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===[COMMITTED]=== Persian Unit Texture Upgrade

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Nice! Everything looks nice and authentic. I acquiesced on the player color because I realized a lot of the Persian textures already had a lot of player color. I like your textures, you do an incredib

sorry i can't avoid compare with things that I know.  now they are the Super Eagles from Nigeria (national team).   

And another detailed example of Achaemenid imperial iconography (on Darius' tomb):

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13 minutes ago, stanislas69 said:

Also, can I have a feedback on the other version of the causia cap I made, and which units should have that.

I think the new version of the kausia should just be variations on the old kausia. They are both accurate.

As to which units, I think the basic rank Greek-style units for the Seleucids and Ptolemies should get them.


I remember the sling rock pouch not being big enough to be seen on the unit. Got a screen of that?

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33 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

I have many questions for this unit. the clothes like the relieves isn't for parades or something. looks very expensive costumes very similar to Persian kings.





Image result for iran parade immortals



Those are ceremonial clothes or something like that, Medes influence, as far as I remember. Persian nobility and folks and the royal court wear them (I have even read that it conceals scale armor underneath it)

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I wouldn't call this proof that you're wrong (Herodotus isn't exactly the most reliable source.), but according to him:

Now these were the nations that took part in this expedition. The Persians, who wore on their heads the soft hat called the tiara, and about their bodies, tunics with sleeves of divers colours, having iron scales upon them like the scales of a fish. Their legs were protected by trousers; and they bore wicker shields for bucklers; their quivers hanging at their backs, and their arms being a short spear, a bow of uncommon size, and arrows of reed. They had likewise daggers suspended from their girdles along their right thighs. Otanes, the father of Xerxes' wife, Amestris, was their leader. This people was known to the Greeks in ancient times by the name of Cephenians; but they called themselves and were called by their neighbours, Artaeans. It was not till Perseus, the son of Jove and Danae, visited Cepheus the son of Belus, and, marrying his daughter Andromeda, had by her a son called Perses (whom he left behind him in the country because Cepheus had no male offspring), that the nation took from this Perses the name of Persians. 

This comes from his 7th book around 21 or so.  There are also descriptions of other nations who fought for the Persians that could be fun to introduce as easter eggs or as trainable units.

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Regarding to the Sparabara shield (pers_infantry_spearman_) should it be resized or left as it is?  @LordGood @stanislas69  @wowgetoffyourcellphone


2 hours ago, Sundiata said:

The shield for the sparabara is indeed too small, which also forces you to use an overly crouched position in the anims. When placed upright on the ground, the shield should (almost) reach the throat. They took the term shieldwall literal :P 

1 hour ago, Alexandermb said:

This is how it will look if the shield is proplery sized




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