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Your 0 A.D. Screenshots


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@ wowgetoffyourcellphone

May I publish some of your screenies on our facebook page? They look great.

Maybe it is also possible to scale down the units on boats ( or scale up the boats a bit).

Sure go ahead. About the units on boats. The big problem is not the scale in my mind. The building are not to scale with units anyway. Docks are not to scale with ships, and all the rest. I think biggest problem comes from the pathfinder.

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They look great, I'm still not sure why they weren't commited. Barley and wheat, and use them as a randomization of farms. Or make them civ-specific if historically accurate... I'm not good with that. :sweatdrop:

They were committed... where do think I found them? :D I think part of problem is that LordGood's screenshots make them look ugly, while my screenshots make them look nice. His comp can't do high settings, while mine can, so they look better in my shot. Also, I tweak texture color slightly. There is variation in color but not too much. I think in that thread LordGoo was experimenting a lot and throwing a bunch of stuff in and it didn't look as good as it could have. I think the farms look good with minor variation in color, but not if go overboard. Player must know at quick glance that this piece of land is a farm and not wonder if it is a farm or an orchard or a bunch of wood trees or a bunch of useless eyecandy or what? I think good approach is to make more minor variations (trails, fences, piles of hay, carts, etc.) of the barley and wheat farms. (y) Also experiment on how to make them look more luscious (is this good word?). Please, do not remove terrain conformity. It makes them look very nice on hills and terrain gradient.

Imagination must be use to solve "biome" problem so that biome-specific variation can happen. Using a "biome" flag in map XML can open up door for many things (biome-specific props, texture, decals, etc. for buildings, farms, etcetera, and ambient soundscape too!).

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