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==[Brainstorming]== for cheats units

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with machine I call "wevito" (little egg).

  • have four symmetrical legs.
  • two canons.
  • a valve to provide oxygen to little alien inside.


  • little crytal , that is the nucleus of firepower.
  • this unit is ranged only.
  • the conic figure is made by gold or golden.  gold have better conductivity. 


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1 hour ago, s0600204 said:

(Split posts out of original thread as it was off-topic there.)

  1. Thanks for moderating my message.
  2. You should have moved the topic there: https://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?/topic/22983-brainstorming-for-cheats-units/

Moderation: Good idea. Done.

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1 minute ago, Stan` said:

I believe it worked as follow

A sphere inside a bigger hollow sphere ( a sphere which size is -1 on all three axis, which basically inverts all normal :) ) But if basic_trans works as expected you won't need to do that.

yes, @Trinketos would be keep in mind, i'm only the sketcher and designer here.

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