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Found 2 results

  1. UPDATE: Dunno how it's going on your side, but i tried to make a public game in lobby from Laptop 16GB ram i7 and it can host the game pretty well. and joining from an alternate computer, and IT WORKS! There is some typo or something into the code, it will crash after first load, when it CRASHES just by clicking SUPRESS a pair of times game worked fine for me, crash didn't happened anymore, just some annoying red text on the debugger at the top of the screen when loading the map file... and it's working! Hello to everyone, I'm glad to introduce you to my last attempt to create a realistic battlefield inspired at the Ebre river. The city of Tortosa was named Dertosa by the Romans after they sieged and conquered Hibera, the iberian city that was placed where we can find Tortosa. This map covers this city area and it's sorroundings. Includes the roman path "La Via Augusta", the delta is not yet big as today is. And I plan keep including details I've found surfing the web. Settings are for 8 players. Right now i'm not able to set configuration in a manner teams can be arranged by host when hosting this map, it's forced to DIPLO FFA RES=300 MAX_POP 250; In case you want to do 4v4 position for members of teams should be 11112222 and once game starts, set teams in-game; starter pos are found towards the edges of map (but not in the snow). to be placed atHIBERA - HIBERUS DELTA - FFA NOMAD DIPLO & GAIA.pmpHIBERA - HIBERUS DELTA - FFA NOMAD DIPLO & GAIA.xml C:\Users\YOURWINDOWS10USERNAMEGOESHERE\Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\user\maps\scenarios\ IA looks to be able to play and win against me despite all the errors shown by the console when loading the map; I'm unable to prevent them from appearing; I'm unable to set preview for this map pointing via a preview-screenshot.png I've placed at art/textures/ui/session/icons/mappreview or (C:\Users\YOURWINDOWS10USERNAMEGOESHERE\AppData\Local\0 A.D. alpha\binaries\data\mods\public\public.zip\art\textures\ui\session\icons\mappreview) to be precise. I don't know how to enable specific pre-in-game teams arrangement, seems the way I configured the XML is forced to FFA DIPLO LAST SURVIVOR (in fact, is the option I wanted to enable, but someo people may miss the capability to do 1vs7 IA on this scenario wtihout needing to create copy of the map with different options at the XML. Feel free to try it, make suggestions, and so. TO BE UPDATED...
  2. There seems to be no way to let bots communicate with each other like the way humans do by team chat. Actually in a 2v2 game, humans v. bots, humans can exchange info and tactics, bots can't - so chatting is cheating. Imagine sending "attack in 20 sec" to your bot ally to launch a synced attack. Or "need 2000 metal" to force a tribute. Mixed teams would add a new level to the game. Is it a big problem to put two way chat on the API? Sending is already there. Just listening is missing.
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