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  1. The quality of the art is obvious to be sure, but I would be skeptical regarding the use of shields; the peltast holding a shield weighing something to the figure of 15 lbs. Likewise, I am fairly sure that the aspis was not designed to be strapped onto the back. I've never seen or read any primary sources which attests to this practice. If anyone can provide evidence against either of these points, please do so, I am genuinely interested to know if I am wrong. I should probably stop since this might derail the topic too much.
  2. Perhaps it could have some aura as well such as improved movement speed within a particular range. This might seem deceptively useless, but could help with fishing and trade longterm while also giving a better escape window for damaged units.
  3. I would say probably not. Spartans were known for braiding their hair, not skiritai to my understanding. As for linen armour, I would say that is plausible for them to wear, maybe even no armour. I would be cautious about abandoning the hoplon. Although their role in the phalanx was different from mainline troops, they definitely fought in it, and given that heavily armed peltasts had been incorporated into most armies of this time, I would say it is completely implausible for skiritai to be armed that way.
  4. I'd say that the issue with walls is that at the moment they are highly resistant for town age standards. Whether it is through a technology or an automatic upgrade when the player reaches city phase, walls should have less hp in the town phase.
  5. I understand your logic, but there are few Republican Roman examples I can think of that played a prominent militaristic role, especially during the Punic Wars, which is what I think is the general timeframe 0 A.D. is attempting to model. Compared to Scipio Africanus or Fabius Maximus, it's hard to match with anyone else. Carthage also was renowned for its navy, even more so than Rome, and they have no admiral representing them.
  6. Clearly the metal is for making the dog tags.
  7. I think that there should be some limits to house based production though. That could easily become exploitable unless there is some restrictions. I'd say that stables would be the best call for them even if it is not the most historically accurate option for where dogs would be trained.
  8. Personally I think that Civic Centres should not cost metal. There doesn't seem to be much of a thematic reason for that resource being included, and it forces players to opt for an odd build order when they are only trying to expand some.
  9. Chopsticks would only be applicable if China was added to the game in some way.
  10. Wonderful news. Please tell me when Spork AD comes to fruition next April.
  11. It seems that this topic drifted away from the original purpose to what seems to be arguing about religion in a disrespectful manner. I'm not saying that Gurken is at much fault here at all, but I find that what has needed to be said has been said, and what is now being posted is only damaging for the community. Does anyone else think that this topic should be locked?
  12. I wouldn't say that his effect on navies should be eliminated. I'd say it could just be nerfed. What we would want is a hero that is attractive for naval maps, but not an overt option. That way he could be a flexible choice.
  13. Obviously Themistocles is a naval focussed hero. I don't have any particular issue with this, but it means that he is never used for land maps for any good reason. I think that it would be nice to give him a buff for wall construction either in speed or cheapness. He was instrumental in Athens completing the long wall and their city walls after Persia had sacked the city. What are your thoughts?
  14. I think that the issue is that there need to be clear guidelines for what is and is not appropriate for lobby chatting. While I would say having respectful religious discourse is quite innocuous (Not that pesem in any way reflected that behaviour), the boundaries should be readily available to everyone, making moderators feel no issue when action needs to be taken since they are just following protocol. user1 felt insecure because of the lack of these, leading to inaction. Of course this would not eliminate the need of moderators to interpret the rules, yet I think that it would be a sep in the right direction.
  15. If I could mention one thing about lowering the accuracy of ranged units while incorporating indirect fire, while it does lower their dps to specific targets, if the archer is firing at a dense formation, the probability of missing decreases exponentially. Yes, the dps would be lowered, but other variables can be altered to still make them viable such as their cost, range, speed, etc,... I'm just offering a practical solution for an exploit; the important question is if the repercussions of this change are worth accounting for. I'd personally say yes, but that's just my opinion.
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