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  1. I must agree, the chariots (and all ranged units IMO) are overpowered. @scythetwirler Maybe you should rename this to Alpha 18 Balancing Branch? Also, could you add me and/or somebody else to the commit privileges?
  2. Make a couple of variants: skinny aurochs and well fed ones..... although I suppose the different genders (being very specific here, we don't have male/female models for animals IIRC) would have different sizes
  3. Maybe the fifth resource could be used to do things faster: build/train/research That being said, I do prefer the different resources as opposed to WarZone's "Power" thingy
  4. Naw, they're just more realistic... I mean, come on... After chopping all that wood/mining stone/metal or farming, wouldn't you have a six pack too?
  5. @Qwerty You weren't the only one to notice the change. When we developers (and others using SVN) opened the game after the music commit, there were some exclamatory comments in IRC (most notable was Auron2401's all-capital letters "OH MY GOD NEW MUSIC").
  6. Yes, I see, but are they implemented? I open the scenario editor and the models are not the same..... they are still the old pointy and ugly face ones.
  7. Hmm, sounds interesting. Perhaps for a mod or a "nice to have" ticket?
  8. When are they going to be implemented? (i mean the models)
  9. It's probably just a way of what model is loaded when you are placing things. That might be in the engine, I don't know.
  10. Can you post an actual .patch file (and this time do it from the main folder instead of /sources)?
  11. Israelites/Hebrews will be available in the Aristeia (Bronze Age) mod in the future.
  12. I'll try it with a 3 person LAN game (Game speed at 2x, Unlimited Pop Cap should do it )
  13. It can't run over ~1.5 GB (2 Gigs technically) in Windows anyway because it's only 32-bit. Ubuntu is also a very heavy Linux operating system with lots of overhead. If you tried something like Elementary, Arch, or Linux Mint in the VM i'm sure it would run faster (Linux Mint also has enhanced support for running inside VirtualBox). I have Linux Mint on my laptop, and it runs just fine (even on an old Intel 945GM). I haven't tried in VirtualBox though, but I will soon. @historic_bruno: just out of curiosity, what host and guest OS are you using (and what VM software?)
  14. There's no reason to bring it back to life
  15. It works on an iMac I tested it on, but I was using a Magic Mouse.
  16. Do you have right click turned on in System Preferences? It's turned off by default.
  17. I never played Caesar IV, but I'd be interested.
  18. As a modder myself, I'd be interested in seeing your work. Do you have a github repo or can you zip it and create PM with me, stanislas69 and niektb?
  19. All the formations are disabled for movement, and the phalanx, syntagma and testudo only work for alignment IIRC. The pathfinder is currently being reworked, and the formations were causing bugs and frustration. When they are fixed (hopefully before the next Alpha release) they will be back.
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