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  1. What mod? And where do i get mods from? What about uploading the replays to a shared google drive folder?
  2. Me (LeopardKampfwagon 2) and my brother (Leclerc(tank stupid)) destroyed someone on multiplayer using only women and siege weapons! See attached images. (see archive for full quality image) Women vs enemyhd.zip
  3. I joined and deleted myself to see how good he would do against 2 very hards... See Image.
  4. Elephants mow down towers. However towers are the only thing that keeps me alive during every minute of the game! Then Again elephants keep me alive every other minute of the game!
  5. Hi all, I want to make 0ad style track for SuperTuxKart using almost entirely the 3D objects in 0ad, my question is simply were do i get these models (and textures) and how can I load them into blender? Thanks in Advance
  6. Thanks to Both Triplicarius and Centurio ! ‚Äč Both Extremely helpful! Even though I don't know much about networking, at all, i still managed to get it set up better than i planned, it seems when using internal/local IP the game goes into like a LAN mode, not introducing outside lag and using bandwidth!
  7. People can't connect to the games I create on the lobby, I have set up port forwarding for UDP port 20595, but what IP address do I forward it to? Also is it possible for 2 people on the same network (IP address) to connect and play with each other? Thanks in advance, Andrew
  8. Who want to join me on a multiplayer online game on Alpha 8?Please let me know if you can..we will have to set the game up!
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