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  1. I solved it guys!! Simply, instead of doing "cmd+click" or "ctrl+click", I used the touching way, i.e two fingers on the pad + click, it works. Sorry for the disturbance (even if it is true that what worked before doesn't work anymore).
  2. But wouldn't there be a way to simply make it work with cmd+click as on alpha 16, for those who do not have a mouse? As Morihei says, it worked before, has something been changed or forgotten that could easily be put as it first was?
  3. Well I'm using the regular touchpad that comes on every portable mac. The weird thing is that it used to work perfectly on the other versions, now nothing seems to work to move the units (except having them build something). But I don't feel like getting a special mouse juste for the game. Thanks for your answer!
  4. Hello, Maybe I just don't understand something, but on the previous version, cmd+click worked fine for moving troops, now on the new version nothing happens. Which avoids me from playing as I just can't get the units moving. Any solutions? Thanks!
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