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  1. Then again there were raven scouts in Age of Mythology...
  2. The flaw with the Briton team bonus lies in the healer. Healers alone are simply purposeless unless there is a secondary purpose provided. I personally wouldn't be against the idea of them converting units, but I'm sure that alternate options; priests served many roles that could be represented such as a simple aura that improves attack or improves gathering speed. The list goes on.
  3. Strictly speaking siege weapons tended to be just built on site. I'd recommend just to have a unit that is trainable called the sapper. It would be vulnerable to melee attack but would itself have a decent building attack along with a much more important role of being able to construct siege engines.
  4. As a proposal for those interested in making one, I'd recommend making it based on the greek letter ψ. It has the advantage of looking like a fork and being classy as well.
  5. What I want to see is a logo. I looked around the internet for 'epic forks' yet found nothing satisfactory for meme purposes here. That needs to change.
  6. Do you think that forests of a particular density should be impassable? One of the things that does bother me about 0 A.D. map design is the complete lack of proper chokepoints, and this would do a good job of changing that. Perhaps there could also be a middle ground. Some units like skirmishers could move through them, but most would be unable to do so. On the other hand maybe cavalry could be the only ones. Thoughts?
  7. By and large I like a lot of these changes done. They're minor, but a lot of them are quality of life things that definitely seem like they should have been implemented. I was wondering though if there would be a way to have people working at an economic task could have a different movement rate when they are armed. I feel like that would be the ideal option; coding it might be admittedly difficult though.
  8. Age of Empires was never meant to be played indefinitely; matches tend to last 20-70 minutes depending on players. Running out of wood rarely the decisive issue when things like gold and stone deplete much faster. You're clearly looking for something else in single player that can't be found in Age of Empires.
  9. I don't really follow your critique of Guns, Germs, and Steel, Sundiata. Simply speaking, the book explains the decisiveness of particular technological advancements that allowed for europeans to defeat significantly larger forces in battle and effectively subjugate empires that were sophisticated on their own right and then explains a lot of the factors required to develop such advancements. The topic is straightforward, and the author doesn't diverge. There were impressive advancements to be found in the Americas that are worth study, but those were largely unrelated to the thesis and were not addressed. How is this a problem concerning historiography is baffling to me.
  10. I think that it would be fair to point out that the armour that the Metatron is referring to is post-Marian reform. The point being that soldiers at that time were provided with their own arms due to their being professionals. Pre-Marian legionnaires would have supplied themselves with helmets and the like, meaning that it would be unlikely that there was one single kind of way to identify a centurion.
  11. There was a proposal a while ago to make walls be a matter of making a circuit around a selected Civic Centre with the press of a button. This would make the walls be able to get away with being directional without the aforementioned problem. Obviously this restricts the player's ability to use walls compared to Age of Empires and was probably scrapped for that reason. That's not to say that someone couldn't mod that sort of thing into the game though...
  12. Not to say that this justifies that choice, but Age of Empires III lacked blood.
  13. I definitely wouldn't be surprised if they went a bit too far with the nerf. Usually that's the way balance patches work.
  14. Saw that game too. Not every day you see Viper that far on the back foot. All said though, it's not surprising with Steppe Lancers. When Rise of the Rajas came out, Vietnamese were overpowered, and Malay were dominant on water-maps. Apparently the developers are going to be hitting that unit pretty hard in an upcoming patch. These are a list of the alleged changes coming up: Gold cost from 30 to 45 Attack speed lower Movement speed lower -2 attack on both normal and elite These changes will make them only 25 resources cheaper than knights but with two less attack. Add to that fact that their attack speed was already a bit slower than the knight's, and their movement rate will probably be at least the same as the knight now, and the result should be a good deal less effective. Time, however, will only tell.
  15. Here's a clearer outline of one of the factions I proposed: Placeholder Name: Nomads (or Horde) Lore: Earth gradually dwindled itself of resources, and humanity had to leave, but all attempts to terraform planets proved expensive and resulted in failure. Instead, the people who survived of the human race did so through intense genetic engineering. Now they roam from planet to planet, taking the resources before finding a new target. The few that remain unaltered humans are the elite, commanding their thralls from the comfort of small habitats suitable for the true remnants of the human race. Bonuses: Nomadic: All buildings are mobile, but there are limits to how many can be built. Training units and researching technology can still be done in a moving structure at the cost of increased time. Scavengers: Resources are gathered faster but are diminished at an even faster rate. Units and Buildings: Cloning Facility: Produces Workers. Worker: Primary economic unit. Collects resources faster than others. Barracks: Produces Scavenger and Grunt. Most weapon upgrades available here. Scavenger: Infantry unit that is able to gather resources like the worker but at a much slower rate. Good cannon-fodder. Grunt: Infantry reinforced with an exoskeleton. Slower than Scavenger but much beefier. Recon Centre: Produces Angel, Scout, and Dragoon. Requires Genetic Engineering Lab and Barracks. Angel: Fast unit capable of flying short distances. Scout: Unit capable of camouflaging. Has a strong sneak attack that reveals it. Slower when cloaked. Dragoon: Cavalry unit that is fastest unit available to the Nomads. Possibly can attack while moving. Emplacement: Self-propelled artillery battery that can also train Sappers. Sapper: Suicide unit does explosion damage when attacking. Genetic Engineering Lab: Area where most technologies that unlock units and provide improvements to existent traits of units. Glider: Unit that can be built that transports units. Not a fast unit, but one that allows for creative attack angles. That's a general template of what I've got. One of the reasons I would say there is some merit to this race is that it would allow for a Starcraft-like faction to exist without just a copy-and-paste of Terran, Protoss, and Zerg. I tried to make for some interesting mechanics that fit with the thematic picture I'm also trying to portray.
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