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Found 2 results

  1. i have an idea for 0AD, if i send and invitation to a player and him acepts it i can train my friends units, i pay the cost of this units, example i play with carthage and my friend with seleucida, i send and invitation to him, he acepts and on the market i get a few groups of units to buy, this units are: * Parthian Archer * Median archer * Partheian cathafract * helepola. * seleucid elephant with the normal cost of this units, these are the units allowed to be used as mercenries Athens: Marines, Helepola, Pelthast, Ballista Scorpio Britons Chariot, Longsowrdsmen, Spearmen, Carthage: Elephant, Numidian calvary, Ballista, Quinquerreme, Trirreme, Egypt: Judean Slinger, Nabatean Archer, Quinquerreme, Peltast, Iberian Champion Calvary, Champion infantry, Swordmen, Javelinist, Slinger, Macedon Pikeman, Thracian calvary, Thracian peltast, Champion infantry, Phalanx "llimited to 100", Gauls Spearmen, Solduros, Brithent, Persia Archer, Elephant, Chariot, Archer, Cathafract, Seleucids Cathafract, Archer, Parthian archer, Helepola, Spearmen, Rome Samnite allies Calvary Velites Spartans Spartaties Spearmen But for buy this mercenaries my friend must accept my invitation and i pay it
  2. Windows 8 has a new BIOS "UEFI that developed by Intel", is pretty you can edit it with a GUI, but the UEFI has a new utility "exploter by microsoft" is "secure boot" the secure boot bans uncertfied software and Operating Systems "microsoft signs software" that means that GNU/Linux is blocked! therfore i have a question: Where is possible buy a powerful desktop computer "Intel I7 proccesor, Nvidia Geforce GPU" with GNU/Linux "at least with windows 7, windows 7 has the ancient hard but unlocked BIOS" is it possible??? and if it is possible, where?
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