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  1. Stan, you have eyefinity Sander, i can test the multi-monitor setup b/c i have two monitors myself.
  2. Hi Usac, I like your idea, and we could implement it in the Viking civilization of Millenium A. D. Can you do some more research and expound on your ideas more?
  3. I have experienced this problem with other programs. Usually this comes from the DPI of the monitor being out of whack. Changing that usually fixes it in my experience. It could also be a "feature" of his video card (such as Eyefinity) or just the way he has it set up.
  4. OOS is a constant pain, but I haven't seen it that much recently unless someone is really having connection problems.
  5. Oh wow, you guys sure did some progress. @historic_bruno: after thinking about it, I shouldn't have tried compiling on 10.6 (silly me). I doubt that anybody who can run the game can't run Mountain Lion or Mavericks. There are a few exceptions, of course (including the macbook i was using yesterday), but those issues can be resolved separately.
  6. shouldn't be hard, unless of course they change directions.
  7. thamlett

    Rotary Mill

    probably a bug, someone forgot to add it to the .xml file
  8. As for the overclocking, yes I can get up to 4.9 GHz (and I have liquid cooling too). I agree about the SSD also - I have one and I am always the first one loaded whenever I play vs somebody else. I don't go with brands blindly - I look at specs and features. Physx and Eyefinity are really in a tight race in my mind.
  9. You also forgot my somewhat pathetic attempts at 2D art (including our first sig ), but it really doesn't matter. I agree that we have to accelerate though. We have sifted out most of the chaff, we just need to grind the wheat now.
  10. * wonders if graphs in 0 A. D. might be useful * quickly decides in the affirmative!
  11. Here's a tip from someone who is currently using his own custom-built-from-scratch rig . Use a Gigabyte board (very durable and affordable), an AMD CPU (I have an FX-4300 Black Edition) (it seems to run faster on here than on an i5 or i7), and an NVIDIA graphics card. Preferably, you should use more memory than less (after upgrading my memory the game ran faster with less lag).
  12. Hi Alex, You don't really even need to know that much about OpenGL in order to work on the game. Most of it is Ideas, 3D Art, and editing .XML documents. When I first came here, I thought I needed to learn code too (and I have learned some from working on the game and its mods). But I found that all I really needed in order to start was the willingness, diligence, and patience. Everything else followed .
  13. I have often wished this could happen. It is more likely to get implemented with Petra than Aegis (the rumors are that Aegis is getting replaced by Petra). I wonder what Wraitii thinks about it?
  14. You could join CoM. We need 3d artists and modelers.
  15. @Stan - Check the Git - AnimalTraining
  16. The Council of Modders already has this (right, stan?). I think we could release it, if it is okay with my fellow councilors.
  17. I just wish we could get the OS X version sometime soon
  18. No kidding... @Omri The new music is good, as always
  19. you can edit the hotkeys in the config files, but I agree, these need to be clearer (I wish there was a key for the Civ Center, so I usually just assign that to group 0)
  20. I totally agree . However, we need to implement the transferring of an object from one player to another (the closest comparison I can think of atm is in Warzone 2100).
  21. I just love all the internationals we get with this game - from the US to Brazil, from the UK to New Zealand.
  22. * is glad that this project is so well underway. He wishes that it could also be in a real-time window, so that it could conceivably show up on his second monitor.
  23. Nice work! Yeah, Stan is our only 2d-3d converter unit available .
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