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Thanks everyone who played! It was a pleasure to watch all your matches! ^^ Winners borg- FeldFeld ValihrAnt Jofursloft      

As christmas asked us to, the winner's bracket final game is organised and announced before so that anyone can come and spectate the game. It will be played tomorrow (Sunday) at 4pm GMT+1 (5pm GM

Great Initiative. I won't participate but I'm really looking forward to hearing how it went. Don't forget to post the replays. And bugs

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On 9/18/2018 at 4:28 AM, borg- said:



borg-(3) vs (0) valihrant

borg- vs valihrant.rar

Does anyone else experience severe intermittent audio static when spectating the first game of this matchup? I haven't tried the other two matches, only the first one.

Edit: It was an openal problem, openal updated and now there is no problem.

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And here everybody thought rushing to phase 2 in oasis was the only way when it actually was a losing strategy. The phasing penalty (500 W, 500 F, time, pop) plus 400 wood for 2 docks plus 300 W, 300 M for 2 ships, meanwhile you could be making a decent army to stop all enemy activity. Thank you borg.

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