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Found 1 result

  1. I think players should have atleast 2 player accounts. Because high rank ( greater than 1400 ) limits player capability to enjoy freedom of playing. To refer this, as I am a player ranked over 1500 has possibility of playing only those games that have players over 1300 ranking. But as a hobby gamer I want to experience playing 0 Ad in various mood. A pro player who see playing as a professional thing he might only want to play with pro players in pro way. But hobby players like me want to have pleasure playing it with different level/rank of players and in various way. And here rank is a problem. 1. low ranking players will fear a high ranking player and have pre concept or precautions. so the game that have a majority of low ranking players will not welcome a high ranking players. 2. same way a high rank players will not welcome a low rank player. here is sufficient reason for this like the balance issue. But there is some other issues. 1. lobby does not have enough players always. so making a big game is tough many times. 2.suppose a players is free of work and really/desperately want to play a game and he enters lobby but no one takes him for his high/low rank. I affirm you that this feeling is very disappointing. but there is also need of a good ranking system because ranks show the experience level of gamer. So what can be done? I propose an idea. *** Players will have 2 accounts. one will show rank other will not. I mean with one account they will be able to collect rank points and with another they will not be able to. here is an another propose to solve some future (may have) problem and the way of creating/maintaining accounts. 1. on account creation gui another option/button can be added to create a non rank/point collectable account. 2. In the time of joining lobby there will be two options. either join with ranked ID or join with non rank/point collectable ID. 3.On lobby the non rank/point collectable accounts might have a common prefix or suffix( an word or a symbol or a fixed color or combined ) automatically added with the account name. I will like to see players opinion and ideas on this topic. I also request all the administrators, moderators and persons to give a thought to it. can we have a poll?
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