but no one is dropping wood and grain in the store house, so there is a hight demand and zero supply, so the price go very high. Being wood a raw material used to process all products, all products become very expensive. In a real game with many producers and consumers and gatherers the prices would be just fine.
  2. Great job @Genava55!! so i can start inserting the Gauls i guess. Waiting confirmation for the britons Thanks also to @wowgetoffyourcellphone . Can i insert these two too or i need to wait?
  3. Amazing graphic!! Another level, sorry the ignorance, what is decals? Can someone explain how you achieved this effect? I wish to use it in my Economy Simulation Mod. Btw @Bigtiger i read that you want to add city building features to your mod, and i saw you now focus on graphic, if you are interested check my mod, i m developing the economy dimension of the game, maybe we can collaborate in the future.
  4. Thanks for the contributions!! i really appreciated that, i will add all cities names soon. Now a small but very hard to code update... i finally finished the economy chart in the city economy panel , now the user can track all the stats of consumption and production of the city economy, with real time graph and trending percentage. In addition in the chart is possible to select which interval and period to define better the dataset. The interval is basically the timeframe in which the data is being recorded, in other words the y value of each data point is the amount of consumptions or productions had in the timeframe defined by the interval ( in our case we can select just between total city lifetime or daily ) The period instead is the timeframe defined in the X axis, and it define from when we want to visualize the data, is divided in days (1 day = 10 minutes gameplay) , in our panel we can select between total city lifetime, or last 30 days( 1 month) So with these setting we got 4 combination of dataset: Interval: Total Period: Total Being the Interval timeframe the total city lifetime, the values are always positive or equal to zero. This set define all the consumption and production had from the start to now, and indicate the actual grow percent in the last 10 minute game ( last day in the game ) Interval: Total Period: Month Like before the values are always positive or equal to zero. This set define all the consumption and production had from the last 30 days ( 1 month = . 300 min game) , and indicate the actual grow percent in the last 10 minute game ( last day in the game ). This is like the dataset defined before but zoomed in the last 30 days. Interval: Daily Period: Total Here the interval is 1 day, each data point show the amount added each day, when the amount is the same for each day we see a horizontal line, when increase is a spike and when decrease it go down. The period Total means from the beginning when the city is being created until now.Also here the trend is being calculated in the last 10 min game. Interval: Daily Period: Month Same like before but zoomed in the last 30 days. As you can see in the graph above i recorded a total of 520 days, so once we see the last 30 days and we zoom on it look very different. Now having consumption and production for each city i can define the prices of each product, and add them in the economy panel. That will be next step
  5. Thanks to @Sundiata and @wowgetoffyourcellphone to contribute with Kush and Athens. As promised added both Kush and Athens cities names: 3 Done and 10 to do, please contribute ! Athenians V Britons Carthaginians V Gauls Iberians Kushites V Macedonians Mauryans Persians Ptolemies Romans Seleucids Spartans
  6. Thanks, i will add these cities in the next commit
  7. Sure, the Tax System is one of the first concept i implemented from the beginning, each time a entity earn money because produce, gather or perform a service, a variable amount of money are being collected and added to the player money resource counter. I still have to implement the GUI for the tax, but will be soon. If my job will allow me to have little more free time, i was thinking to create also the tax collector entity, that would be cool, instead to get a percent each earn automatically, we would set that percent and send our tax collectors all around the city to get the money. Of cource the financial status affect the happiness, and many tax can create uprising. This will be implemented soon.
  8. This is instead the implementation of the products in the economy panel: we set a small economy with 1 City Center , 3 bakers, 3 builders and 4 farmers ( please don t mind now the white building, that will be the storehouse in the future ) we open the economy panel and we select the city of Carthage and we click the products button now is possible to see all products available in the city. If no product available the icons will keep be grey color. In our case because the only producers are the bakers , and each carry 100 breads we got a total of 300 breads. Next i will set the real prices for each products (240 is not real) . Also i added a buy all button for traders , but i am still not sure if i will keep it
  9. Hi everyone! i finally created the first producer: the Carthage Baker, i also implemented also the producer panel which is split in two part, one is the catalogue, where the producer store the product produced, and the second is the actual stock of raw material. In this case the baker need grain and wood to make bread (following the product table created few post above)
  10. i think make sense, each resource provider like farmer, fisher man, miner has to have a dedicated structure which can store just a limited amount of resource, after that the provider need to pay some delivery service( which can transport much more resources than a bunch of slaves ) or use his own slave to bring the resources in the main City Storage. Once dropped in the storage the provider will get his money from the player. yes i agree the city storage will be the pick up point to every producer to get the resources to produce their respective products, and is interesting the concept to put a storage limit on it. That would push the player to build more than a city storage for each city. But i also want to say about this that all resources are divided in different city storages but are counted in all their total in the top bar resource counter. I think the player when need resources to create new soldier or buildings should be able to access them from everywhere anytime , this to keep the game play fluid. When used the resources will be decreased proportionally to each city storage owned by the player. But i am open to discuss about this. At exception of the player, all other entities need instead to go buy the resources in the nearest city storage Yes that is true, i m planning to give to each producer a limited resource storage , about the trading the player can trade using the market structure and the delivery services, i will explain soon how this will work, basically there will be city delivery service ( which account all goods transportation in the city), intercity delivery services ( where the delivery provider on the will of a intercity trader, will to buy from the producers of another city goods and will drop it to the Market Structure , where consumers in the time will go to buy from it. Basically the intercity trader own just a market slot ( shop ), and the actual delivery is done buy a intercity delivery provider) and inter Civilization delivery, where the trader can go trade with other players cities , basically like intercity delivery but with some extra function like don t be attacked by the other player even if enemy (about this i was planning to give a bonus of friendship each trade, so more interciv trade can create alliance between player). Also about goods i am planning to make it possible to steal goods and resources, so for example if one delivery service provider is attacked and killed, will drop on the field all resources and goods and can be collected by the attacker(of course need to have the capability to carry them to the nearest city storage (if resources ) or market ( if products) ). I think this make it possible a lot of strategy dynamics in the game, for example attacking another player city would be not just destroy its structures but also focus on destroy the city storages, so would be possible steal the resources, same for the markets about goods. Yes the happiness was exactly being created with this purpose, let uprising and work performance rate possible, citizens not happy produce less, consume less and in the worst can uprise. Thanks @Rolf Dew for sharing ideas, very usefully, if you not agree with some concepts please let me know same for all other community member, more we share more we can rich the economy system
  11. i got a question to ask the community: i completed now the resources panel and i also implemented all the code to let the gatherer add the resource in its subcategory. So far so good, but now while i m developing the productsManager Component ( this component keep track of all cities economies in the game, and is the data source used to populate the economy panel i show you few post above) i got a design dilemma, maybe you guys can give me your opinion. this the situation: the gatherer ( i m planning to use just slave for all gathering task ) work, let s say in a grain farm ( as a slave is himself property of a grain farmer, who own the farm , the slaves and all resources collected) , collect the grain resource (subType of Food ), every 10 grain collected he go to drop in the civ center or in the farm stead .. (1st concept i feel not sure, should we instead have farms that can stock their own production? ) .. all the grain is being added in the player resource counter and is available to be used by the player (2nd concept i feel not sure, should we instead as a player buy the resources from the farmer just when needed ? ) every resource collected and dropped by the slave , the farmer will gain some coin, so as a player we can use or resell that resource to every other producers or trader who need it , earning money from it. what you guys think? i m confuse because i want it realistic and historically correct but also simple and functional as a game .
  12. Thanks @wowgetoffyourcellphone! Yes that was my original idea too, but after i though would be helpful keep tracking the resourse level during the game, if was vertical that would cover the scene unless the player keep clicking all the time to check them, instead keep the bar horizontal let the view clear and at the same time let the player know each resource level.
  13. Yep, i ll make it smaller i think all icons and graphic in the alpha version will be replaced, now i m really focus in code and functionalities. Would be very nice have also some collaborator for the code and also for the art part, very soon would be necessary add a lot of entities for each civ, with specific animation and 3d models. Everyone interested can contact me here or in private.
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