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  1. Ok, Civ center will get higher health, infantry swordsmen will cost metal and food, not wood and food. house boundary has been fixed (anybody have any problems with it now?) About the Fortress... Should the model be made smaller, or should the obstruction boundary be made larger?
  2. Are we ever going to have naval transport? And when is the conversion/loyalty going to be implemented? Are we ever going to have espionage? Hmm, what about directional spawning (up on a cliff or something)?
  3. Fixed. What do you all think about giving the CC either more health or more garrison capacity. Other bugs I will take care of: Fortress Obstruction boundary Infantry swordsman costs wood, not metal (sorry for the triple post) Here's the report from jhamlett, my brother (and avid 0 AD fan) whom I asked for an opinion.
  4. FeXoR: upgrade your hardware... you will love losing your money
  5. The house obstruction is something I noticed during my balancing tests... I'll fix it
  6. yeah, the only thing unique about them is the cant-build-cc-until-have-hero junk which I hate
  7. I noticed that not very many people use them in the lobby.
  8. Has loading the trac page been slow for anybody else? It takes like 3 minutes to load on my excellent internet connection.
  9. Looks good, go ahead and commit. Come to think of it, it looks way better than the logo I made in MS Paint .
  10. It's not your graphics card. It's the SVN changes.
  11. In actual gameplay (at least for the present), the catapults are a bonus only for the Quinqueremes available to Ptolemies, Romans, Carthaginians, and Seleucids.
  12. Wow, nice going guys. BTW, Stan (and Rada) = what do you think of adding the picture at the beginning of this thread to the home screen in the game? I could also dig up some other public domain photos and edit them. The game really seems to miss them (especially since RoTE has some very nice ones on the home screen).
  13. I'm glad to hear that you are working on your map. What AI were you using, and what setting was it on? can you connect two computers and play a local multiplayer game or set yourself in the other position?
  14. Omri, can you add me to the PM please? Niek just left on vacation, so he might not get them for a while.
  15. Jfrankay: are you planning on entering the Map Making Contest?
  16. thamlett


    Yes, you can, although usually you should not expect to see many people in the SVN lobby. The SVN games are usually arranged in IRC (#0ad and #0ad-dev on Quakenet).
  17. @Omri Oh boy. I can't wait. I'm a musician myself but I play the piano (and maybe I can get harpsichord for the late Medieval). I listen to the music from the game all the time. We would really appreciate the helping hand (and I'm sure Rob Kimball would also appreciate it).
  18. thamlett


    The difference progressively changes. The SVN is changed almost daily, adding new things and fixing bugs. The Alpha is what most everybody normally plays. Personally, I use SVN because I am a developer and because A16 is sometimes so way out of whack.... If you don't mind things not working every now and then, use the SVN Otherwise, use Alpha 16
  19. *thamlett submits the changes according to Master Niek's instructions. *thamlett bows and hands his sword to Master Niek .
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