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  1. No. One previous member was banned. Argue with the decision if you want, but don't present it as something else than it was. There's quite a difference between closing a door after someone who has left and pushing someone who wants to stay out.
  2. Thanks @Enrique! Long time no see, I hope things are well with you and that you stay around even if you don't have time to come back in full force
  3. Ridiculous or not I don't really see any reason to do something about this topic. As long as it stays on topic and focuses on the mod itself and not on you or anyone else personally.
  4. @StopKillingMe If you want to discuss the merits or bad things about @borg-'s mod, please do so on specific and concrete grounds, and not just some generic "it's not the way it used to be" or "it doesn't say things this way in the design document". Nothing holds any value on its own, if you can't explain why there is less reason to mention it at all than if you can explain why your point should be taken seriously. And also more specifically in this thread, the Design Document etc doesn't really matter, what matters is the aspects of the mod borg has created and their merit in and of themselves
  5. This doesn't really seem to be possible to lead anywhere positive, so I'm closing this topic.
  6. Ctrl + middle mouse button to rotate the view Middle mouse button on its own pans the view, but I guess you've found that on your own
  7. I think I will just lock this thread for now, it's gone too far off the rails as it is. If someone wants to discuss @borg-'s mod there's a thread for that, if someone wants to discuss the gameplay there are I don't know how many where you can do that, and if you actually do want to discuss the balancing for the development version of the game someone can start a thread with some more specific discussion. @StopKillingMe Do consider this a warning, if you don't treat other people on these forums with more respect your access to these forums will be limited. In general if you want to
  8. Being here since 2007 helps with getting a high number of posts, plus at least in the past there were a lot of staff-only discussions which means that it's not always visible how active the forums are or have been.
  9. Will your behaviour improve? Honestly though, both my time, and your time, is better spent on constructive things than silliness, so just leave it and move on.
  10. @thankforpie I'm leaning very close to banning you if you keep this up, please stop with this nonsense. If you want to make things up go write a novel or something.
  11. What's the point of that comment? It's not true as you can see if you go to the link in the post before yours (there has been changes as late as today), and it can only confuse or demoralize people. Of course it would have been nice if there had been more activity, we're at least as disappointed as anyone else, but if you want that to change it's better to offer advice or help.
  12. @Itms Could you please post on Twitter? I don't have the login info easily accessible.
  13. Edited the title to make it more descriptive and moved the topic to the Help and Feedback forum.
  14. No idea why, and unless it's been mistakenly enabled/done by someone else I don't think guests should be able to post anywhere in the forums. I made the forum software recount his posts so now it's correct though.
  15. No idea if it's intended, but it actually looks kind of useful At least quite often one wants to go to the last page after all =)
  16. The pre-made maps are indeed found in public.zip, and should be there. You can un-zip it, but there is no need to. The game should look for maps in other places before the zip though, so that shouldn't be the problem. I just tried creating and saving a map, and it showed up fine in-game. One thing to check is whether or not you've changed the name (seen in the first panel in Atlas - the scenario editor), if it's still the same it might be hard to find it in the menu.
  17. Have you tried changing the map filter to All?
  18. Meme war? Either way really nice to see all the nice new trees (and more) you are creating Johnathan
  19. This question has been asked before, and answered, many times:
  20. Have you tried to do a cleanup as it says? In either case, what I would recommend trying from my own experience, though I'm not sure it was this specific error so it could be useless advice, would be to delete that specific file and do an update. In case there is something wrong with the file on your system that should force it to redownload the file.
  21. Wow Really nice bamboo Makes me wish we had a "wow" reaction rather than "just" a like or thanks (It's possible to add new reactions, but you need to have a fitting image, and finding one that fits the current ones and is legal to use is probably more work than it would be worth as the current ones are useful enough.)
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