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  1. I'd like to start with saying this game is absolutely brilliant in every aspect thus far great work I appluad all of you. I wanted to start a disscusion on each civs benefits for new player interested on how to choose a civ to practice with. Also want to share my thoughts on why it seems so effortless to make champs with Brits over the other civs the only thing I can think of is that stone is rather useless compared to metal and you need it less later on in the game so spamming slingers costs less of the more critical recourses wood ect give them a great advantage mid game when tons of wood is needed for upgrades. I think guys throwing rocks (slinging) should defiantly be out gunned but the accuracy of an arrow fired from a bow why metal cost archers from ptolomies would lose a fight against rock slingers is beyond me I would think rocks would just benefit destruction of buildings or siege equipment more so and arrow would do better against soft targets. this is just my opinion but I think if we could only produce champs in forts instead of barracks it would improve balance tremendously. I feel it would make resourse gathering more well rounded this way so that it wouldn't be just a race to wood and metal and allow more strategic game play during game up until the point of champs instead of just a race to pump out champs. More things would happen up to that point and make for use of a lot of function of other units. like to here any thought or feed back on this topic.
  2. O.O Thumbs up. I am curious which jury member voted for my water fall mountain map.
  3. If you were refering to the battle castle map i knew that we play alot of games on that map its was pretty fun the statues were not op or anything either just kind of a neat twist. At first when i made the map i did not know they were units but after playing a game with them i decided to leave them there =)
  4. Sorry about that thanks for drawing that to my attention. I rushed the map change from 8 player to 4 player and forgot to set up the teams. i will fix that now it was supposed to be a 2v2 team set up as follows 11 22 The idea for this map was supposed to be a large map with teams on far sides from each other wich would make an early rush kind of tricky and the minimul space at the beggining was suppose to encourage early expansion throughout the rest of the map the the brunt of the war would be faught in the middle for land . who ever wins the battle and over runs the opponent would be able to march forward to the main bases of the enemy. i think if the game could handle 4v4 with minimal lagg one team on each side of the map it would be a very interesting fight and allow people to actualy build across the whole map.with small battles in some places and large ones in another not just the typical build huge army and mass advance i guess not a game style everyone would like but its what i in visioned.
  5. Waterfall Mountain.zipUpdated Waterfall Mountain . 4 Players tons more detail. enjoy
  6. I was Wondering if i Changed the Water Fall Mountain map from 8 player to 4 player would it be accepted as a map for the contest although it does not meet the size requirements, I also wanted to do some more to it before the end of the time alotted.Thanks
  7. Thanks for the instructions on the removal of actors.
  8. I Decided to add this map as well.This is a 4 player map at the size specified with my own original name. SwampGremlins Castle Battle.zip
  9. First off i would like to say i love this game also love the map editor simply amazing. Figured id make a map for the contest hope its somewhat acceptable =). The map can be 4 players because it is a skirmish map it is a Large map wich probably disqualifies me enjoy anyways . Also the file might be called New mountain in the editor that is what its called in mine.
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