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  1. Thoughts on buildings: it would be nice for them to move. I see one faction as a nomadic one that is used to exploiting the resources on a planet and then leaving. One of their strengths could be fast but inefficient collection of resources. Their buildings can move, maintaining things like unit production during that time, but if they are idle they can move significantly faster. Some structures could perhaps be even considered more like self-propelled artillery. A huge downside could be a hard cap on how many of each type of structure they could make. Probably they could have a variety of means of transporting troops such as a quick air transport. They would be probably the best faction when it comes to raiding and choosing fights well. Another one could perhaps emphasise buildings that tend to be stationary, but for a nominal cost, they could be teleported to a different location. Their units could be built around providing a variety of bonuses to each other such as movement speed and improved range, making various unit combinations and positioning crucial to effective play-styles. A last faction could maybe have free buildings. These would emerge from the ground usually at a slow rate. The general downside is that typically only a finite number of buildings can be built simultaneously. Perhaps the structures could also have lower hp than others but on the other hand benefit from regenerating hp and some providing healing to surrounding units. Most of their units would tend to be slow, but there could also be faster ones that lose hp at a steady rate. Basically I'm thinking something like space ents. If any of these sound cool, I could try fleshing them out.
  2. I would actually contend with the idea of that that type of lance would require a two hand grip. All of the images you posted lack one critical detail, the massive counterweight. Also, none of those seem to be from the successor kingdoms. Furthermore, the Alexander Mosaic clearly shows Alexander holding a lance of comparable length with one hand. That work is considered to have been a copy of a Hellenistic painting, making a valid piece of contemporary evidence for that kind of fighting style.
  3. Introducing the elephant tower, a mobile building that also functions as a dropsite.
  4. It's rather interesting talking about attack rates of archers since I was just thinking about that. A major difficulty in tackling the issue is that there is little concrete evidence other than one person stating that they can loose arrows from a specific draw weight. An archer might be able to according to a few estimates, shoot 15 arrows in a minute, which I'd say would be viable from a gameplay perspective. I'd say the point that should be for how they would maximise effectiveness is in attacking unarmored combatants; most arrow wounds during the Middle Ages were facial, i.e. the soldier had their visor raised at the time the volley was coming. Obviously there were differences in technology then compared to in the ancient times, but I'd say the point still has some significance.
  5. I think that when considering the addition of a day night cycle, the primary basis for it is graphical. Age of Mythology sort of had one with the way Eclipse god power and Fimblewinter god powers worked. One of the ways that having that really worked for the game was since there were lots of particle effects to enjoy during them. Most non fantastical rts's lack that kind of light show to justify one. Empires Apart had some interesting gameplay mechanics that came into play with day and night, but I don't think that the style really meshed well to make anything cooler.
  6. I personally don't relate to the flak people are giving about the art style. It's definitely a departure from Age of Empires II and Age of Empires III, but I wouldn't say it's too significant if we look at the original game or Age of Mythology, both of which had rather exaggerated graphics that were colourful (Think about the bones that villagers used to attack things and tell me I'm wrong.). Even Age of Empires II was a bit like that in some rather interesting unit designs like berserkers and teutonic knights. None of the proportions are off, and while it's perhaps a bit on the vibrant side, it's not obnoxiously so. The one thing big thing that throws me off is the hoardings on the towers.
  7. Luckily I doubt support will drop on the day of release. The current reaction on steam is around 74% positive. Hardly the best start, but I've heard of worse game releases.
  8. I would be interested to see how you see siege units fitting into the meta (not regarding buildings of course).
  9. I like the clatter sound you have of the shaft hitting the bow, but could it be made a bit higher? As is, it sounds a bit odd, like pieces of bamboo striking. Maybe a demonstration of a medieval warbow might give a better representation of what I'm trying to communicate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o4Vd3KP-LnQ&frags=pl%2Cwn
  10. Just another question because I expect this game to have the same graphical quality as a triple A title. Could the explosion particle effect more emerge from the area of impact as opposed to it just popping into existence? Maybe it's just the slo-mo that makes it look a bit problematic.
  11. I wonder if direction could be integrated into the impact based on the vector of the projectile.
  12. Good work thus so far on an aspect that has been severely lacking. That said, I think we need a sound effect for capturing...
  13. Onto the point that Darcreaver makes, I think there is more validity than most of us give credit to. If there is going to be micromanagement, it should feel meaningful rather than just necessary. A lot of the Age of Empires economic decisions unfortunately like that, and I'd say that providing better automation to economy would allow for a much more complex system to exist. I'd personally like trade and farming to be better expanded upon. Farms could gradually eat up the nutrients in soil, decreasing the gathering efficiency and forcing players to have farms planted elsewhere if they want the ground to regain that ability. Trading shouldn't just be a way to instantly generate resources. Importing or exporting precious resources or manufactured wares that could provide buffs in addition to setting tariffs could make for a much more immersive experience. That all said, slaves are an important addition. Having non-citizen residents would be cool as well.
  14. More just scars all over his body based on speculation. He died around the age of 84, having fought basically to the end of his life. I'd expect a few wounds to have shown up in that time. I can check sometime about more distinct features but can't promise anything detailed.
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