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  1. What type of mouse (or touchpad) are you using? I suggest trying a pc mouse (not that expensive) or a magic mouse.
  2. We actually already have released a version of Aristeia with Old Kindgom (IIRC) Egyptians: http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18710 Not sure if it works with Alpha 17 though
  3. I hope formations come back too, but I believe it was a wise decision to remove them until we have a better pathfinder.
  4. It still looks great, much better than the mountains in f.e. Acropolis
  5. Hmm, should that really be in the developer overlay? I mean, the developer overlay should be for things that would allow cheating, and thus it makes it unavailable in lobby games (and in multiplayer, it tells everyone you opened it).
  6. What are your system specifications?
  7. I would love to see a training ground... the Romans used them too, you know
  8. could "sound" be enabled by default on our end or would the repository manager have to change it?
  9. See, the problem with tank is that we can either treat them like ships(garrison in them) or we can treat them like units (like seige weapons). Personally I prefer treating them like ships since different tanks required different amounts of people.
  10. Sounds like we're getting there.... And just in time too....
  11. hmmm, that's a good point Also, would it be better to train units 5 or 1 at a time so that while the others train, the trained can gather resources? And what about dedicated hosting mode? Plenty of people (including me) have internet-connected computers with plenty of processing power that could provide the hosting that no one in the lobby seems to be able to do (because they don't know how to forward their ports or can't)
  12. It would also be nice to somehow let a player know that he needs to forward his ports.....
  13. oooh.... 0 AD in STK..... Keep me up to date on this one, and ask for my help in a PM if you need it.
  14. sorry, commenting on the wrong map... my apologies!
  15. Please include a commands.txt or at least some logs.
  16. The Mapping Contest maps can be made either using SVN or Alpha 16.... I would personally recommend using the SVN since you can be sure it will be compatible with Alpha 17.
  17. The game also runs out of memory when the game is paused and minimized for `30 minutes.... I have noticed that it usually happens when the memory gets to about 1.5 Gigabytes
  18. no problem about the time or the english... many of us are multilingual and also students
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