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  1. Perhaps let's discuss on a more positive note. What upcoming features are you most looking forward to at the moment with the eventual alpha release?
  2. That's why we need to branch out and launch Spork AD.
  3. Well Overreign is clearly the future of Age of Empires 2.
  4. I feel like a lot of this discussion centres around a key sort of point made at a lecture for GDC about 'cursed designs.' Essentially games can sometimes have two or more contradictory goals that make the end game experience they plan to make impossible. The classic RTS game essentially does this by having two components to the game: the economy and the military, both of which require attention to win, but given the realtime nature of the game, this makes it difficult to immerse oneself in. For instance, a player could be having an intense battle when they realise that they've forgotten about the harvest season. This oftentimes leads to designers attempting to rectify the issue by putting the focus on one aspect or the other. Company of Heroes relies purely on area control for the basis of economy while the emphasis remains on a company level with the military. City-builders represent essentially the opposite camp, letting the economy be the driving force of the game. This sort of dichotomy I would say is essential to recognise for the future of 0 A.D, and depending on which aspect is preferred, the developers should work to streamline the other as much as possible. Of course it isn't a matter of going with one extreme, but the limitations should be recognised.
  5. I don't get the problem with the infinite queue. I can't say I'm totally correct here, but the amount of resources that could be collected from a site in Rise of Nations were virtually infinite, which is a reasonable basis for the feature. It's a simple quality of life feature that is optional; the same can be said for things such as rally points.
  6. Simple sort of idea that I think is worth considering: Having the Theatron building widely available seems like a bit much. The Spartans were hardly known for their love of drama, and I'd say whenever we do think of Greek playwrights, only Athenians come to mind. That all said, it would make sense for that structure to be exclusive to Athens and perhaps making its effects more interesting than a simple buff to territory. As to what it could be, I can't necessarily say. Maybe it could make workers within x radius work faster; I'd be open to better ideas though. Another structure that I would say is sorely missing from the Athenians is having an academy structure for a variety of technologies. Maybe there could even be minor yet exclusive ones that reflect philosophical teachings of various schools. The list goes on.
  7. So just to start off, I'd say that a lot of these ideas are great, but adding complexity does a number of things. Probably the most notable one is that it increases the skill cap of the game, which is critical in the RTS genre. Some games are more economically focussed (usually city-builders) while others are more combat based (Company of Heroes comes to mind). In short, each feature should do the following: make the game more in depth without requiring a significant strain on a player's attention. I'd say that the idea of a food being automatically used up by existing units would be a great option. It could provide a much more interesting way for how people would spend that resource since a raid could quickly cut off that source. Roads I think would be a fantastic option. I doubt that many expert players would use them, but that would definitely allow for players who enjoy base-building to have a much more enjoyable time.
  8. Here are some more general points I'd like to give for your design, Lion. Focus on contrast that brings out the direction of the lighting. All too often it feels like the darks are not dark enough; that kind of shading is crucial to making facial features pop out. Next of all, I'd say that your faces look good. Unfortunately good is problematic since the small irregularities that do exist seem even worse because of that (Think of the uncanny valley.). Sadly, there's not an easy fix for getting the placement of facial features right aside from meticulous practice. I haven't really applied myself to any significant degree on Illustrator or other graphic design programs to demonstrate, but a useful trick I've done is figure drawing. Spend different intervals of time trying to draw different poses of people, and the insight you can get from just a couple hours of practice is surprising. Best of luck.
  9. i really like what's going on with the picture thus so far, Stan. My one general suggestion I'd offer is more irregularities. The stubble for instance would seem more plausible with variation on density. Currently the facial hair has practically no fading before going to the part with no stubble. Unless he is trimming this stubble in a particular way, I've found that men have the most density right around the goatee area. From there it gets a lot more patchy especially leading out to the extremities. Aside from that, I would like to see a lot more small flaws. It could be small scars, wrinkles, freckles, the list goes on. Granted, that's just my non-expert opinion, but again, I think that the work looks great regardless of whether any of those suggestions get implemented.
  10. Then again there were raven scouts in Age of Mythology...
  11. The flaw with the Briton team bonus lies in the healer. Healers alone are simply purposeless unless there is a secondary purpose provided. I personally wouldn't be against the idea of them converting units, but I'm sure that alternate options; priests served many roles that could be represented such as a simple aura that improves attack or improves gathering speed. The list goes on.
  12. Strictly speaking siege weapons tended to be just built on site. I'd recommend just to have a unit that is trainable called the sapper. It would be vulnerable to melee attack but would itself have a decent building attack along with a much more important role of being able to construct siege engines.
  13. As a proposal for those interested in making one, I'd recommend making it based on the greek letter ψ. It has the advantage of looking like a fork and being classy as well.
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