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  1. Scythetwirler: can you add me to the GitHub so I can have some edit privileges?
  2. Here is where you can submit your maps for MapPack.
  3. Greetings from the Council of Modders! As you may already know, the Council of Modders exists in order to put some organization behind different mods. We also have the benefit of being recognized by the staff from Wildfire Games. In an effort to make our mods as good as possible and to include the work of other people, we would like to include custom maps in our mods. Our idea is twofold, being: 1) That skilled mapmakers from among you be selected and asked to make exclusive maps for different mods 2) To conglomerate a large amount of custom maps into their own mod, known as MapPack. When the game is started with this mod, the custom maps will be available for gameplay. The idea behind MapPack is to provide a place and standard version for custom maps. Then, when MapPack is released with a set version of all of the custom maps, games in the lobby need named with the MapPack version number in order to specify the version of MapPack needed to provide compatability between players (ie, “thamlett’s game (MP v2)” would specify that thamlett’s game requires all players have MapPack version 2). Please remember that maps will be checked for quality and balancing. We ask that those who would like to submit their maps for MapPack do so here (http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18906&page=0). If you would like to suggest a mapmaker for the exclusive maps, or volunteer yourself, please do so here (http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18907). We at the Council know that is very important to give credit where credit is due. Therefore, all contributors to each mod and to MapPack will be given a place in the credits and a new List of Contributors. Thank you for your participation. If you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us in our subforum. The Council of Modders
  4. Nevermind, it was the RC (silly me) Problem Solved
  5. yes, they are different users: one is administrator one is not
  6. for some reason, the new release of Alpha whatever comes up clean in one user, but in another it comes up with this: any ideas? I already tried deleting the Applications Support folder out of the library.
  7. Wow. I totally forgot about that word (and after taking latin for years, I should remember it!)
  8. We'll cross this bridge when we come to it.
  9. @Lion Maybe another CoM project? If we iron out the details, maybe it can go along with the A17 release.
  10. Hi Sanguivorant, I understand how you feel about the naval games. I do too . About ship repairing: the benefit of repairing a ship is that you can do it anywhere. If you have run a naval blockade, you don't have to take a new ship out of the loose point in your enemy's blockade. And sometimes when you are all the way across the map, repairing really is a better option. Ships don't have an experience level (I think that they should). As for taking out enemy islands, try loading up a ship or two with champion units. When their health starts to get low, regarrison them in the ships. The ships will protect the units from any other counterattack, and if you have the "idle-unit-healing-while-doing-nothing" tech researched at the temple, the units will heal in the ships so that they will be ready for the last wave. PS: here's a tip I have found for getting the upper hand in naval - use the Gauls (or in SVN now, use Gauls or Iberians). Their ship cannot ram (not yet implemented), but they have higher health and can carry 40 units instead of 30. Thus, if the ship meets another ship (fully garrisoned), it will take it out, hands down. I don't know if you have seen garrisoned Heavy Warships (they can be disastrous against sea defenses). Try garrisoning them with seige catapults (a lot of pop cap, I know, but worth it). They can do some damage, especially if the island defenses are within range.
  11. The best way I have found to get Alpha 16 on various linux distros is to get SVN. Once you check it out, you can revert back to r15148 and it will be A16-compatible. (Alpha 16 for pc is r15145, but revisions 15146-8 give some performance benefits and still are compatible)
  12. Any thoughts on the name for Alpha 17? It should start with a Q, if I remember my alphabet correctly. (And no, this version cannot be dedicated to Quakenet, although they are very helpful )
  13. You'd be surpised at the time difference between training times. One unit may take 16 GS (game seconds) to train while another may take 8 (and if the game is running at double speed, that trims down to 4 seconds).
  14. that's great, Armin Yes, it would be nice if everything was maintained by WFG, but then again, we are short on manpower (heavily evidenced by the abscence of a mac version of A16 at the time of this post).
  15. good job, Auron2401, for replying the topic that the rest of us all missed . If I remember correctly, being able to rejoin totally depends on how the game feels (tough luck). You also get disconnected from the lobby if the ping times out (ie, a bad internet connection).
  16. so in other words, use a PC or Parallels or VirtualBox.
  17. Niek, I think we can leave this one open. REMINDER: After this Civilization proposal, please make all other Civilization proposals in the post linked to above. Thank you. And like Lion said, we need more info.
  18. They might come in later if we have enough time and willpower .
  19. May be useful in the implementation of ramming with the ships. I already use the women like slaves to work while the men fight.
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